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  1. These games still should have a manual. I'm sure there would be plenty that could be explained. Have you ever seen Atari 2600 and Intellivision manuals? Some get extensive and are very important to know the information.
  2. No manual is very disappointing to me. Even a simple 4 page one like the old Intellivision or 2600 games came with would have sufficed for me. Otherwise they look ok.
  3. I'd there are no manuals I have no interest in these.
  4. I would think the Amico would be one of the better systems to QA for. No extremely long games to have to play all the way through.
  5. Good impressions Shaggy. Sounds decent enough.
  6. If they want new investments (which is a hard ask I think), they need to show some progress. Otherwise people are going to lose confidence...which we are already seeing. So I think they need to show quite a bit really.
  7. Maybe they or some other folks don't want you in the thread? unless someone is a moderator that's not our place to decide. People need to learn to ignore. Skip the post. Not learning to ignore in my opinion has caused a lot of the negativity around the console. And that doesn't help me get reimagined Imagic games!! And I haven't seen any yet which makes me even more sad.
  8. I don't know, it will be helpful to have more good than bad. There's a lot of work needed to change public perception.
  9. And this is why there are people so negative about the Amico. The constant attacks on any questions. This reminds me of trying to take back a TV to Best Buy when I was younger. Because so many people return things inappropriately, legitimate people returning something get crapped on. That is happening a lot in Amico land
  10. Wow...a lot went on here since I was last in. I can't even read the majority of this. Is it me, or does the Amico somehow attract the crazies for and against it?
  11. If you think Clubhouse games is bad, you are going to be very disappointed in the majority of Amico games. Seems to have a lot of positive reviews. My kids and I love it. https://www.metacritic.com/game/switch/clubhouse-games-51-worldwide-classics
  12. Papy, your viewpoint comes off as if you are an Amico investor. You would have done better as a Nintendo investor. Strange opinions.
  13. By the way the Atari 7800 is a great system. Lots of really good arcade ports focused on multi-player. But competitive and co op. The only issue it had was it was delayed many years and was obsolete by the time it came out. Really good system for families though. My wife especially enjoys co op Centipede.
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