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  1. RF14


    Why did the Atari Lynx fail? I mean, it sold 5 million copies, but the competitor Gameboy sold 118 million. Why such a huge difference?
  2. Wow. This game looks great but overpriced. $89 is a lot. You can find Atari 2600 consoles cheaper than this.
  3. Hey! I thought there is a #atariage IRC? I don't see one...

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    2. NE146


      I hang out in #rgvc and #vbender on EFNET along with Ze_ro and others. But truthfully there aren't much other AA people. e.g. RT gets freaked out if something isn't in a web browser. :P

    3. RF14


      Well neither of them work tbh

    4. NE146


      work? We're all here man. :)

  4. Congratulations on your new Lynx!
  5. RF14


    A while back I found a thread called "Time to abandon DASM" and now the link doesn't work. I've never been able to download it, so where can I download it now?
  6. Well IMO a shorter title is more appealing. Something like Defender II: Combat against the Evil Aliens is too long and doesn't really "fit". Something like Defender II: Alien Combat is short, simple and too the point.
  7. Wow I've never seen that. Must be rare but not as rare as Bounty Bob Strikes Back!
  8. Good find but do you have a link to the posting?
  9. Hey everybody! It's me, RF14, a big Atari fan, although I like any game during the classic period (y'know the classics from 1970-1990). I used to own a 2600, although I now have no idea where it is or if I even own it :P. Anyways, Hello fellow Atari-fans!

  10. There isn't no way I'm going to buy that. I found one (Atari 2600) for only $5 that plugs into the TV...
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