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  1. I have decided to attempt the G7400 RGB Mod as described here. I have purchased all the required components on the parts list. Everything seems pretty straight forward except for one thing. A BC547B transistor is to go into 684 location on the PCB. See figure below. My question is how to orient the transistor (i.e. where to put the emitter-base-collector)? Can anyone help? This is the only thing I am hung up on at the moment.
  2. I'll take lowest number available. Thanks!
  3. I wonder if this is one of the defective Knightmare carts that did not get shipped back to team Pixelboy... eBay Link If so, this is a pretty messed up move.
  4. Code applied. Thanks again! I will give this one a whirl tonight.
  5. I have the parts list for the G7400 RGB mod (I do not own the scart-out version). Anyone else attempt it? Is it worth the effort? Any input would be welcome.
  6. Great news, that is one less thing to worry about. Thanks!
  7. For example, would one of these work? Power Supply
  8. I hope someone out there can help me with a question about general electronics and, in particular, the Videopac G7400 power supply. I live in the US and I recently imported a G7400 Videopac from Europe. I originally was going to get a voltage converter, but I was reading the import guide at this website and on step 3 there is mention of swapping the original power supply with a regulated 12V/5V US power supply. I am perfectly comfortable with the actual replacement, but I don't have the technical knowledge about electronics to ensure that I won't do anything really stupid and install an incompatible PSU. So my question is: Can someone give me some info or a link to a regulated 12V/5V US power supply that would be safe to use? Thanks!
  9. Sorry about the off-topic question, but "Stranger" is sold out. Are there any plans to make more carts?
  10. Couldn't agree more, Golden Axe was one of my all time favorites.
  11. rhcocker

    Lynx Multi Cart

    I don't want to miss out on this, so please put me down for one as well.
  12. I'd be happy with select re-releases with the old boxes as well.
  13. I agree completely! Please consider re-releasing some of your earlier games. Perhaps an interest thread ....?
  14. Here is a direct link https://www.facebook.com/rudyferrettis/videos/10205788821101554/
  15. It's there, just keep scrolling down. It is the 2 posts after you see donald trump.
  16. rhcocker

    Lynx Multi Cart

    Yes please when and where can I purchase one?
  17. From first post https://www.facebook...86/?pnref=story Scroll down a bit
  18. Bump. Updated my list. Thanks to all that have helped so far.
  19. WOW! First Leisure Suit Toby and now this. Good Work! I'll be watching this thread for sure.
  20. The Loon mentioned that this was an experiment and he wanted to see how the community would respond to a low budget production.
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