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  1. The year is drawing to an end and I wonder if there is anything to report about Jumpman...
  2. Is it really weird to make good games? I think it doesn’t matter if you do that on an old or on a modern computer...
  3. I really wonder what Randy Glover would think of contributing to this great project? Can somebody contact him?
  4. Long time no hear. Anything new?
  5. Are there any new screenshots?
  6. Great! And the announced new game?
  7. Anything new about Jumpman 2019?
  8. As far as I learned in my research, he is a weird guy. But we have to live with that. I hope the new Jumpman game/editor for Atari will be a new exciting adventure...
  9. Nevertheless it's a shame that the author simply stopped development without giving other people the chance to continue where he stopped. Source was never released, the author does not reply - he is know to never finish projects...
  10. The best thing on Jumpman UC is that the author hit the nail right on he head with the physics. This Jumpman clone is so extremely exact that I can't even feel a difference!
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