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  1. No I haven't. I still want to but I am missing characters. I need a new print out of all the characters in really high res. Can anyone step up?
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqezF_Lv05Y
  3. #083, No 449216 #472, No 386328 These are not my machines, they are being auctioned right now. I am bidding on them.
  4. I may have found it! https://atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?ct=demos&sub=ziny&tg=TAIG Can someon please check to see if Plot825 is on one of the disks?
  5. As I work on an Atari 825 font, researching old documents has uncovered (for me anyway) some rather interesting things, amongst them is a program called PLOT 825. It is mentioned in the "Library Notes" of the TAIG (Twin Cities Atari Interest Group) Atari Newsletter 1983-09. According to the notes, the PLOT 825 program was included in the TAIG August Disk of the Month. Reference: page 2 https://archive.org/details/TAIGAtariNewsletter1983-09?q=plot+825 It is mentioned again in the "Free Software for Your Atari" book published in 1983. Reference: page 17 https://archive.org/details/ataribooks-free-software-for-your-atari/page/n17?q=plot825 Does anyone have disks with this software? TAIG also had a BBS as per textfiles.com, http://bbslist.textfiles.com/612/oldschool.html 612-432-3779 Minneapolis, MN Twin Cities Atari Interest Group If I may please donate to the internet archive. DONATE
  6. I apologize, when I wrote back I had not yet unzipped the file. I wonder if you can underline using a word processing program, if it's true I imagine it would return the crriage to the start of a line and underscore the characters assigned.
  7. Atari 825 plotter software? According to https://archive.org/details/ataribooks-free-software-for-your-atari/page/n17?q=%22825+printer%22+sampleit appears that there is a program called PLOT825 which can turn the 825 into a plotter/printer SCREENPR prints screen to 825 printer. This would be very interesting software to run if you have an 825. Unfortunately I can't find it.
  8. First and foremost, thank you for the scan. 600 dpi should be good enough. Without attempting to hijack or morph this post topic to something else, I just wanted to leave a small comment on the underscore character on the 1025. I would be surpised if that were the case. Now, I haven't studied the 1025 in any detail but an underscore is a standard ASCII character. The underscore character is dec 95, hex 5F, binary 01011111 as per https://www.ascii-code.com Actaully according to the 1025 Field Service Manual, page 25-26 shows a print sample with not only an underscore but an extended ASCII set. Did you attach a scan of the entire ASCII and ASCII extended printable character set for the 1025?
  9. Hi Chad Thank you for offering, the 1025 didn't even cross my mind! If you want to make a high res scan of the entire character set(s) for that model please do so. I can start a second project after the 825 is done. If you do want to contribute a scan for the 1025 please do a 1200dpi scan and save as a TIF (you can use LZW compression when saving). I would rather have a lossless scan to ensure I can see everything. You don't have to do any post processing to the scan. You can email me at santoscork at me dot com. Thank you for offering.
  10. You are more than welcome and I invite you to make any suggestions, big or small.
  11. The license is not enforceable AFAIK, it's something that I think others should respect as a courtesy. Thanks for the remarks and suggestions.
  12. Yes, it is incompatible. I will review the licenses out there and apply one that allows for free use, free download, derivative works but prohibits the font itself from being sold as an digital download. I don't mind the font used for a commercial works. Thank you for raising the question. I appreciate the opportunity to clarify and I apologize if I was not clear.
  13. For the Elongated Type Face, I am missing scans of these ascii characters. [ \ ] _ ` { | } ~ h i j k l m n o p " + , - . / : ; = > ? I need someone to scan these please. If you want to participate with a scan please include above the print upper case elongated Z so that I can determine where these missing characters sit within the array of dots that make up the dot matrix characters. So in one line the missing characters and in a line above I need as many elongated Z's as there are missing characters. I would be grateful.
  14. Here is the process of drawing a character with an underline. drawing z.mov
  15. You can use the font in any way you see fit as long as it is not sold. Mind you the font is not ready yet as there are glyphs missing in the original scan for me to recreate.
