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  2. If my ColecoVision has sccrambled video when playing a ColecoVision game, but plays 2600 games just fine through the Atari Converter the problem is probably with the notorious power switch, correct?

    1. Kiwi


      When atari attachment is install, it bypass the CV hardware completely. Firmly reinsert the power cord, so the -5, +5 voltage are connected otherwise the VRAM get wiped.

    2. Spriggy


      No problem at all. Plays 2600 games just fine :)

  3. Sold some Amiga 500 software to user mattsoft. Good communication and fast payment. Super smooth transaction from start to finish.
  4. I have a boxed Amiga 500 computer I bought a while ago but haven't really gotten around to using much. I'm thinking about moving by the end of the year and need to get rid of some stuff now to clear space and save up some money. The computer comes with two joystick and a mouse, and the power supply of course. Computer has one of those dumb rubbery keyboard covers on it. Will also include the Amiga Workbench floppies I have. Looking for $300 plus shipping via UPS Ground. PayPal is preferred payment method. There's a box of big box games/software as well. I played around with them a bit and they do get a bit glitchy at times from the disk rot. They play pretty well for the most part, though, and the boxes are in good condition. Don't have a set price for these and am open to offers. Would like to sell them all in one go if possible. Already sold the monitor locally and will probably sell the Amiga books to the same fellow. Located in 95124. I also have some Apple Macintosh SE stuff, but I can't test it since the computer isn't working properly. If you're interested in gambling on some untested hardware send me a message and I can let you know what I've got.
  5. Windows 10 tablets are pretty fun.

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    2. MrMaddog


      Is there any low-priced model that you all can recommend? I like to get one from Best Buy because I went through 2 Android tablets that died on me. I like using Win 10 and have no problem getting an Android emulator for apps. I just want to get one for web browsing, ebooks & playing Win 10 games...

    3. jd_1138


      The NuVision one referenced should be fine and comes in 8 inch or 10 inch. 8 inch is best if you want to use it in bed for games or Netflix.

    4. MagnaFarce


      Yeah, I've been liking the 2017 NuVision one. Haven't played any games on it, but it's been working well for web browsing, reading manga, connects to the NAS alright, and it's even done okay at playing 10-bit 1080p anime files. Pretty good battery life so far. Haven't had to charge it in the middle of the day yet, just have to plug it in at night.

  6. Heh. That's the game which was inside my FZ-1 when I bought it at the flea market. Pretty decent game. It's no Space Pirates, though.
  7. It's been a while since I've posted anything since I've been so busy and haven't been buying much. I've been hitting the flea market pretty regularly recently, though, since I've started selling on eBay instead of doing back breaking manual labour. The other day I found an old Osborne OSS2 portable computer for only $20. I also bought a TRS-80 Color Computer 2 and a Timex Sinclair 1000 computer, along with a boxed copy of SNAFU (one of my favourite Intellivision games) for the Aquarius computer for $20 from a fairly new vendor at the market who I've sort of become buddies with. He's got my number now and is going to call me whenever he comes across older computers in the storage containers he buys. Also picked up a Macintosh SE with keyboard, two mice, external 3.5" floppy drive and external HDD for $50. I don't have pictures for it, though, since it's still in the trunk of my car. I love the flea market lifestyle.
  8. I am interested for sure. Send me a PM. I only have four games for the console right now.
  9. I am helping my friend with a convention by bringing ~30 consoles, but I don't have very many games for several of them (I only buy games I find in the wild). I'm looking to do a mass purchase of cheaper games for the following consoles: Sega Master System buying flashcart Turbografx-16 buying flashcart Sega Pico TI-99/4a Sega Genesis flashcart available to me Colecovision Atari Jaguar These are listed in the importance of the consoles. The consoles at the top of the list are more important than the consoles at the bottom. I am also looking for the following: SNES AV cable (x2) Genesis 1 AC adapter (x3) Pico AC adapter (I think Genesis 2 AC adapters can be used, but I don't remember) Master System controller Turbografx-16 controller Panasonic 3DO controller 3DO mouse controller I would like to get as much of this in one go as I can. I'm not concerned about getting a lot of classics or great games since I'm paying for this out of pocket and am lending the consoles for free. Pretty much any games that aren't sports games are cool. I'm just trying to provide variety for people who are trying out non-Nintendo/Sega consoles for the first time. I don't want to spend more than $250 total.
  10. I have a friend with a video game music jazz/funk band who makes flashdrives with the band's music on them out of old SNES sport games and low capacity flashdrives. I got him his last batch of drives from someone on Reddit, but he contacted me again and asked me if I knew where we could get more. I figured someone here may have a stash of extra drives they might want to sell or trade. I have a decent stash of video games, consoles, and accessories that I'd be up for trading for them if anyone's interested. The drives don't need to match since they're being put inside of a game cartridge, they just need to be at least 1GB so we can fit both albums on the drives. The last batch I got him consisted of 70 drives at roughly 50 cents a piece, but I'd be willing to buy smaller lots. I've added a photo below of what the drives look like, so you can get the general idea of what we're doing.
  11. Can't say no to that selection and those prices!
  12. Unfortunately there are no voice modules. All I bought was twelve extremely dirty consoles with whatever controllers were attached to them. No peripherals, no games, no power supplies.
  13. What have I gotten myself into? I got a bit drunk the other day and bought twelve untested Odyssey2 consoles on eBay shipped for $150. I'll be happy if I can piece together three or four working consoles out of this and miraculously sell the rest of them for parts.
  14. Bought a Commodore plus/4 and some ColecoVision games. I'm absolutely happy with my purchase. Everything arrived safely and quickly. Looking forward to playing around with the Commodore a bit more!
  15. I've heard of it (even downloaded both of 'em), but I still haven't seen it. I assume they're kind of similar to the old Russ Meyer skin flicks and Barbarella?
  16. It's pretty cool the stuff you can get when doing handyman jobs. I've gotten a new dishwasher, a Sony surround sound system (still in the box), and a dozen bottles of wine, all for free, from people I've worked for doing odd jobs.
  17. My older brother used to have a PC game that I would play when I was a little kid, and I've been trying to figure out what it was for YEARS now. My brother was in town this week, so a few days ago we embarked on a mission of identification and we eventually figured out that the game was Quest for Glory V. And what do you know, I already own Quest for Glory 1-5 on GOG, but never downloaded them. Heh.

