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  1. Gamevaluenow.com collection tracker might not have the really obscure stuff you mentioned but its the best Ive found
  2. Hi everyone, I'm trying to see if I can get some help with questions I have about trying to construct components of a 2600 portable. The backstory is I'm taking a manufacturing class where one of our two main projects is to design a PCB and have it produced by a fab house for testing. The focus is really on using the design software rather than coming up with some original hardware. Most are doing simple things like FM receivers and such but I wanted to do something more interesting. I tried following the Ben Heck hand soldered video but he only really showed him fitting the main IC's on a protoboard and didn't really show or have any schematics for the rest of the design. So I found the schematics here on atariage and am trying to eliminate as many "unnecessary" things as I can to get it as small as possible while being able to show base functionality of turn on, get video out, control the game. So Ive eliminated the second controller, difficulty switches, and channel select switch. Ive also intended to replace the video circuitry with this design Which brings me to my questions: 1. Will that design eliminate the need for all of the original circuitry? The new design doesn't have any connection to the Vblank pin on the TIA, is that at all needed when converting to composite video? 2. The next question being can I use just 1 audio out pin or should I bridge them as in the original design? 3. Is there anything else I can eliminate and still retain the ability to just fire it up and playing a single game? 4. Im not familiar with all the notation used in the schematic. There is a notation that says 5v sources with a line to both filled in and non-filled in triangles but is there a reason why some are colored and some are not that Im missing? There is also a symbol next to the capacitors that I haven't seen before on the bottom left of[ the same image kinda looks like a piston Sorry for the long post but any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks
  3. There's always these if/when they are back in stock https://steelsticks64.com/?product=stealsticks64-module-early-adopter-pack
  4. Just throwing out the information. Metallica has 10 albums. Cliff played on Kill'em All, Ride the Lightning, and Master of Puppets, he died on the tour of Puppets. Jason played on Justice
  5. Depending on the company, the website and brick and mortar are essentially different companies. I know advance auto parts is like that. You can save a ton of money ordering to pick up in store vs just walking in and buying it. The employees are not supposed to price match the website at all, people have to do it the online way even if they are holding the product in their hand, in the store, they have to use the website to get the price. It makea for some interesting interactions.
  6. I got a handfull of Switch games at my local TRU for 40% off. A few games were exempt like Zelda and Skyrim. They also started to mark down their Legos which were intially thought to be sent back to the vendor( i have a friend working there so I hear whats going on) my local store is farther along the closing process compared to most though
  7. I know this thread is a little old but the kickstarter is in its final days and it's something I think is really cool and interesting. Its the first kickstarter Ive back and hope the make their new stretch goal of memory mapping. Edit: woops I thought this thread was about the NES Maker program. My bad. This is what I was talking about https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1316851183/nesmaker-make-nes-games-no-coding-required
  8. This is my first time posting on this site I think, been lurking for many years though. Ive been trying to self mod my own 2600 and found your post. Ive used the AV mod found on instructables which is a quick mod but like you said is not the greatest. So I would like to try your version here and just a a question or two. First looking at your two stage design you have the cap marked as zero and I also don't see one on your board so Im assuming its no longer used but not sure if Im missing something. Also could you show where on the board that brown wire is connected? Thanks
  9. He just got a hell of a deal for CIB there are people offering $250 alone for the manual all over the place
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