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    I'm into retro gaming in the Sierra Nevada region. Please contact me if you are in the region: You are elegable to join the Sierra Nevada Atari Age Retro Federation (SNAARF).

    Likes: Apple II, MS-DOS PCs, pinballs, arcade games, cartoons, emulation. Also an artist that likes Photoshop and 3D modeling. Antique restoration, growing food, foothill and mountain living, and fatherhood.
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    7800 games. Probably going to sit down with my DOS-based emulator BBQ and work some more bugs out of it. Have: 2600, CD-I, 3DO, JagCD, Saturn, NES/GEN/SNES via Retron 3. Now sporting a 7800 and an INTV.
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    Intellivision. Finally got real hardware. LTO flash cart in the mail. I'm looking for obscure inserts and instructions, please message me if you've got some for sale or trade.

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  1. Funny I was thinking the same thing. I actually drafted a letter the other night where I volunteered to run this event, and do it Grig's way the best I could... but I decided to sleep on it for a couple nights before I posted. Anyway, I'm feeling the same way as you, chicgamer. I'm either willing to run it or willing to help. I'd like to know what everyone thinks too. Let's figure it out by the first of October. Anyone who has thoughts and opinions should chime in.
  2. Being interested in the video game products of the 20th century is a nice reprieve. 

  3. This topic popped into my mind today... I just went back through this topic to see if anyone had mentioned "I, Robot". Thank you mckafka99! I mean... it seems so obvious! I just had to write something. What a glorious cart this would be. Just picture it! If you've never tried it in MAME -treat yourself! (One of the best low-poly 3D games was also the first, IMHO) I wish I was a better coder. This would be tantamount to the recent phenomenon of Baby Pac-Man on the 7800 if anyone ever pulled it off.
  4. If I may chime in, I own all three of the ported cartridge versions of this, but the only one I keep on my game shelf is the Jaguar version. It says Pitfall on it, and when I see Pitfall I think Atari. I'm not bothered too much by the 30fps. Would it be nice to see it silky smooth like Rayman or Burnout? Sure... but it's not a flagship game for the Jaguar. It is "Pitfall", however, and it gives me satisfaction to see it lined up next to the Jaguar cartridges. Plays fine to me, feels like most games of the era. I think the jungle looks nicer with more colors anyways. If I'm in the mood for silky smooth fps platform stuff, there's always Vectorman or Rocket Knight Adventures, or something for the SNES, or, well... Rayman.
  5. I don't know if I'll ever sell my Jaguar stuff. I've sold most of my other systems over the years, gotten out of gaming, gotten back in, got more. But Jaguar for me came in late. I was actually talked OUT of buying new jaguar stuff from a retail store back in the mid 90's... by a friend of mine who happened to work at the game store. They had taken all their Jaguar inventory, and made one giant endcap display out of it, and slashed prices down into the 75%-off neighborhood. I was interested, as I'd heard about the Jaguar and seen commercials and everything... but my friend talked me out of it, saying they "couldn't GIVE this *%$#@ system away!" "Wow... but $35.99 for the whole console, new?" "Don't buy it," he said. Wish I had a picture of that endcap display now. Yes, there were CD unit boxes around it. I remember that. Anyways, the Jaguar has become my favorite system now. I did some ebay searches in the early 2000's when they were still being sold in "random video game lots -untested" on ebay for no reserve. One of the lots I won had a bunch of Intellivision stuff with it... a whole stack of overlays. I did give one of my Jaguar consoles (won in this manner) to a co-worker, back when they were being rediscovered in the mid 2000's because he expressed interest and they kept being featured on "worst console top ten lists". Prices were going up. I hope he still has it. Anyways, the Jaguar is the most groomed animal in my collection (runner up is the 7800). Love the homebrew scene here too.
  6. I'm just looking over my little game shelf, because I like to collect weird games specifically. So here's the ones that stand out, for one reason or another, to me. No qualifying reasons. I'll leave that up to anyone here. Go ahead and expound on any of these if you want to. Tooth Protectors Tax Avoiders A Misterious Theif Mines of Minos Kool-Aid Man Riddle of the Sphinx Extra Terrestrials Beany Bopper Journey Escape Quadrun viva 2600... the weirdest library of all.
  7. Happy to hear about reBOOTed 'round the bend. Looking forward to that purchase, and massive experience.
  8. This seems pretty chaotic, but hey I'll mention that somehow I've been able to find time to play... Nebs 'N Debs (NES) 60 minutes Joust (Jaguar) 20 minutes Mojonian Tales (NES) 145 minutes Uwol (Jaguar) 45 minutes ... over the last month.
  9. I donno... but he has like five different forms. It's some iteration of spiritual musical evolution. Levels of. Or something like. Anyways, you want to keep not dying, so the vibrator continues to function. That's kind of the rule of the game, because when you DO die, the vibrator ceases to function, and then generally your female friend holding the vibrator throws her arms around you and it's your turn to interface directly. Boss battle city. This why it's best not to be TOO good at this game if you're playing "two player"... since your vibration co-pilot will usually find a way to complete her quest before your mission is done if it drags on too long. In that case, she'll just hang out and be bored waiting for you to finish. So, as per rules of engagement- Die strategically! (says the Captain)
  10. Toki... we hardly knew ya. Back when Safeways always had a couple of arcade cabinets, I spent a lot of time looking at the attract mode of this arcade game (I was usually quarterless) in Quincy California, while my parents did the grocery shopping. I'm still into a copy on the 7800 if this ever emerges from the vault.
  11. Okay... specifically 3D Tic-Tac-Toe? Okay: You know how to play. Stick around. Suffer.
  12. Dang. I was hoping to see Pac-Land on this platform. Maybe someday. Maybe some wizard will put a Raspberry Pi on a 7800 cart board, run the arcade ROM and pump out the frames and sound, and somehow handle the controller I/O, pushing the limits of what we'd consider a platform-specific title. I'd still buy it. heh. Hell, I'd buy two... (wouldn't you?)
  13. Very much looking forward to this. It's innovative, fun and looks like one of the best showcases of the platform. Please add me to an availability list if there is one, and I'll be keeping my eye on this. This is pre-qualified for a spot on my limited-space game rack. Bravo!
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