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  1. Great! And the announced new game?
  2. Anything new about Jumpman 2019?
  3. As far as I learned in my research, he is a weird guy. But we have to live with that. I hope the new Jumpman game/editor for Atari will be a new exciting adventure...
  4. Nevertheless it's a shame that the author simply stopped development without giving other people the chance to continue where he stopped. Source was never released, the author does not reply - he is know to never finish projects...
  5. The best thing on Jumpman UC is that the author hit the nail right on he head with the physics. This Jumpman clone is so extremely exact that I can't even feel a difference!
  6. Therefore I hope that something like JUC will strike Windows, too...
  7. Let me know what you think of it. I still hope that there will be any continuation or remake of Jumpman UC - it's just a fabulous piece of software! Hope dies last...
  8. Just download Jumpman UC and open it with it. A .jgf file is a Jumpman Game File.
  9. Here it is! I tried to find the author Sensei Le Roof for several years but did not succeed. https://mega.nz/#!bkIiVKhA!XIvfWh9QTGBAma2UQMskjDximJFwul7OPwWhjpJ9Vu0
  10. Just found this topic (again) and am totally excited about this announcement! I would be interested in a better and easier level editor - I made several levels for Jumpan UC (the very best Jumpman remake ever since done but unfortunately abandoned in a very useable beta stage - the author is known for never finishing his creations). I also have a collection of Jumpman UC games never released. There was one specific by a fan that is so extremely professional that it could have been sold as a new game back in the days: Collection Of Torture. Well designed level, even with new elements and new effects. If you would like to check this out I can share it.
  11. Is this project dead or will there be a new Jumpman game in future?
  12. Ah, sorry, didn't notice that. Just tried it - works! Just a question: the objects like bats or ufos and so on are not shown in the level editor? Would be easier if they were visible...
  13. OK, Omnivore is available for MacOS. Do you have a direct link to the executable file?
  14. Great news! I was always a fan of the Windows remake Jumpman Under Construction as this is so extremely close to the original game WITH a level editor (every level can have an individual script, too!) that this game was a dream come true! Unfortunately the programmer abandoned the project for unknown reasons. But version 0.3 is fully useable. If the same goal could be reached with Omnivore this would also be a dream come true! I do not know how to install a Mac version of Omnivore but as far as I can see on the screenshots there is no possibility to combine single levels to a complete game? Or is this possible? Can level dependent scripts be added?
  15. Oh, boy. This file is extremely large. Just use the link for version 2.9 and copy the files Altirra.exe and Altirra64.exe (from the regular Altirra 3.0 distribution) to Contents/Resources/wineprefix/drive_c/winebottler. Overwrite the existing two files. It's simple like that. Don't forget the delete the corresponding Wine-folder in ~/Library/Application Support otherwise you won't see version 3.0 starting (on my system the folder is called "_1503363707767"), it's created again on that place after you started the file again.
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