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  1. An Apple IIc with a Floppy Emu in Smartport HD mode.
  2. Success!!! The new move routine worked. Now I can start doing stuff with Page 1 and Page 2 using assembly. Just to consolidate this for future reference, here is all the code: 300:8D 50 C0 8D 5E C0 8D 00 C0 8D 55 C0 2C 0 C0 10 FB 2C 10 C0 8D 1 C0 60 BSAVE DISPDHRPG2,A$300,L$18 6000:A9 20 85 3D A9 40 85 3F A0 00 84 3C 84 3E A2 20 6010:B1 3C 2C 55 C0 91 3C 2C 54 C0 B1 3E 8D 05 C0 91 6020:3E 8D 04 C0 C8 D0 E9 E6 3D E6 3F CA D0 E2 60  BSAVE MOVEROUTINE,A$6000,L$2F 10 D$=CHR$(4): PRINT D$"PR#3":TEXT:HOME 20 PRINT D$"BLOAD MOVEROUTINE,A$6000" 30 PRINT D$"BLOAD DISPDHRPG2,A$300" 40 PRINT D$"CAT" 50 PRINT "ENTER DHR FILE1:": INPUT A$ 60 PRINT "ENTER DHR FILE2:": INPUT B$ 70 HGR:POKE 49246,0:POKE 49234,0 80 PRINT D$"BLOAD "A$",A$2000,L$2000" 90 PRINT D$"BLOAD "B$",A$4000,L$2000" 100 CALL 24576 : REM COPY MAIN $2000-$5FFF to AUX $2000-$5FFF 110 PRINT D$"BLOAD "A$",A$2000,B$2000" 120 PRINT D$"BLOAD "B$",A$4000,B$2000" 130 CALL 768 : REM DISPLAY DHR PAGE 2 AND WAIT FOR KEYPRESS THE DISPLAY PAGE 1 140 INPUT C$ : REM PRESS RETURN TO FLIP BACK AND FORTH OR Q-RETURN TO QUIT 150 IF C$="Q" THEN TEXT:END 160 GOTO 130 Eventually I will probably consolidate all the machine code together and BLOAD it all at once and just call the correct addresses for the various routines. Thanks again! Mike
  3. Using your original code to display page 2 now works to show page 2 with the applesoft code you provided: 300:8D 50 C0 8D 5E C0 8D 00 C0 8D 55 C0 2C 0 C0 10 FB 2C 10 C0 8D 1 C0 60 For Page 2, it is still only loading half of it. I tried both of these, and neither one did the trick: 6000:A9 20 85 43 85 3D A9 3F 85 5F A0 FF 84 3E C8 84 3C 84 42 A2 40 B1 3C 2C 05 C0 91 42 2C 04 C0 C8 D0 F3 E6 3D E6 43 CA D0 EC 60 6000:A9 20 85 43 85 3D A0 00 84 3C 84 42 A2 40 B1 3C 2C 05 C0 91 42 2C 04 C0 C8 D0 F3 E6 3D E6 43 CA D0 EC 60 With either option, Page 1 is corrupt (when loading different pictures each time). In both cases, page 2 only loads half the picture. Using this code, Page 1 looks correct but it is using $C054 and $C055. Page 2 still only shows half the picture correctly: 6000:A9 20 85 43 85 3D A9 3F 85 5F A0 FF 84 3E C8 84 3C 84 42 A2 40 B1 3C 2C 55 C0 91 42 2C 54 C0 C8 D0 F3 E6 3D E6 43 CA D0 EC 60 Sorry for all the problems. I wish it would just work already. Thanks again for your help.
  4. I eliminated some of the STA's and got the same result. I can see page two, but half of it is missing the picture information and my code causes a hang after pressing a key and returning to page 1. 300:8D 50 C0 8D 5E C0 8D 00 C0 8D 05 C0 8D 55 C0 2C 00 C0 10 FB 2C 10 C0 8D 01 C0 60 I suspect the move routine may need some work. I modified it to do 64 pages with a range of $2000 to $5FFF. I first bload the two aux halves into main $2000 and $4000, then run the move routine to put it in aux memory. Then I bload the two main halves into main $2000 and $4000. Page 1 is fine. Page 2 shows half of it. Here is the latest move routine code: 6000:A9 20 85 43 85 3D A9 3F 85 5F A0 FF 84 3E C8 84 3C 84 42 A2 40 B1 3C 2C 55 C0 91 42 2C 54 C0 C8 D0 F3 E6 3D E6 43 CA D0 EC 60 Are there restrictions with moving to AUX $4000 using the methods in the above move routine? Thanks again!
