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  1. Will the original EWJ games at least 1 and 2 be available on the Amico at some point? Would really like to play them again and in most cases finish them.
  2. Hopefully, we’ll be able to use them with the Amico one day....since the hardware can be funky.
  3. I ordered 2 just in case and for friends extra controllers etc.
  4. Tommy, just received an Atari email with an update: still doesn’t sound good. https://atarivcs.us16.list-manage.com/track/click?u=514d5e8e2ca64b78c0c6f5a2e&id=f338f207d8&e=7bcac1c252
  5. This would be my order as well, unless something catches my eye so to speak.
  6. Tommy, I bought some merchandise before the Amico order and they came with the Golden Tickets. How will those work? Also, since the Amico well founders edition comes with an RFID golden ticket can that be reloaded with funds for the console? Thank you very much for all the answers you can give and for recreating my favorite console.
  7. I did and I hope it goes through. My charge is pending on my card but only listed once.
  8. I hope I reserved two different orders but one pending charge on my card from PayPal
  9. Not quite sure what to say. I’d like to see them succeed but I’m not sure what they are trying to do given the lack of information among other things.
  10. I like chip shot better than PGA but they both have good points. HopiNg that the sports games will add to the Amico just as the original titles added to the Intellivision.
  11. Tommy, in regards to games, the Intellivision Productions release of Swordfight could be a fun game to have for the Amico using motion controls if that would be allowed. Obviously, a one player mode would be nice to have as well. Jeffrey
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