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  1. ^All very good points about the DeLorean. It's why I only drive it from time to time......
  2. Flojomojo? Were they banned or something? They haven't been on here in a while.
  3. Sepsis. You know, the kind you don't treat until Christmas.
  4. Will someone out there get some more dirt out about the Atari VCS and its development backstage? It's clearly the only way to get Atari SA to release an update.
  5. Christmas is approaching. Is it that time of year again for Max to be septic?
  6. Atari: Now hiring. Engineer who isn't afraid to get their hands dirty, come work for us Rob:
  7. It never should have been included and we will ask the social media team to share it with a fabricated story to save face.
  8. Hey, where'd that taco thread go from their revisionist sub? /s
  9. It is https://www.reddit.com/r/Atari_VCS_Official/ Edit: Ninja'd by @The Historian
  10. You can find records of deleted posts in threads by replacing the reddit with removeddit in the url, in case anyone's interested.
  11. Speaking of the fake vcs prototype video, @TACODON, would you happen to be the user Don L on youtube?
  12. Was just curious. I missed that post, so I don't know what that crap was.
  13. The post(s) that got him out of this thread got deleted?
  14. He's got that face like he has no shame (nor the intention to stop) after getting caught. But who knows. One guy's hand in the front of his pants, the other guy's hand in the back. It's probably just related to the Atari VCS, after all.
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