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  1. God dammit Nintendo, did you seriously dump the Sony Playstation for the Philips CD-i? WTF is wrong with you?

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    2. 7800fan


      Nintendo gave too much to CDi as well. Or we would never have those crappy Zelda, crappier Zelda, and even crappier Zelda games for CDi

    3. D.Daniels


      Nintendo dropped Star fox 2 for the SNES, if they had released the SNES CD, would Nintendo have applied the same tactic come 95

      to give the N64 more impressive software

    4. Prosystemsearch


      The closest thing to to SNES CD anyone got was Satelliview, ando nly folks in Japan got it, because Nintendo was too DAMN CHICKEN to strike deals with any North American phone or Satellite company(EXAMPLES: Dish network, AT&T, and Sprint) Also,

      The N64DD should have either used more non-proprietary Zip Disks, or VCDs.

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