  5. Thanks again for your help. That explains a lot why I am having so much trouble. Unfortunately, I tried the above code and it appears to be showing Page 1 on my Apple IIc. I verified this by loading an image the old way, and typing call 768 and it displayed the page 1 image I loaded. Edit: I modified the code and got it to display page 2 this way: 300:8D 50 C0 8D 57 C0 8D 52 C0 8D 5E C0 8D 0D C0 8D 00 C0 8D 05 C0 8D 55 C0 2C 00 C0 10 FB 2C 10 C0 8D 01 C0 However, half of it is blank. I assume one of the STA's is wiping the screen or I am not loading it properly. Also, with my code, it returns to Page 1 and hangs waiting for a Control Reset to fix it. I will keep playing with it. Thanks again!
  6. I have been working on this for quite a long time since my last post. I totally understand how your machine routine works now, which is very cool, because it is helping me learn assembly. Also, I found a totally alternate and very simple way to load a DHR image to page 1 from my smartport hard drive. I still can't load anything to DHR page 2 and have it display page 1 and page 2 with separate images at will. The new way to load single images using page 1 without using the extra machine code is to use the Apple IIc /RAM disk. If you keep it empty, you can bsave a file with length $2000 and it will be the same as writing to AUX memory starting at $2000. So I BLOAD the first $2000 of the DHR file (A$2000,L$2000), BSAVE it to /RAM, DELETE it from /RAM, BLOAD the second $2000 of the DHR file (A$2000,B$2000). I tried several things to get Page 2 to work. I tried BSAVING a second file to /RAM, and I also tried BSAVING a single file that is $4000 in length to /RAM that contains the AUX data for image 1 and 2. Page 2 no matter what I do is always corrupt. Also, flipping between page and and page 2 has been challenging. I can do it really fast using the method here: http://www.battlestations.zone/2017/04/apple-ii-double-hi-res-from-ground-up_70.html but unless I do it in a loop, it won't switch the display back and forth. I also am wondering if it is displaying all of page 2 or just half of it, which is why it is always corrupt. Can you tell me the poke commands to display page 1 and leave it showing, and then the poke commands to display page 2 and leave it showing? Thanks again for your help, Mike
  7. Thanks Rob! I guess that means that I can use DBL Hi-Res Screen #2 exactly the same way I am currently using DBL Hi-Res Screen #1: Screen1: 1) BLOAD SCREEN1,A$2000,L$2000 (load first half of picture to Main $2000) 2) Call Move Routine to move Main $2000 to AUX $2000 3) BLOAD SCREEN1,A$2000,B$2000 (load second half of picture to Main $2000) Screen2: 1) BLOAD SCREEN2,A$4000,L$2000 (load first half of picture to Main $4000) 2) Call Move Routine to move Main $4000 to AUX $4000 3) BLOAD SCREEN2,A$4000,B$2000 (load second half of picture to Main $4000) I started playing with DHR Page 2 and I ended up having to do things quite a bit differently with my basic program to set up DHR so it could use two pages (using the initialization methods in the example program described here: http://www.battlestations.zone/2017/04/apple-ii-double-hi-res-from-ground-up_70.html). After poking the seven memory locations at the beginning of the example program, I can switch between the two DHR screens by poking 49236,15 and 49237,15. Unfortunately trying to bload a picture and use the existing move routine does not work when setting up the DHR screen this way, even with screen 1. I will dissect your code and see if I can rewrite it to work with this other initialization method with screen 1 and eventually screen 2. That is interesting that the vertical blanking is different with the IIc. Thanks for the information about that. In other news, today I got my 4x rom (and no slot clock) and it did nothing to help with the bug of bloading the smart port hard drive into AUX memory. I feel like it is the same issue you are referring to with screen 2 of double hires and the buffers. While it is in AUX memory mode, the smart port hard drive is unavailable (like the buffers). Do you think there is a way to copy all of the machine code routines that are used to access the smart port from main memory (from the ROM I guess) to aux memory at the appropriate memory addresses and then they would work while access AUX memory? I also think I discovered a new bug with my Floppy Emu. If I "CAT ,S5,D1" then "CAT ,S5,D2" I can no longer "CAT ,S5,D1". Using S5,D2 screws it up. Maybe, but I doubt it, this has something to do with my other issues trying to bload stuff into aux memory. Thanks again, Mike