  16. Dear Bill Lange I have found time to continue the project. I am currently working on the elongated character set. I noticed a gap between the lower case g and q there are some characters missing. These missing characters are the following lowercase alphanumerics h i j k l m n o p For this first issue, if I could ask you to kindly print these missing elongated characters with a line of uppercase characters on the line above like your first scan. This helps me register the character correctly. I would be grateful if you could print this and because the elongated character set lies on a very deterministic grid a 600dpi or 900dpi scan would present enough detail for reproduction. --- I will need more help to get other characters so I need some BASIC programming language expert with an Atari 825 and the Atari 825 Printer Operator's manual. I pasted a link here. On Page 17 onward there are examples of how to generate other character types. Additional to this, I also discovered that on page 64 of the Atari Word Processor References Manual at https://atariwiki.org/wiki/attach/Atari%20Word%20Processor/Atari%20Word%20Processor%20CX404-Reference%20Manual-Screen.pdfadditional characters are available. It's unclear to me at this time if these additional character sets are a result of features exclusive to the Atari Word Processor program or if they are available only when using one of the other Atari branded printers. The manual refers to these characters set as Print Types. In any event, scans of these additional Print Types would help me create a very complete fonts set for the community. The fonts will be released under Creative Commons Zero. Interestingly, characters are omitted from this image which is from the manual. Unfortunately there is more. I found an Atari 825 printer brochure and they have a sample print which only shows that I am missing a few more characters. This is very preliminary 10 LPRINT" Atari 825 PRINTER QUICK CHECK" 20 LPRINT 30 LPRINT 40 LPRINT "!"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>[email protected][\]_`aabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz123{|}~" 75 REM ***ATARI 825 FLYER SAMPLE PRINTOUT*** 80 LPRINT "!"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?" 90 LPRINT "@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_" 100 LPRINT "`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~" I am not sure but perhaps line 40 will generate an error because ascii 34 is a double quote. Atari 825 owner's manual, http://ftp.pigwa.net/stuff/collections/Atari%20documents/Manuals/Atari%20825%20Printer%20Operators%20manual.pdf finally! I likely have this offline because I actaully mirrored pigwa a while ago.
  17. Any chance these could be saved to the internet archive?
  18. I am doing further research into the 825 and dot-matrix in general. @Dragonstomper if you could send me a further print with the other characters it could be helpul
  19. Has there been any progress on this effort?
  20. 26 people got to this before I did that's alway a clear sign that I am a little getting back to you. Thanks for sending this. This resolution appears to be reasonably good and the bit depth is fine. It was mostly to get the grid that the matrix uses to lay down the impact points. It's interesting that there is an overlap impact point, as though there are two grids. It leaves me wondering what bold looks like, I suspect it is a double composite of a character with an offset. For example, the 825 print's the a character twice over top itself with a slight offset. Thanks again for the initial test scan!
  21. Could you report back with a reply once you've sent the email. Thanks —Alex
  22. Wonderful. In the meantime I did find some info over on Atarimania. If you can print a line across the entire width of the page and measure it in centimeters or inches (depending on your geo) as close as you can from end to end. This will help me gauge accuracy. I would like to make this the project as accurate as possible. I seincerely appreciate it. I do know that the 825 does 80 characters at 10 cpi; 132 characters at 16.7 cpi so I should be able to do the math on the printable width once I know the matrix size for each character. Could also print a character that consumes the entire space, something like a cursor or a character that essentially consumes it's entire character width and height. This will help me really know what the matrix (dots width by dots height) that a single monospace default character can hold — meaning I will know what the box size is to hold a character and how many dots across by how many dots tall a default character can consumer. - Dot matrix impact printer - 3 character sets: monospaced 7x8 dot matrix at 10 cpi (default) monospaced condensed at 16.7 cpi proportionately spaced Nx9 dot matrix at avg of 14 cpi (N=6..18) - Each character set with 96 standard ASCII characters - All characters can be elongated (printer double width) - Characters per line: 80 at 10 cpi; 132 at 16.7 cpi - Speed: 50 cps at 10 cpi; 83 cps at 16.7 cpi; 79 cps avg. proportional - Print buffer: 1200 dot columns - Controls along bottom of front of printer, left to right: - Online/Local - Paper Rev<->Fwd - Power Off On - Paper: roll, fanfold, or cut sheets - Connectivity: 40 pin PCB edge. Pinout: 40 Thanks again!
  23. Thanks. I came to the realization that the 825 (this is probably old news) is actually a Centronics 737. If I can find out what the table layout (grid) used for the dots to impact on I should be able to do this without too much fuss. I actually have to go about creating the fonts first so that I can get this done in Illustrator. I know that foiks here don't care about Macs (maybe they do but no officially) — I have been recreating every Apple CD/DVD in Illustrator, I am about half way through the 800 or so discs but will only publish when they are complete. I am also working on recreating some of the mame art work. I love doing this stuff and always loved Atari (I grew up with it). The nice thing about the APX titles is that they have very simple but beautiful front covers while the rest of the manual looks like an Atari 825 (Centronics 737) printout so I will have to create the font first. Everything will be shared freely. I once owned an 825, it was a really heavy printer as I remember it - so yes it has a very special place in my heart.
  24. Take screen shots and save the page from your browser as a webarchive so that you have evidence of other complaints. Show this to ebay because that is surely evidence.
  25. If you are in the EU you are protected by very strong consumer laws that vary by country. You do have them in the US and Canada as well. Look up consumer law protections and contact them immediately. Also do call the police and report fraud. If you paid by credit card through paypal call them as well. UPS should also carry an investigation. There is no doubt that the package had to be picked up or dropped off. Sorry that this happened.
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