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  1. Yep. Here is a picture of a label on the system a close up of the board showing the re-worked 4 port system. They were basically grabbing their hands on anything and selling it to make a buck, I guess. I do remember this 4 port unit being compatible with the 2600 adapter. Note that part of the serial number has white out on it. Odd.
  2. phuzzed

    Lynx Multi Cart

    You can definetly count me in for one. I'd prepay now if at all possible. That's how committed I am to this.
  3. I never have. My broken controller bin keeps growing...lol
  4. One used Koala Pad input device for Atari computer. This unit is in good, used condition. The unit is clean and the case shows very minor plastic discoloration due to age. SEE PHOTOS FOR DETAILS. The cord is flexible and in excellent condition. The unit is untested, as I don't have an Atari computer and program to test it out on. I'm asking $12 shipped. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
  5. I acquired a lot of items a few months ago, and this was incside. This is for a used Colecovision Expansion Module #3, which is used to expand the Colecovision into an Adam computer. This is for the module only, and is untested, as I do not have the of the peripherals to power on the device. This is being sold AS-IS. Please look at the photos carefully. I have posted several on here to best represent the device. I'm asking $25, shipped (most of which is shipping). However, if you have additional questions about the device, please contact me and I'll do my best to answer them.
  6. Those caps can result in low sound, fuzzy sound, or no sound. Replacement will fix the sound.
  7. I sent my payment yesterday. Thanks so much!
  8. Low and behold, after I filed a complaint with Pay Pal, all of a sudden, I have a Shipping confirmation and tracking number. Coincidence? I think not. LOL.
  9. Well, I explained to them this week if I didn't receive shipping confirmation by Friday, I would file a complaint with my Credit Card company. So, I did just that today. I really hate resorting to that, because I think this is something that should and could be handled without going this route. Over the many years of dealing with buyers over the internet and the tons of items I've purchased, I've had to play this card one other time, and it didn't end well. I hope it either gives them a wakeup call or at the very least a refund. I just want my games!
  10. Hey guys... I found this thread, and it's a little old, but has anyone tried ordering anything from Atari2600.com lately? I've ordered from them in the past a few times and have always had good service. I placed an order on Nov 2, and it is still pending shipment. I called on 11/12 and he said it would ship "very soon.". I emailed this week on 11/19 and promptly received a reply stating he would prioritize my order to go out the next day. It is still showing "pending shipment". I understand he's a one man show--and have visited with him at CGE in the past. Does anyone have any insight what is going on? I really don't want to file a complaint against PayPal, but I may be left no choice to do so. I find nearly 3 weeks to ship an order is unacceptable. it's not my intention to bad mouth the place--I just hope someone has some insight to what is going on...
  11. Hello all, I am trying to help a friend out. He found his Atari 2600 and along with it were the Atari 2600 RF joysticks. He said he remembered them working when it was stored in the attic. Of course, that was many many years ago. It was stored without batteries in the controllers. Now, when he hooks it up, he can't get them to work. He's tried a fresh set of batteries in each controller and get's nothing. This makes me think there is something in the receiver box that is busted. I have never been inside one of these, and was curious to know if anyone else out there has. Is there a common failure part on the receiver? I've tried to look for the schematics on these controllers and have come up empty handed. Thanks in advance.
  12. phuzzed

    Lynx Multi Cart

    I'm very excited about this! Can't wait to see it in action!
  13. I just got back home to check it out. I popped in the 2600 adapter and it works! Again, for whatever reason, I was under the impression that using one of these on a unmodified board would "fry" something so I was a little shy of trying it. Thanks all!
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