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  1. I use kijiji to sell my items intead of ebay since its free. User name is still the same. I am using this thread because chances are i wont find any hardcore gamers who uderstand the value of these on kijiji. The paypal account is the same one i've been using since 2006, its linked to my bank card so i won't be going anywhere if i sell this. I would post my paypal email, i just don't want people to spam it.
  2. My ebay user id is the same as my user name here.
  3. Ok images are up. I am new to this fourm but i have a paypal account and an ebay account where you will be able to see my record if anyone is interested.
  4. adid727


    neo geo bundle
  5. Hi i have a japanese neo geo aes system that i wanna sell. It comes with the large original controller pad, a neo geo memory card, a couple of games and the super MVS to SNK convertor II. the two games are: 161 in 1 cartridge MVS Temco World soccer 96 MVS I can sell all of them in a bundle for $700 us dollars, or i can sell them individually. I will ship for free to North america. Rest of the world would be for 50 dollars. PM me and we will discuss a deal. Thank you. Images are up.
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