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  1. Wow... If that shirt's for sale, let me know! My son is six and he ought to fit in it!
  2. I always thought I, Robot would be the ultimate Jaguar port, especially since it's Atari all the way. Sadly, I'm one of the ones with ambitious ideas and crappy coding skills. A SNES Super-FX port is an interesting spin on the idea. Would be hard to make repro carts tho, but I suppose it could be played with the high-end everdrives. That's all theoretical. Either of these efforts would take months of work from a skilled coder. I don't suppose the I-Robot Arcade game has any known source code? Or maybe someone has worked with the decompiled ROM and noted some of it?
  3. Toki was good. Very good. The game was AMAZING!... at getting all my quarters. It gulped them all down long before my parents finished grocery shopping at a typical trip to Safeway in Quincy, CA in 1991 and/or 1992. It was so good, I can remember the attract mode just by closing my eyes (which, after my quarters were depleted, was all there was to watch). The thing would gulp down 75¢ in three minutes. $1.50 didn't take it much longer. So, as an arcade game it was good. And by good I mean an effective quarter gobbler. Would I rather see Rastan on the 7800? Hell yeah! That was at that Safeway the year before, and sometimes I could actually last long enough for my folks to hit the checkout line. Was Toki a better game? In terms of quarter eating, a resounding YES. Part of why I want it for the 7800 is out of personal vengeful spite. It took a lot of my allowance, like an alley grifter for 12 year olds. This, I respect. Still, all the more reason to own the game on a 7800, my preferred field of battle, and kick it's ass in my adult life.
  4. Action Adventure. I'm surprised nobody mentions God of Thunder much... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/God_of_Thunder_(video_game) It's Zelda without being Zelda, and a lot of fun. I found this game BITD and I think I actually sent in the shareware fee for it. Since it's now freeware and open source ... Might be worth a look?
  5. This was yesterday... It works too!! I had to clean about 30 years of 'C' battery corrosion out of it, but it fired up with the AC adapter, no problem. It was also totally ready to kick my ass right out of the thrift store. So I've never seen these on this site as a 'collectable', or even a 'console'. But yet here it is! It's even got a Zilog or a MOS CPU in it... I couldn't tell which, since it seem to be atomically fused together. It even takes expansion cartridges. Supposedly. Talk about beyond obscure. Anyway, there exists in my area a royally hot noblewoman (disguised as a sophisticated real estate agent), who wants a regular chess partner. Guess who's rising to the occasion? In accordance with her wishes, I'll try not to fall in love in the process. Wish me luck. (Or not. That's okay too.)
  6. (Barry White music) 7800... You look good in anything.
  7. Nice to see this. I wonder if I can somehow make it my screen saver. (I bet I can figure that out on a long night)
  8. I'd love to own some of this original art.
  9. Well done, Alex_79! Nice to read that again 25 years later.
  10. Let's necro bump this thread, just for fun. Who's had a Reef Store Dream lately? Now that it's 10+ years later, any good internet diggers out there think they can find the original post of the Reef Store Dream? 🤔. I remember it. It must have made a huge impression on everyone who read it that had these sorts of dreams. I had one that involved a Freedom Fighter arcade game cabinet. There's been dozens, maybe hundreds, over the years for me. Cheers!
  11. Mojonian Tales. I know this is a homebrew, but it's almost like playing a strange dream, complete with scantily clad women, who are sometimes nude and fart, and metaphors like Sonic Bad. Worth every penny. It's like a rabbit hole, like action 52, but playable (much!) and the jokes are funny. Other fav is also a homebrew... Nebs 'n Debs. It's a pure, perfect challenging game with style. The mechanics of Nebs 'n Debs are tight and nuanced... and take getting used to, but after some experience they are right up there with Mario 3.
  12. Far out! Looking at this, I was thinking of the troublesome hurdles separating the 7800 from current typical living rooms. Besides the pack-in controller pitfalls (which Edladdin for one has provided several solutions to), there's the power supply and the lack of composite (HDMI?) output. Maybe this project can address those? This could be a Kickstarter, or an AA product. An integrated FireFly could bring it up to the level of the CollectorVision Phoenix, come to think of it. Would be very gratifying to see that happen with a 7800-centric product.
  13. Never toki toki till toki tokis you.
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