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    I'm into retro gaming in the Sierra Nevada region. Please contact me if you are in the region: You are elegable to join the Sierra Nevada Atari Age Retro Federation (SNAARF).

    Likes: Apple II, MS-DOS PCs, pinballs, arcade games, cartoons, emulation. Also an artist that likes Photoshop and 3D modeling. Antique restoration, growing food, foothill and mountain living, and fatherhood.
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    7800 games. Probably going to sit down with my DOS-based emulator BBQ and work some more bugs out of it. Have: 2600, CD-I, 3DO, JagCD, Saturn, NES/GEN/SNES via Retron 3. Now sporting a 7800 and an INTV.
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    Intellivision. Finally got real hardware. LTO flash cart in the mail. I'm looking for obscure inserts and instructions, please message me if you've got some for sale or trade.

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  1. Thanks. Yeah, I'm having fun with this. On my lunch hour, lately I head to the hardware store, measuring tape in hand, ready to buy whatever it is that can store whatever pile of retro hardware I'm dealing with. If I drive home after work with the right size container, in my little commuter hatchback, then I feel like I'm at least making progress at the end of the day. Right now I've got an empty container that's intended for the empty 2600 boxes. I think it's Homz brand. I don't collect 2600 boxes, but I end up with them, because sometimes I must buy games WITH boxes. I don't want to BURN the boxes in my wood stove, so I guess I have to store them. I have a nice fire going right now. Cozy. So yes. NOT burning Atari 2600 game boxes in there because, well sh*t- they're 2600 boxes! Guess I got to STORE them then and buy boxes for my boxes. Even tho, no... I don't collect boxes. Still, yes, there's a box of boxes in the garage. Rubbermade makes a great container for Sega boxes. Had to buy one of those too. I think one of the boxes says "Space Attack". Fitting.
  2. So I'm in the process of organizing my garage. ... In the same way some of us programmers, artists and game enthusiasts are in the process of completing a project. I'm going through a mountain of stuff accumulated in my hardware-loving youth and eventual ways-and-means adulthood. And trying to save it from mice and moisture. I'm all about Rubbermaid bins. And Lord help me if a local retail chain leaves a stack of unguarded empty totes behind their back door... It's all getting organized and cataloged. I want to make this nice. I want a hallway. A place I can bring perfect strangers to without feeling like I'm too obsessed. The only way I can do this is to make sure I get it all categorized and properly stored. This is happening, happily, amidst the chaos. I've sold off a few things. Mostly I've gotten a crapload of things in the right place and gotten rid of all the awful beatup cardboard boxes Yay totes. I'll be able to line this storage area with arcade posters and my old Trader Joes art by the end of the year if it goes as planned. Wish me luck community. Pics on request.
  3. the-video-game-gallery ... Is his eBay name. nice guy, but yeah, baffled that he doesn't make it very clear atari2600.com is disabled .. more specifically the cart and checkout system was intentionally non-functional for years. Don't expect a reply to emails. The site was great when it was maintained ... Got some very nice items from that time. His eBay site works. No complaints except I got the wrong game manual once, but I was able to return it with minimal hassle. Communication could be better tho.
  4. FOUND! Big thanks to @Paul Westphal for arriving out of the blue with a cart for a good price. Just what I was looking for. Excellent person to deal with, and he's got a lot of Atari 8bit stuff. (You can check out his stuff at eightbitfix.com )
  5. Twisted Metal 2 (PlayStation) Donkey Kong PK (7800) Donkey Kong Jr (7800)
  6. That, and it's the only rereleased console with a Coleco cart slot. The NTT data controller compatible SNES port is another winning feature for me. The SD slot, compact size and built-in SGM all are ringers. I figure when I get mine, if I have trouble with the HDMI output to my display, I'll just try one of these these things... Hopefully there's no significant latency. They're cheap.
  7. Ahhh...  Taking apart a common Intellivision cartridge to create a makeshift external solid-state drive enclosure. I love goofy little hacks like this.   

  8. Just saw this thread tonight, and I am floored! This is marvelous work. Right On, Man! Also chalk me up as another member who's hoping for physical releases of these someday.
  9. Good to know these are still likely to get made. Thanks! I'm looking forward to mine... I already have a small stack of vintage carts and an NTT data controller just waiting for this console.
  10. If you really like old media, you could have fun with a SCSI setup. I admit that I haven't looked into the prices of these, but I'd image that SCSI control boards and the various hard-drives, cables, and optical drives are still at the point of near-worthless, so depending on what computer graveyards you have access too, you can probably get a good grip of equipment for cheap or free. Just for fun a decade or so ago I made a crazy SCSI chain out of all the equipment that I could get to work on the Adaptec board I had. I remember I had a couple of external 1x CD-Rom units from some defunct production studio on an external chain, and a bunch of stuff inside the tower. The Syquest drive was particularly fun to actually see function again... And even a trained eye would do a double-take seeing a Syquest drive in a tower bay. SCSI fun... Because it's possible!
  11. My pleasure! I'm pretty proud that I nailed it on the first try.
  12. Yes, and the Genesis version is one of the best of the obscure games for the console. Really fun and kind of unique hybrid of two genera... a platforming horizontal shooter. The pixel art on the Genesis version is particularly rich and impressive. The Genesis graphics are so much better (IMHO) from the arcade, that you might want to try both versions and see if either of them jog your memory. If this ISN'T the game haunting you, I'd love to know any tidbit of information on what else you remember.
  13. Just throwing this out there... I have two complete systems. A 400 and an 800. PM for details on condition an accessories if interested. I am in search of a 7800 Commando cart. I'd consider trading one of these systems for one. I'd just like to ask that you cover the shipping on the computer. Any takers?
  14. Sound like Atomic Runner, if the player was a person. (Also had a different name in the arcades... Don't recall it exactly, but it referenced Chernobyl). Is that it? Ah-HA... Here's a link: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atomic_Runner_Chelnov
  15. My dad played a lot of Apple II with me and my sister for the first year or so that we owned it. Wings of Fury and Boulderdash were our favorites. Also we played King of Chicago (IIgs) all the way through together. He drove the game and we made decisions together. That was awesome. We also played through most of Leasure Suit Larry... Until I made some reference to the content to my Mom... Who then put the kabosh on that.
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