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  1. Take your time. It will be finished when you say and keep up the great work.
  2. I’d personally like to see Baseball or another sports game but any Amico videos are welcome and appreciated.
  3. Yes we will. I remember hearing that but time will tell how everything works out.
  4. I would like that as well through I am left handed. The more options without being overwhelming would be great.
  5. We will see what the new date is. Given everything that is happening, I’ll be ok with waiting even though it would be great to have it ASAP.
  6. Makes sense and thank you for the information. In that case, I’d prefer predesigned islands.
  7. Why not have the option of either? A menu choice at the beginning of the game If possible that could add to the playability.
  8. Just an idea, do you think a game such as Angry Birds would work on the Amico? I’d also like to see Bowling, Darts, Crazy 8s and other card games.
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