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  1. Your 2 quoted sentences are in opposite 'spirit' . So, no blitter usage, because that will not work on TT, but yes JagPad... , despite it will not work with STs, Mega STE, TT ... Of course, all it can be implemented, even in single version - SW can detect on what HW runs, and depending from that set different routines, which will use existing HW. So, in case of TT it will do it with CPU, and still will be faster than on some Mega ST and it's blitter. The real problem here is time needed to make code for all different HW, test it ...
  2. It was easier case. And 3 more: Donald Duck's Playground http://atari.8bitchip.info/SCRSH/donaldpg.html Merchant Colony http://atari.8bitchip.info/SCRSH/merchcol.html Twot Tot and the Mansion of Madness http://atari.8bitchip.info/SCRSH/twottot.html
  3. Hmm ... I missed it among all those 'ballist' games 🙂 Looks pretty good. Here is test v. : BALSTXT1.ZIP I tested only shortly. Not sure is worth to add some trainer opt.
  4. I tested it on my Mega STE at 16 MHz, of course cache on, for some 10 minutes, and it worked fine. I killed about 5 "negative characters" 🙂 . So, I guess that it may be condition, age of some machines. Or maybe those smartheads did not remove all unnecessary resident SW ...
  5. BAT - as I see there is multilang. v. at atarimania, so that should be OK for Fr. ,En. De. , It . Will do it in next month probably. Same stays for Maupiti Fr. v. Thanx Luigi.
  6. This one is not, but there are new images, with practically all games - about 1500. Details here: http://atari.8bitchip.info/fromhd.php
  7. I checked with TOS 1.62 and 2.06 - it works fine with 1.62, crashes with 2.06 at title screen/music. Not rare case. This is actually not adaptation, just game files in hard disk DIR, so not so reliable as doing it with older TOS v. in RAM. I will make new version in near future ...
  8. I bought Sublogic Flight Simulator 2 (at top left on collection photo, 4 posts upper) together with my first Atari ST, in 1987 . And dare to say that it is still best flight simulator for Atari ST family. There are diverse scenery disks released for. They are in DIR: \F\FS2 .
  9. 2 less known games: Secret Cave: http://atari.8bitchip.info/SCRSH/secretcv.html floppy v: http://atari.8bitchip.info/ASTGA/S/secretcv.php Org. works only with TOS 1.00-1.04 . Above 2 with any. EGO: http://atari.8bitchip.info/SCRSH/ego.html Floppy v. with unlimited lives opt. : http://atari.8bitchip.info/ASTGA/E/ego.php
  10. Most of these 'flight' games are adapted by me for hard disk run, so good for UltraSatan too. You have them in compilation. Some notes: what we call 'flight simulator' is more-less close to realistic aircraft control/drive, including all relevant controls like engine/jet power, wing controls, gear up/down etc. It might be peaceful flight or some combat action, but still with more-less realistic aircraft behavior. So, what is flight sim. in your list: Flight Sim II Falcon Lancaster Flight of the Intruder F-15 Strike Eagle Gunship F-16 Combat Pilot Jet Their Finest Hour Less accurate sim: Strike Force Harrier Skychase Skyfox High Roller F-29 Retaliator Mig-29 F-19 Battlehawks 1942 I did not Chuck Yeager's Combat Flight Simulator - not well done game. Eliminator is not flight sim at all - pure arcade action. Carrier Command has some flight elements, but that's very simplified. Red Lightning is strategy game according to atarimania. And Solo Flight: I think that what you have is 8-bit Atari version - no ST version of it made .
  11. I did draw schematic of Mega ST blitter patch circuit: It is same in all ST(E) machines - TOS version (language of it) determines keyboard layout. Here mean position of letters on keyboard, geometrically. You can swap keyboard caps to have correct letter on specific key pos. - well not 100% because will not have all needed ones available .. Then can use stickers .. There is some SW with which can change keyboard layout, but it is better to have it by default, so in TOS. And beside TOS language (easy to see by menu items, messages text, it is good to have best TOS for ST machines - 1.04 . Click on Bureau, Informations - if latest year is 1989 it is 1.04, 1987 means 1.2 (most likely for this machine). If it is 1985, someone downgraded your Mega ST to older TOS v.
  12. Of course that I meant not game design, coding, and even not graphic when talked about new idea. Gameplay is where is really hard to invent something new, what will be addictive. This with Doom and follower Quake is rather some evolution by me - Castle Wolfenstein was probably first FPS by ID SW, and followers were basically same gameplay - walking in rooms, shoot everything ... By me Tomb Raider was much more original, and probably biggest success on market. But, if we think little - it was pretty much Prince Of Persia in 3D 🙂
  13. Well, some NEW, original game ? That's actually more and more hard to create, or better say invent. It was hard already in 80-es of prev. Century, and now, when there are so many games already released ... What happens in most cases is that good, original game idea/concept is cloned a lot. Like Tetris. But there is come creativity even in that. Can add some new elements, improve look, gameplay etc. Doom was not original game when it arrived on market - I guess some will not agree with this. But it was in fact just another first person shooter (FPS). The whole thing was in textures - and that was rather result of increased computer power what made it possible - in 1992-3 with CPU only. Few years later texture draw support in 3D graphic cards became basic feature. No wonder, that's something what really makes it looking close to real. Calling this demo is not fair. This is game, and some may play Doom based game for the first time by playing this. Pulling out max of some computer is always hard task, and might need years of experience. And after watching video, I'm pretty sure that it is really near to max possible with STE. Saying all this while I was never some fan of Doom.
  14. And here is Hammerfist: HAMMERF.ZIP This was pretty troublesome.
  15. Should try with replacing Glue chip too. And that gray bar at 2/3 screen vertically likely indicates not well filtered power. Ergo - recapping of PSU recommended.
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