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  1. The scary part is that she was typing before she was four months of age:
  2. Yes, I decided to keep the "In The Swamps" sticker on that one. The original owner was the SYSOPS of the Swamps BBS back in the 80's. I also have all the Swamps BBS disks. I may try to get it loaded and see what was in there. http://swamps.andrus...Bit-Systems.jpg Whoa! People care. Three of the systems were mine, the two clean ones were belonged to my brother-in-law. The SWAMPS was originally a modified AMIS, system #1, the 800, running Atari BASIC. Started up in late '81, maybe late '82. The missing keys because of the next msg. The 1200XL (system #2) was a BBS program that was all 100% my coding, running on BASIC-XL. In '86 it was running on the 130XE (system #3) running BASIC-XE, again all my own coding. Nasty coding. Guitarman may have on hardcopy of the AMPS program. It is useless. Line 1 says "LIST D:INIT" -- all of the strings and machine code and stuff was listed separate, ending with a "goto war". War was "WAiting Ring" The code may or may not be on one of the floppies. My BBS was *THE* fastest 1200 BBS. Other BBSes used files on the disk for messages, using DOS, Disk Operation System. DOS used the SIO, Serial Input Output. I use the SIO instead of DOS ... a quarter of a second less time every read of a message. One of the other messages said something about the speed of Atari BASIC. Atari only had about 10% of the computer market. Atari had over 50% of the BBSes. All other systems had to use machine code, compiled code, even on a 300 baud system. Only Atari could run in BASIC, even at 1200 bps. Atari BASIC was tokenized and ran at least four times than any other BASIC. Anyhow, it is nice to see that some people still want the old system. It was FUN. You could write from the bottom, just you, one person, no one else, compiled libraries, anything. The system was known, every bit, in "Mapping the Atari". I am happy so see that some people will use the stuff that I also enjoyed.
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