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    I'm into retro gaming in the Sierra Nevada region. Please contact me if you are in the region: You are elegable to join the Sierra Nevada Atari Age Retro Federation (SNAARF).

    Likes: Apple II, MS-DOS PCs, pinballs, arcade games, cartoons, emulation. Also an artist that likes Photoshop and 3D modeling. Antique restoration, growing food, foothill and mountain living, and fatherhood.
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    7800 games. Probably going to sit down with my DOS-based emulator BBQ and work some more bugs out of it. Have: 2600, CD-I, 3DO, JagCD, Saturn, NES/GEN/SNES via Retron 3. Now sporting a 7800 and an INTV.
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    Intellivision. Finally got real hardware. LTO flash cart in the mail. I'm looking for obscure inserts and instructions, please message me if you've got some for sale or trade.

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  1. Is this a leaked photo from the new Nightmare Before Christmas character? just kidding. and there of course is temptation to make jokes involving bones... but since we're a tasteful group (the best on the internetz)... that's just not necessary. So... do you think Nancy Reagan was more excited about meeting Mr. T, or was Mr. T more excited about meeting Nancy Reagan? You'd have to ask the Ghost of Christmas Past. As for me, I'm more excited then either of them for teh new AA Secret Santa 2019. ... Open Open Open
  2. I'm now looking for an instruction manual for Flora and the Ghost Mirror. Or a scan of one. Also, anyone here into burning Coleco games? I have permission from the author to make a cart (which was customized for my daughter, also named Flora), but I havn't made a colecovision cart before. If anyone here wants to contact me who's got the resources, I'd very much appreciate it.
  3. Wow... well, long story short I have found a cart! But I have no manual. Would anybody be willing to scan the instruction manual? I'd be most appreciative and owe them a favor.
  4. Hiya! I don't even own a ColecoVision but figured if I could get this game I'd track one down. Flora happens to be my daughter's name, so if would be fun and special for us to play this together. Haven't been able to get ahold of the author, so if you have one for sale or trade (or know the author and can put us in contact), I'd appreciate it if you dropped me a line. Thanks!
  5. I was thinking about this. Making the menu use the arrow keys wouldn't be that hard, but configuring all the games themselves would be a pretty serious undertaking. Each of those games uses a different control scheme, so one would be forced to use the whole keyboard at some point. That's one of the reasons I've started to release these as single disk images instead of compilations... I've including on screen instructions at boot that explain the key configurations in the single images.
  6. I'm glad there's some renewed interest in this subject. I've been intending to get work more on this project, but life keeps getting in the way. I actually have a bunch of unreleased games all lined up.
  7. I believe I do, although it's still on a 5 and a quarter. I never bothered to transfer it because... Sheese... 7th grade subversive hacker humor is a pretty embarrassing. It's more fun to talk about then actually experience, believe me!
  8. If you went to Middle School in Belmont, CA, that WAS my hacked version of Lemonade Stand you remember. Although it was a lot more sexually explicit then what you descibe, and got me sent to principal's office.
  9. Maybe Ečstatica? Bioforge? hmm... This is an interesting one.
  10. This is an awesome development!!! Comgrats to everyone who found their game. (Haunting? Isn't it?) I still have one myself. An Apple II game... It was arcade style, but had educational elements. I think it might have been published by Sunburst. Answering math questions correctly awarded bombs in player's inventory. After awhile, player got to fly a plane left to right to attack enemy territory arcade style. The gameplay reminecent of Super Cobra, Capt Goodnight, Star Blazer, or JumpJet (last 3 for apple II). Anyone seen this? Maybe something for 4am's recent releases?
  11. That's cool. I wonder two things. There was some talk early on about a ROM maybe being made available for $5? I'd happily buy it is it was. I had another idea that it could be made into a Dreamcast CD (using DColem), but that is kind of crazy. Thought I'd put that out there tho.
  12. I was planning on sending a direct message, but I'll just post what I wrote in this thread... Hiya! I love your game. I really do (at least from the videos and everything I know about it). I even recognized the nice background music. It's very very cool. Another reason I love it... My 2-year old daughter is named Flora. My 4-year old son happens to be named Felix... And one of his favorite games is... Fix-It Felix of course, the homebrew Genesis version. Flora keeps asking me if there is a game with her name. Yes... I said, but I didn't know much about it. I had heard of your game but don't have a ColecoVision. Well... Just learned a lot about your game from some searches and YouTube. So... The big question is this... Have you considered porting it to another classic system? My small gaming setup is maxxed out for space, and the CV is one of the classic systems that didn't make the cut. Anyways, just wondering if you happened to be an ace programmer and porting the game might have already been on your mind. I'm first in line to buy one if that ever happens. Thanks for making an awesome game. It's interesting that it's the single biggest temptation to add a ColecoVision to my life. Best regards, CaptainBreakout
  13. Yes I am using an original Power Base Converter. I have on of those "cart save" passthrough carts that is basically just an extension for the cart slot, kind of like a game genie but just a direct socket connection (you used to see these at flea markets and game stores back in the day for a couple of bucks). That gives me enough room for the PBC to physically clear, which sits on the top of the Retron like a helmet. I wasn't aware that some games had graphical glitches. Do you know which ones? I can test it out and see, if I have the game.
  14. Thanks. I appreciate that. I'm somewhere in between the opinions expressed so here. I don't think the RetroN 3 is garbage. If it wasn't for the fact that the SNES sound isn't perfect I'd be 100% happy with it. I'm trying to keep my cart and console collection from sprawling out from a very confined space, and this thing has proven to be a key component, especially since it plays all the weird homebrews, multicarts and oddities (super Gameboy, power base converter, action 52) that I throw at it. The supaboy is an interesting idea. It's kind of weird to have a semi-handheld jacked into a couch-gaming setup. Considering it but haven't made up my mind. Envytomdead2: thanks for letting me know the 2.4gig version sounds harsh on the SNES side. That was really what I needed an answer to.
  15. Hiya... I have a first generation RetroN 3 (with the infared controllers). I like the system okay, expecially it's small footprint, but I'm bummed by it's SNES audio output, which is blown out in most cases and really unpleasant sounding. I know there's been several revisions to this console, including the 2.4gh controlled version. It's just hard to find specifically what was improved with the new versions. I'm interested in the SNES side sounding good. Wondering if anyone here has a Retron 3 with good SNES sound, and if so, what's your model revision? (I have a bunch of odd and unique carts, which makes the RetroN 3 important to me, since it's actual hardware and not emulation like the RetroN 5, just in case anyone was wondering why I don't consider one of them)
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