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    I'm into retro gaming in the Sierra Nevada region. Please contact me if you are in the region: You are elegable to join the Sierra Nevada Atari Age Retro Federation (SNAARF).

    Likes: Apple II, MS-DOS PCs, pinballs, arcade games, cartoons, emulation. Also an artist that likes Photoshop and 3D modeling. Antique restoration, growing food, foothill and mountain living, and fatherhood.
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    Intellivision. Finally got real hardware. LTO flash cart in the mail. I'm looking for obscure inserts and instructions, please message me if you've got some for sale or trade.

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  1. Aww man, I liked this game! Oh wait, correction... I _wanted_ to like this game. It's one of those ones I purchased thinking I'd actually play for awhile, but instead just tested it to make sure it worked and shoved it on the shelf, and put the"enjoying it procedure" on indefinite hold. True chronic collector behavior. I read as many reviews as I could before I dropped 20 bucks on this (which seems to be a bargain in light of this review, so yay). There was one I remember reading that reported that Wall Ball was THE game for the Atari 2600, and most, if not all, other games are derivative of Wall Ball. I honestly couldn't tell if the reviewer was sincere, trolling or drunk... Or possibly all three. I'll post the link here if I can find the review. I don't know what the etiquette is on cross-referencing reviews, I'll leave it up to Dr Spuds. I'll have to remember to do some deep browsing history searches to find it tho... Hope I remember tomorrow.
  2. So many weird details. I'm just glad this is happening.
  3. I loved this thing, but yeah it could eat a pack of Energizers faster then my first gen digital camera (1.1 megapixel). I had the SMS backpack, bought from an import store, which made me feel leet. I played a lot of R-Type, Fantasy Zone, and Aztec Adventure on the thing. I don't think I ever finished GG Shinobi on it because the battery life was so terrible. Also no AC adaptor I had at the time could give it enough amperage to turn on, despite knowing a little something of electronics. Sega... Such a gashog you made.
  4. Yeah. And for those of us who rediscovered the PC DOS world later (when the stuff was cheap), this stuff is really interesting. It might be long term internet researching people that come across your stuff, but rest assured it will be read. The primordial PC world has it's followers. Although in the face of real life, we're a bit slow on the uptake.
  5. First reactions is it looks like Reactor meets Polybius. Also reminds me of Vectron for the Intellivision. This is the crazy abstract shooter type of game that I like. On one hand I feel it's a shame this ROM wasn't available earlier so that it could have made its way into the first generation of ASM arcade emulators like Retrocade and Raine. Oh well... so much for getting it on my DOS rig. Still, looks fun. A wider release (or earlier leak) would have probably given it a fond following.
  6. Thought I should quote so you be alerted. See above post.
  7. I also have a Scrapyard Dog. Lemme know if you are into mine.
  8. Wow, well this is fantastic. We did synchronized shipping (to coin a phrase) and my package arrived today. Game looks fantastic -in the box anyway. I won't be able to test it until Monday. However, it looks like the game I've been literally dreaming about is mine at last. Now as long as USPS doesn't break our hearts in delivery for the other half of the trading party, this is looking very much like a genuine win-win. We'll likely find out tomorrow.
  9. Here's a thought... In the 80's, my dad for a time was obsessed with the idea of owning an early Wurlitzer jukebox. He poured over coffetable books of these things, and contacted collectors and dealers. He confessed to me one night that he was going to find a way to buy one. I was young, probably less than 6. I'm not faulting him, at all. He had a family to feed and a wife to appease. He rationalized this by thinking that he could simply keep going to the library and checking out records and tapes, and "bumping copies" onto cassette tapes on his dubbing rig. For 10% of the cost. Great. Now he had access to all the music he wanted, just with a large investment of time and a not-flashy delivery system. Okay cool. Except all his "bumped copy" cassette tapes collection is NOW worth... Wellll nothing. If he'd bought a Wurlitzer and a grip of singles, now-a-days we would be talking HOW MUCH?!?!
  10. True, but an emulation collection still straps you down to whatever platform you choose to do the emulation. Unless you consider it part of the cloud, then it could be seen as a personal playlist, as opposed to a collection.
  11. I don't blame you. I feel like I'm at the high stakes table in vegas, but really I think both parties are going to be very happy here. I wouldn't have believed I'd ever make this trade 15 or so years ago. At that time I was madly rounding up sound cards, which were mostly inexpensive at the time, but still hard to find. The same could be said for Jaguar material. I won two Jaguars in a "mixed lot of video game items" for $40. I gave one to a co-worker just because he expressed interest. My JagCD unit I got on a trade from a dumpster diver for modding his Xbox. Sound cards were fun tho and I've always known there was inherent value in the good ones. They never cease to impress. My first experience with one was a Roland SCC-1 lying around for days (given for free from a friend who said "it's not worth the price of shipping on ebay"), and finally got curious one day and hooked it up and booted Doom. ... Was. Blown. Away. Anyhow, the sound cards are FUN, if you spend the time and energy to get them juiced. Rare as hens teeth now. Another World is literally on a dozen platforms, most cheap or free, and very accessable. Therefore my decision is questionable. Still this is the _Jaguar_ version. I've got the chronic irrational Jaguar bug as bad as the worst (best?) of us here. I'm also running the risk it will get re-released maybe even right here on AtariAge. And then it won't command nearly the wow-factor (hey there pro-controller). Still, since I'm a Jaguar fan I'm obviously predisposed to making irrational decisions. Anyways there's a storied deal pending as I write this. Looking forward to completing it. No regrets. I'll be able to see the awesome cyclotron lightning scene with only the red Jaguar power LED illuminated in the corner... And see you later GUS... Thanks for the awesome memories of Blackthorne and Cubic.
  12. I like Second Dimension a lot. I'm planning on buying the Socks the Cat game soon.
  13. There's a ton of dirt cheap carts of Fix-it Felix on eBay... But no idea which version is on the cart.
  14. Highlander is a strange, plodding experience that is a lot like how video games appear in your nightmares. The unfair lack of control is unnerving and fascinating. The graphics are disorienting. The animated sequences evoke an awkward time in our culture. It's kind of got everything going for it, just all in a negative direction. Really hope this hardware will enable more people to experience this... It's kind of unique really.
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