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  1. Can I get my status updates back? It's been years now.
  2. I dunno, being able to perform all your old scores, seemingly at will, and doing it live, is pretty impressive. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/298256478
  3. For some reason I thought I saw the Twin Galaxies arcade still open in the King of Kong movie, but I guess I must be confused.
  4. Billy Mitchell is playing on Twitch now: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/280533675
  5. Does anyone here know if the original Twin Galaxies arcade still exists in Ottumwa, Iowa? It's possible I might be able to take a quick detour there.
  6. Would a particular time of day be less crowded? What's the worst time, to avoid it? I'm not sure what day(s) of the week we'll be in town yet though.
  7. I'm not sure which one I meant. They both ring a bell, but I don't remember there being two. Which one is better? For sure there will only be time for one.
  8. Hey folks, I'm doing a road trip through some American states this summer. There are no classic arcades left in Canada, but I was wondering if I might be able to pass by any in the states I'm driving through (North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois). I think I heard there was a big one in Chicago, but I'm not sure how much time I'll have to go to it when I'm in Chicago, unfortunately. Thanks.
  9. I hate the Killer Instinct combo system, it's ridiculous and stupid.
  10. Woah, that Atari 8-Bit version sounds so C64ish.
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