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  1. The Nightmare Spectre on PS1 Doom was simply a flag that was set that doubled a monster's health and gave them that negative color scheme. Theoretically you could flag any monster with the "Nightmare" flag in PS1 Doom and the same effect applies. That same flag could also be theoretically recreated for another version of Doom.
  2. This looks very cool! I've played the Speccy version via Fuse (and the GBA remake which is not half bad), and my 800XL does need some new software!
  3. Is there a SAP file of the music? I'd like to listen to it outside of the demo.
  4. Don't need a video upgrade for the 800; the video output from it is plenty solid.
  5. That's the one I was looking at! It's definitely a great looking expansion for the 800, but yeah, I've not had luck finding any as of late, at least not cheap enough!
  6. Asking on behalf of a friend: Out of curiosity, I was wondering if there are any expansions for the Atari 800, much in the vein of the expansions we have for the Atari XL/XE computers (RAM expansion, etc.) The Atari 800 maxes out officially at 48K RAM, which isn't enough for most of the homebrew games and such that target 64K+ RAM systems. I remember reading a long time back about some RAM expansions and such that do work on the Atari 800, but it's been ages and I'm wondering if most of that information is still relevant or not. One I remember reading about was the Incognito card (?), which gave the 800 a nice RAM boost. I *think* that was the name of it? (see what I mean by it's been ages? ) Anywho, can anyone point me to some good expansions that target the good old 800 computer that may still be available for purchase somewhere? I don't need anything like a SIO2SD or an Ultimate Cart; those are handled already.
  7. Would something like this be possible on Atari 8-bit as well? A Mega Man game on the Atari computers or the XEGS would be truly awesome!
  8. I can picture this being a Melody cart game on the VCS! And technically, Super Cobra *is* a Konami game...
  9. Can you make a SAP file of this so I can listen to it on my devices?
  10. Mappy for the 2600 looks absolutely crazy! Leave it to Champ Games to code up some awesome games!
  11. LambdaCalculus379

    Games! Games! Games!

    Carts and hauls for my Atari consoles!
  12. +1 on Bubbles, Zoo Keeper, Elevator Action, and Legend of Kage! All of those games would rock on the 5200! I especially would love to hear the music from Legend of Kage played on the POKEY!
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