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  1. What is the fascination with steelbooks? They always seem so out of place. They don’t blend well with the rest of the library, not every game gets one, they usually don’t have spine Info. I dont get it
  2. I try to keep this updated as much as possible. I check it every two weeks or so. This may not have everything you want as I only track stuff for the US but hopefully it helps a little https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18UCeKB0rLMvko4ZJjxm665hbqjpoD-7bxjX0i7OkKyU/edit
  3. Dam, you seem like the perfect person to attract more people to participate in a hobby and help it grow. Oh and you dropped the keys to the gate your keeping. Chill out man, obviously I struck a cord or something with this Amico thing. Yea I rarely post but am aways around reading things here. Is that a problem? I can’t occasionally decide to throw a comment out there?
  4. Honestly I was never that interested to begin with, but Im surprised to see how much interest there still is. This thing just seems like Coleco Chameleon 2.0 to me
  5. I only have one. I cant bring myself to get another at current prices especially having only spent like $70 on the original.
  6. Other than the air hockey everything else looks like ticket games. I live in Northwest NJ and I'd rather dive the 7 hours to Funspot in NH over the two hour drive to Atlantic City based on the arcades
  7. There are two that come to mind. Theres an area in Breath of the Wild, I think near Terry Town, thats has a forest of what looks like white birch trees and the leaves are all brown and orange. Very autumn looking. Similarly I had once found a planet like that in No Man’s Sky very early on and it became my home planet. But then after a bunch of updates it was gone. Was really disappointed. I have a thing for autumn scenery
  8. I was thinking of picking a few of these up when I catch them on ebay. Does anyone know if the N64 one will fit the Pikachu edition since it has a different footprint?
  9. I just looked up the rca/f-type adapter. I didnt even know these existed. But don't you lose sound with this adapter?
  10. Sweet deal for anyone near a Menards! For anyone not in range of picking it up at the store in person, after shipping and their processing fee ends up close to $50 unfortunately
  11. Ive spent more time then I would like to admit reading stuff from Gamestop employees. Theyre experiences with corporate/customers paralleled my own in my former job and I find the stories amusing. But back to the point, your ideal for them would actually have them go down faster. The percentage of their revenue from all that toy crap far outpaces their income from game sales and it has been that way for a while. It's seems to be a fairly concrete consensus of their employees that they would have gone out of business long ago had it npt been for them expanding into collectibles as much as they have. Unfortunately what you think (and I agree with you) would make for a better video game store is just not financially practical for a large corporate operation anymore.
  12. The Gamestop reddit talked about this a little while ago. It's an interesting place to read up on the shenanigans of how Gamestop corporate really screws stores over.
  13. Take a look at this for a possible solution https://www.lightgunverter.com/
  14. They have not done anything to fix the drift issue on new joycons as far as anyone knows. They all have the same likelihood of developing the issue
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