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  1. It's a lot of fun to play, albeit in short demo form with level balance incomplete. Mouse left/right moves one of the top/bottom guns left and the other right. Mouse up/down moves one of the side guns up and the other down. It's wonderfully intuitive, smooth as silk (at least on an Atari TT030 ), and requires the user to keep an eye on the whole screen. It could've been a great zone game had it been completed... As an aside: I made a demo game for my students years ago having the left / bottom 'guns' move in a similar fashion. I never got around to doing the top / right aspects like Jeff did (or maybe I did, but disabled it, it was a copy / paste / minor edit job). Now that I don't use that language or IDE, but will have to learn a few new ones this year, I may go back to making something similar in a tutorial for them (and me as I learn new languages).
  2. To reiterate what's already been said in this thread and to offer some clarification: It's not a complete swear word and Jeff intentionally stopped it with the explosion sound. There's a version called 'Rude Llamatron' where this sweary (and others?) play in full. This acknowledges that the original version of the game is self-censored. The above can be verified in online videos and historical reviews of the game from back in the day. If your kid recognises a shortened / edited version of a swear word, then I'm sure he's heard the full word in the playground or at home...I'm a school teacher, they know the words at a young age...it's knowing when it's appropriate (or not) to use said words that's important. I swear like a trooper IRL, but never in the classrooms where I teach for seven hours a day. Go figure... Volume control, checking a game out by doing parental due diligence beforehand etc. All that aside, it's an immensely playable game, you're doing yourself and your son a disservice in terms of learning gameplay skills and experience one of the best twitch/zone games ever.
  3. I find it crazy that they were still going with RF during the proposed release period (late 95/early 96?). Still, it was a transitionary period. Amazing work on this, I've not been on the forums for a while and probably will still be sporadic in checking in over the next month or two. But wow, great progress. I'm wondering given that all you've done thus far, would it be worth trying to reinitiate contact with the owner of the JagDuo shell prototype? It might impress him enough to either share more info/photos/dimensions, or (if he's truly out of the scene) be willing to lend or sell you the prototype. It might be worth trying to to wow him to coax him into sharing with you. I can only guess (probably incorrectly, probably too low ) how much such a project is going to cost the end user. Yet, for whatever irrational reason, I'm going to have to get myself one immediately upon release. Always loved the proposed design. More sleek UFO/stealth bomber than toilet.
  4. Does anyone have any problems with the keypad? Neither of my two reset at all when using asterisk and pound / hash. One of them has a problem with one of the numbers...either 4 or 6 I think. I havent pulled them apart to see if it is an easy fix, but I think I may have lucked out. Any suggestions anyone? I will contact Starwander ASAP to work out a solution. I would love to do an official review and publish it online plus side by side comparison with the originals but I would like to hold off until this is solved. That aside, they are amazing.
  5. Something I half vaguely and half clearly remember about Battlemorph. It pulls the audio in real-time from the CD but the audio is somehow mixed or miltiplexed or whatever the terminology is...anyway, thats what helps with the seamless transitions from when the player is on land and then underwater and then in tunnels. Hope that helps even if a tiny bit
  6. I did plug the Memory Track into the Jag without the CD back in the day. I hoped to find something secret and small, some Jag enhanced Pong or Asteroids game or something. All I got was the standard Memory Track interface. I suppose I should be amazed that it even worked haha
  7. Cheers for the reply. I knew those Artemis screenshots reminded me of stuff I had read and seen about 25 years ago! Many people seem to think that had Atari focussed on Europe things could have been a little different. I tend to agree too. Looking forward to seeing more vids
  8. A phone video of the game running would take less time to film and upload than these captioned BG images would take to create. I am genuinely more interested in seeing a progress video than sniping at forum members who are asking (quite sincerely, as I read it anyway) the same thing. I know, all good things come to those who wait, but I am personally looking forward to seeing something soon.
  9. A great looking project. FYI, doubt this would work with LLamatron because I believe that requires one stick / pad in each port. For this to work with LT, a second pad would need to to be wired in and a switch included to flick between TC and LT mode. I thought I posted this in the thread earlier but I must have forgotten to do so.
  10. Nice video. Very well put together and balanced A couple of things / questions: - Is Aretemis any relation to Power Crystal? PC was going to be on the 3DO M2. They look very similar. - That 2.5 million preorder in the EU is a figure Ive seen twice recently, and also back in the day. I do find it a bit unbelievable. Are / were there any sources other than Atari? - Rober(th) Martinez (if that is indeed who you mentioned toward the end) is problematic. Despite his enthusiasm, he doesnt even own a Jag and has caused issues with some people. He is KGRAMR. I will leave it at that.
  11. Ive wanted to know for a long time, but this has tipped me over the edge...what on earth do you do for a living Saturn? Something must fund these Jag purchases lol. Do you collect other consoles / computers? Although the Jag is probably one of my bigger collections, I have to balance it with getting games and peripherals for about 30 or 40 other consoles and computers (and handhelds).
  12. I do remember them being announced back in the day, but I think I only saw a mock-up picture not the final product. If you find the second one and want to sell it...
  13. I suspect its coded using the Oculus SDK. Not 100% on that. I think Minotaur Arcade Vol 1 is launching on Steam on Dec 21. It has VR support so I guess we will find out then.
  14. Agreed. Absolutely nothing against the other games, especially the 2D ones (and Towers 2 as well), but some of the 'best' times I had with the Jag in the mid/late 90s were with these three. IS2 is challenging but worth the effort to play and is very well made. Zero 5 is a very challenging and fast 3d version of 80s arcade games...flawed in parts but technically great and will up your skills to get beyond the first few levels...well worth the effort. Skyhammer is just shy of being a great mid-90s early 3D masterpiece. Yes there's bugs, yes the framerate is sketchy at times, but the multiple game modes and different ways of approaching the game give it depth that you'll go back to over time (even with the slightly 'dumb' opponents it's a deep game). Get all three imho
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