    1. Hatta


      You're a lucky guy to experience these anew. This is my favorite series ever.

  18. Not yet. I don't actually have a television set up right now. I probably won't get around to it until next week since I'm going out of town on Wednesday. I've got my fingers crossed, though.
  19. I had a very unexpected deal yesterday. Recently I bought a box of 100+ PC games on eBay for $95. I've been thinning through them, grabbing the ones I think I'd like, putting other ones on eBay. I had a small stack of games that weren't worth enough to bother trying to sell on eBay, as well as a couple big box PC games I bought in the past but decided I didn't want anymore. All in all maybe $40 worth of games at eBay prices. I'm buddies with the guys at a game shop downtown who I met at a local convention I was helping run. I hadn't seen them for a while, so I dropped in with my small box of games with the intention to trade them in for a pittance (I really just wanted to get rid of them to clear up space and didn't care what I got for them) and hang out for a bit. After hanging out for 20 minutes or so one of the employees, Carl, asked me if I was interested in a ColecoVision. When I had first met these guys six months ago he had offered it to me for $100, so I expected the same price and declined, telling him that I really like finding things in the wild. Carl then told me that he just needed to get rid of the thing because it was taking up so much space and no one other than me seemed to want it. He offered it to me for $20. No way in hell I was going to say no to that. In the end I ended up trading the box of games for the ColecoVision. Pretty excited. I've been looking for one of these for three years. Of course, now I have a console which takes up even more space than the games I had gotten rid of to clear out space!
  20. I guess I'll enter. I've been meaning to get a copy of Shark! Shark! for a while now.
  21. Picked up a couple nice finds from Craigslist over the past couple days. Yesterday I was looking around for my usual searches, not finding much of anything. When I searched for 'Intellivision', though, I hit the juicy stuff. Six Intellivision consoles, two of them in box, and a boxed Intellivoice module. Haven't tested them yet, but I'll be happy if even half of them work without any trouble. Also came with all these boxed games. I looked through several of them and they had their overlays, so I'm thinking most, if not all, of the games have at least the overlays. I guess the guy who was selling them has been cleaning out his 80 year old father's garage for him and neither of them wanted them anymore. They had an Intellivision when he was growing up, and his dad just bought every Intellivision he ever came across at garage sales for replacement parts and backups. Got all of it for $100. I just got back today from picking up some Commodore 64 stuff. The Commodore itself has a couple broken keys, but I've already got a nice working one, so I'm not really worried. I mainly wanted the peripherals. I've been wanting to get my hands on a Commodore floppy drive for a while now since I've got a bunch of 5.25" floppies I bought a while ago, and I just don't want to have to deal with cassette tapes anymore. The Koala pad doesn't have the stylus, but that's a pretty quick fix. I'm interested to see what the Power Pad has to offer. Also nice to have a couple more joysticks. There was a box of software as well. Most of them are educational games for kids, but I'm still gonna check 'em out. A couple of them have some nifty keyboard overlays. Got everything for $40.
  22. Just upgraded to Windows 8.1 Pro. Took a while, but I got everything set up to be exactly like I had it in Windows 7.

    1. retrorussell


      Cool! I hate the Windows 8 setup.

    2. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Nice. Good to know you can do that. I can't stand the 8 layout and would rather use 7 until the next thing comes along. Talk about trying to re-invent the wheel...

    3. MagnaFarce


      I was completely happy with 7, but the slight efficiency improvements and the more thorough Task Manager finally convinced me to upgrade.

      If either of you ever go with Windows 8.1 in the future definitely download Classic Shell to bring back the Start Menu. In 8.1 you can also set up your computer to go straight to the Desktop, so you'll never have to even see the Start Screen if you don't want to.

  23. Heh! I had some really good finds yesterday at the flea market. I came across a complete in box Mavica printer as well as a few other boxed Mavica items (excited to try out the Mavica video camera). Got everything for $25. I also picked up a Minidisc deck for $6. I've wanted one of these for a while but didn't want to pay more than ten dollars for one. I can't wait to try it out. All in all a very good day at the flea market. Other recent finds include a Dreamcast fishing controller for $3, two six-switch 2600's with a bunch of controllers for $30, and twelve CD computer games for a dollar. Oh, and a free typewriter.
  24. Wii's are getting to be cheap enough that it might not be worth fixing it up to use the drive. Personally I would softmod it and use it as a dedicated emulator box.
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