  8. I checked out your movie player and it is quite impressive! It just keeps going and going. Also, I checked out your image loader with compression. Neither one works correctly on my Apple IIc. You mentioned the movie player would not work on a IIc. That is strange to me because I thought the IIc was supposed to be compatible with the IIe. The image loader is having the same issues I am having in this thread with the aux memory. I am really hoping the Rom 4x chip I ordered will fix these issues. I have my doubts. I think the IIc smart port functionality is somehow conflicting with the aux memory. I also ordered a no slot clock. Just an update to my original method with Screen 1... I got it to work with single files so I don't have to split the DHR images into two files. I bload the file,A$2000,L$2000, run the machine routine, then bload the file,A$2000,B$2000.
  9. Yikes, well that is sucky. You explained it pretty well, but just to make sure I understand, are you saying you can use Double Hires screen 2 in its entirety if you draw on it, but you can't bload to it (because temporarily bloading is using the $4000.5FFF for Prodos buffers also)? Then a workaround could be to always bload to screen 1, then you can move the data to screen 2 and bload to screen 1 again? If that is a case, a very slow movie player could be made with the following algorithm: Bload frame 1 to Screen 1, Copy Screen 1 to Screen 2, turn on DHR and show Screen 2 which has frame 1 on it Bload frame 2 to Screen 1, Show Screen 1 with frame 2 on it, Copy Screen 1 to Screen 2, show Screen 2 with frame 2 on it Bload frame 3 to Screen 1, Show Screen 1 with frame 3 on it, Copy Screen 1 to Screen 2, show Screen 2 with frame 3 on it and so on... This idea also could be used in general to always have nice graphics shown whenever manipulating the screen in the background. I will look for your other threads. At this point I need to figure out the following: 1) How to show Screen 2 2) How to Copy Screen 1 to Screen 2 Also, I am getting more into the idea of using Assembly for everything. Do you have a good reference on how to create bootable disks that are pure assembly and let you have full control over the hardware (like how commercial games work such as King's Quest or Ultima)? If I did this I think I can bypass the problems of the Prodos buffers, but the very obvious issue with this is I would not be able to use the smartport hard drive as far as I know. I assume most of these use Dos 3.3 unless they show Prodos during bootup. Another option is to use CC65 along with Assembly. I have already started down this path and wrote my first somewhat complex program, but not with graphics or any real assembly yet, just peeks and pokes here and there. Thanks again for your help! Mike
  10. Also, I am thinking / wondering if my ROM version 3 is causing the issue. ROM version 4 is supposed to fix some bugs that ROM 3 introduced. I think I will go ahead and order a ROM 4x chip and see what happens.
  11. Just a separate idea in case this is a nice workaround. Is there a way to bload from machine code? Maybe it would not try to use the floppy. The tricky part would be passing it the file name.
  12. Looking at this page: http://www.battlestations.zone/2017/04/apple-ii-double-hi-res-from-ground-up_70.html It looks like $C054 is for page 1 and $C055 is for page 2, so it looks like your new code has something to do with page 2. I am not sure though. Ultimately what I am trying to do is bload a picture in page 1 and a different picture in page 2 and be able to display either one. This is working now for page 1 with the old code and a 60 in $329. I just need to figure out page 2. Thanks again!
