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  1. they look great! btw have you tried to use black backround on the lynx logo instead of the bruised metal one?
  2. i'm still looking for one of the above combos,preferably the snes one ps i now have a US adress
  3. still looking for one but now i can offer up to 100$
  4. good luck with your sale! p.s. i also sent you an email
  5. nope but you are quite close ,it's a Casio PT-30 which i think lacks the ability to put a rom cartridge,it has a "hole" molded to accept one but it lacks the contact points.
  6. nothing too great as i'm into (serious) collecting since late 2008 (before then the only "retro" systems that i had was the boxed sega megadrive and the n64 that you'll see in a while) and the fact that i have limited funds doesn't help exactly... n64,ps2 fat,ps2 slim,ps1 x2 (plus one more that is in my basement),coleco gemini,snes,saturn,nes,atari 2600jr (the black thing that sits on the iced earth box set ) master system II,pc engine+cd-rom 2 unit (not working ) zx spectrum+ x2,philips vg-8020 msx,various boxed games (ps1,dreamcast eu+us,megadrive eu+jp,pc engine,wonderswan,atari 2600...and a total war shogun 2 collector's edition) megadrive,atari 65xe,turbografx pal,sega sg-1000II,super a'can (and a boxed sega menacer) a chaotic closet which has a boxed master system converter,my gb/gbc/gba games (loose copies),two atari lynxes and the boxes of my psp-1001 and dsi my game gear collection my gameboy collection (loose+boxed games) my lynx collection ds boxed games,nes and n64 loose games wonderswan,pokemon mini games+systems lynx,psp,ds,gameboy,nes,pokemon mini games atari 2600 loose games turbografx system+games+pc engine games sega sg-1000II, super a'can systems+games (and boxed super a'can controller) part 2 of my collection (way smaller than part 1 ) later...
  7. very nice collection and great display ! i'm also 19 and i try to do my best with the limited budget that i have ( for me it's even more difficult because when you are in a country with very small "gaming tradition" it's unlikely to find a reasonably priced game related object [for example a dreamcast costs in average about 65-80 dollars] ). someday i'll also post my full collection (other than the atari lynx related part) which for the most part is around 3 years old.
  8. still open for offers other than that i'm interested in another one combo, a snes,in condition and completeness as mentioned above + the working motor of a PC Engine CD-ROM2 unit (in my unit the motor can't move the lens in order to read a cd,probably the piece of flimsy plastic that holds the two of them together broke) or a working CD-ROM2 unit .
  9. i'm looking for a ntsc snes (in good condition) with its cables +games (cartridges only or boxed copies or a selection of both) in great condition (no faded,torn or marked labels) ,preferably a mix of games that you can find on this ,this or this list . OR for a snes,in condition and completeness as mentioned above + a dreamcast in good condition with its cables and optional-> some good games (must be complete and in great condition,NO sports or kiddie titles) . i can pay up to 80$ (shipped) .i'm in Greece.
  10. 1) a CIB Funtech Super A'Can (also the 3 games that i own for) 2) my Atari Lynx collection which is still growing 3) my "fat" playstation 2 which works flawlessly for 10 years now ,i haven't even cleaned the lens yet 4) my Sega Game Gear collection,it's still quite small but growing (i try to purchase separate games and not lots) and last but not least 5) a pirate copy of Phantasy Star 2 for sega megadrive,just for the chick on the picture
  11. a small update i'm looking for a very detailed/high resolution scan of the double dragon manual (as close as possible to the original in regard to clarity),my copy of the game came with a color leaflet about "future" telegames releases but no manual
  12. or a high resolution scan in order to print one
  13. but i got the original version (it's a cardboard box just like the other official releses) ,not a rerelease ... ( btw why atariage don't have the manual in the lynx database? )
  14. ........................................................... :-o and it was sealed well,i had to pay more than 35 dollars but now i have it in my collection . ( mine came with a telegames leaflet only...didn't they released a manual for the game? )
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