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    I'm into retro gaming in the Sierra Nevada region. Please contact me if you are in the region: You are elegable to join the Sierra Nevada Atari Age Retro Federation (SNAARF).

    Likes: Apple II, MS-DOS PCs, pinballs, arcade games, cartoons, emulation. Also an artist that likes Photoshop and 3D modeling. Antique restoration, growing food, foothill and mountain living, and fatherhood.
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    7800 games. Probably going to sit down with my DOS-based emulator BBQ and work some more bugs out of it. Have: 2600, CD-I, 3DO, JagCD, Saturn, NES/GEN/SNES via Retron 3. Now sporting a 7800 and an INTV.
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    Intellivision. Finally got real hardware. LTO flash cart in the mail. I'm looking for obscure inserts and instructions, please message me if you've got some for sale or trade.

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  1. Cool collection and display! You've really got the spirit of this.
  2. Well, I just bought a Jaguar Team Tap. Not like this is a huge deal, considering they can be had on ebay for < $20, and they only work for 2 released games and a homebrew or two (hiya CyranoJ and your Gauntlet port!) Anyways, one's coming to Rough and Ready. I'm soon intending my friends to come over and try 4-player Gauntlet 2. Also I have aspirations to develop for the Jaguar and it's nice to have the hardware in-hand in case it ever gets hard-to-find. Figure it can't get cheaper than $20.
  3. Here's the last week's purchases... Fixed my NES Action 52 cart (I bought a trashed one a year or so ago), so I thought I'd get the Genesis version too, especially since it's about 10% of the price. Also bought my first NES Tengen game. And also made this purchase Friday. Pretty excited by it. Want to buy more from them soon. Piko is in Texas, btw, and got hit by the big freeze. Love looking forward to checking the mailbox.
  4. Well, I finally got Jagstudio set up and just getting started. I found what I believe are the sources for the Amiga music mod files for King of Chicago. I plan on messing with these after I get my feet wet.
  5. Sweet. I've been musing about this all day. I need to look into setting up a Jaguar dev environment. I'm totally new to the platform.
  6. I got to wondering this evening if King of Chicago would be possible to pull off in JagStudio. I suppose I'm asking two questions here... the other being: Has this been discussed already? I don't know what the ins and outs of how Defender of the Crown was handled. I think King of Chicago would be a similar project. I'm very familiar with the game. Perhaps all of the mechanics could be rewritten in BASIC. JagStudio sounds robust enough to handle the graphics and interface. I didn't follow the development of Defender of the Crown for the Jaguar. Was original source code used? Maybe it was re-written from the ground up, or somewhere in between? Depending on what the landscape of King of Chicago looks like for the Jaguar, I'd love to help develop it.
  7. Hmm. An unfound CPC game, you say? Neat. If it shows up I'll have to add it to my emulator rig. I don't think it was the same game, but there was a Minotaur for the Apple II. It was programmed by Activision's legendary Larry Miller, who also wrote Enduro for the 2600 amongst others. Incidentally, if anyone knows Larry Miller, let him know John Romero wants to get ahold of him.
  8. Hiya! Hit me up if you have an extra loose Space Spartans, B-17 Bomber, Bomb Squad, or Tron Solar Sailor. I'm good for swapping for an NES game or something like that. That's the post in a nutshell. The backstory and more details below, if interested: So, I'm trying to find out if my Intellivoice unit is faulty or not... or if it's something to do with my LTO flashcart. For whatever reason, none of the Intellivoice roms work properly with my Intellivoice. I thought I'd try just straight cartridges and see if my problem is the unit. Currently I have none of the real Intellivoice carts. So if you've got any (there's only a few, as you probably know), I'd like to trade you for something. I have loose NES, Genesis, and SNES carts, and some of this and some of that. Maybe we can come up with something. I only really need loose carts. I'm good on manuals and boxes and inserts. I'd really love to get ahold of Magic Carousel from the AA store (before my kids get any older), but likely I'll just break down and buy that eventually if I can get the unit to work. If you want to trade me a Magic Carousel, I'd be willing to trade something fairly substantial. (I'm also looking for Kool Aid man inserts too, if you happen to have those.) Thanks for considering.
  9. Hmmm. Too bad C64 is not my forte. Reminds me of Star Blazer (Apple ][) or Parsec (ti-99). Any C64 experts in the house?
  10. Well, that still leaves about half of 20,000 games. Any other details? Was it on a cartridge maybe? Space ship shape or color? Was there a map, was it a shooter, any details at all?
  11. Well, it's nice to see this was Necro-bumped not too far back. I'd be interested in a cart release of this NTSC version, for the record, if the new EPROM owner ever reads this.
  12. Grammer school it was all Apple IIes, middle school (a different district) were Laser 128s (Apple II clones), and Highschool was black and white Macs. I graduated in '96. All pretty typical, except... The odd one was my fourth grade classroom. For some reason we had three PET computers and a C64 in there. The C64 was exclusively used before the school day started to play Gridrunner, and come to think of it was a brilliant method of getting the kids to arrive early. The PETs were old even then... This would have been about '87 or '88. The PETs were actually pretty fun... My 4th grade teacher taught himself how to reprogram some of the games... There was a simple dungeon crawler (maybe called "Dungeon"?) in which he changed the names of all the monsters to be the names of the students. Pretty fun. I still remember, "You encounter a Brian!"
  13. Fixing/restoring an Action52 cartridge.  Cue Cheetahmen music. 

  14. Hahaha.. yeah I know what you mean. I used to play that at my best friend's house, and I just remember thinking the music was ok... Not painfully off-key! The video I sent is the VIC-20 version tho. There's a C64 version of Radar Rat Race too. Do a youtube search of it and see if that's more familiar.
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