  13. Thanks again for your help! I am using Prodos. Using 60 at $0329 worked perfectly. When I changed the program starting at $0315, it no longer worked. It didn't affect Aux memory and left garbage on half the screen. Previously you had suggested a different program that worked for you but when you tried it on AppleWin you saw the issues I was having with it. It may be the same here. I am trying to follow what you are saying in the last paragraph. Can you use DHR page 2 from applesoft if you use the HGR in line 60 along with Poke 49234,0 or Poke 49235,0? I tried it but it just showed page 1. Also, I tried to create a routine to do the same aux move but on page 2 instead of page 1. I bloaded the code to $300 for page 1 and again to $330 to duplicate it for page 2. Then I changed $331 to 40 and $339 to 5F. I don't know if this is correct and/or all I need to change because so far I can't display page 2. I will read up on page 2 graphics and see if I can get it to display and then I can see if the routing is working. Thanks again! Mike
  14. For reference, here is my basic code to load the DHR image from the two file halves (I loaded the assembly to $6000 instead of $300) 10 D$=CHR$(4): PRINT D$"PR#3": REM TURN ON 80 COLUMN MODE 20 PRINT D$"BLOAD /HD/DHRPICS/DHRHDLOADER,A$6000": REM LOADS THE ASSEMBLY TO MOVE DHR DATA 30 TEXT:HOME:PRINT D$"CAT": REM LISTS THE FILES IN THE CURRENT DIRECTORY 40 PRINT "ENTER FILENAME:" 50 INPUT A$ : REM ENTER THE FILENAME WITHOUT .BIN OR .AUX EXTENSION 60 HGR2 : REM TURN ON FULL SCREEN GRAPHICS 65 POKE 49236,0: POKE 49246,0: REM ACTIVATES PAGE 1 AND DHR 70 PRINT D$"BLOAD "A$".AUX,A$2000" : REM BLOADS AUX FILE (1 OF 2 FILES) 80 CALL 24576: REM MOVE DATA FROM MAIN $2000 TO AUX $2000 - CURRENTLY DOES MUCH MORE THAN JUST THIS 85 PRINT D$"BLOAD "A$".BIN,A$2000" : REM BLOADS MAIN FILE (2 OF 2 FILES) 90 INPUT A$ : REM PRESS ENTER TO LOAD ANOTHER FILE 100 GOTO 30 To save the DHR files into two halves: BLOAD DHRPIC,A$2000 BSAVE DHRPIC.AUX,A$2000,L$2000 BSAVE DHRPIC.BIN,A$4000,L$2000 I could also then bload the .BIN file into A$2000 then BSAVE it again so it is bsaved to the correct location and I wouldn't need to specify it in my code. Also, I see there is an AUXMOVE routine as found here on page 18 of the PDF but I don't know if it will work and how exactly to write the assembly to use it in my situation: http://www.applelogic.org/files/AIIETECHREF2.pdf Thanks again, Mike
  15. Hello, I am back to working on this and decided that I wanted to also use page 2 of double hires so the above routine needs to be revised. Here is a brief recap of what we did before: Problem: bloading DHR files from the smart hard drive on my Apple IIc using traditional bload methods tries to read from the floppy drive when trying to bload to aux memory for no obvious reason. Current work around: Bload the whole DHR file with one bload command to $2000 - $5FFF, then use the above routine to move the data around to the right places in main and aux memory (first move Main $2000-$3FFF to AUX $2000-$3FFF, then move Main $4000-$5FFF to Main $2000-$3FFF). What I would like to do instead: Save the two halves of the DHR image to separate files ahead of time. To view the DHR image, bload the AUX file to MAIN $2000, use a routine to move it to AUX $2000, then bload the MAIN file to MAIN $2000. I got this working with the two DHR files instead of one already reusing the above code, but the above code is doing a lot more than I want so it is slower than it needs to be and has visual anomalies and still won't let me use page 2 of DHR. I tried replacing the end of the routine with 00's starting at $0329 so it wouldn't move the main $4000 to $2000, but it crashes to the monitor. I still don't know how to program in Apple II assembly, so I am not sure how to do what I am trying to do. There are notes on page 1 that explain the hex code. Can you or someone else help me modify the above code so all it does is move the data in Main $2000 - $3FFF to Aux $2000 - $3FFF? Thanks for your help! Mike
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