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  1. Will someone out there get some more dirt out about the Atari VCS and its development backstage? It's clearly the only way to get Atari SA to release an update.
  2. You can find records of deleted posts in threads by replacing the reddit with removeddit in the url, in case anyone's interested.
  3. Speaking of the fake vcs prototype video, @TACODON, would you happen to be the user Don L on youtube?
  4. Was just curious. I missed that post, so I don't know what that crap was.
  5. Moak, what... what are you doing behind that bubble wrap there?
  6. So, they have Contra III and Super C, which were pushed out on Virtual Console on pretty much every Nintendo system since Wii and also featured on the NES/SNES Classic; and the original arcade Contra and Super Contra, which had XBox 360, PS2, PS4, Windows and DS ports between them (and despite being how Contra began, most people don't even like these arcade versions). It's not like Super C and Contra 3 are bad games, but there's a bit of a pattern going on here with these first 4.
  7. Dude, go to the ER RIGHT NOW! Why wait until this Christmas
  8. Morning motivation video of current Atari, probably https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_YjvC4ndzM
  9. Or how about the Ataribollocks, amirite
  10. The bold part implies a mutual agreement and an understanding between both sides. So far, you've shown a firm refusal of the former and a complete lack of the latter on this issue with TPR. I don't know if you're just trolling at this point, or you actually believe anything you've done so far is an attempt at resolving the situation.
  11. No I agree. I was just thrown off by his wording, as it's moot either way to bring up the game's engine (from the post that I quoted) when talking about why it performs better.
  12. Maybe I'm misreading what you posted, but Wolfenstein and Doom don't share any engines. Although it runs better than 3DO Doom, it still slows down noticeably. It's most likely for the same reason why Doom runs atrociously on the system: very inefficient rendering engine. The blame for 3DO Doom is on Art Data Interactive's ignorance, which resulted in it being crazy rushed. Rebecca Heineman was given 10 weeks to get the port ready by herself, figuring everything on her own after she found out the company actually knew nothing about the game.
  13. I'd hardly call that a waste of time since the purpose of that table (and all other tables on that page) is a thorough comparison of the ports' mapsets. The tables complement what the rest of that page covers, which you seem to have overlooked. I highly recommend using doomwiki.org (http://doomwiki.org/wiki/Sony_Playstation) and not the wikia site. Goes into a rather long explanation, but the .org site is much more accurate and reliable with its information and is maintained by members of the active Doom communities.
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