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  1. I'd love one for myself as well, I would hook it up to an Amiga 2000 and use it to work on new homebrew Lynx games.
  2. Very cool, thanks for bringing yet another game to the Lynx! I'm curious which language you have coded it in, I'd love to develop for the Lynx myself eventually. I think it would be cool if there was a collection of smaller homebrew games on one cartridge that we could buy.
  3. Yeah, I have Zaku and like it a lot. It reminds me of a Treasure game for the GBA a bit. I intend on learning 6502 ASM eventually anyway, but I'm pretty sure C is still a usable language for writing simple games on the Lynx. The recent Frogger clone "Little Green Quak Quak" is written in C, and I would be happy enough writing a game of that complexity for the Lynx. I don't know C yet either, having only coded in Amiga E so far, but I don't think it would be too hard to learn.
  4. I like quite a few Mac games from back when our family computer was a Mac and my only Amiga was a CD32. Now I play those Mac games on my Amiga 1200, like SimTower, Warcraft II, Theme Park, Prince of Persia II, Sim Farm, The Settlers II and more. The advantage of playing them on the Amiga is not only do they run at full speed (since there's no CPU emulation involved) but I can also multitask with several applications or games in AmigaOS at the same time. I'd recommend just getting a better Amiga than your A500 and use it to play games designed for both systems (and Atari ST too since that's another easy one for the Amiga to emulate).
  5. Such an amazing room, well done! It looks so comfortable, I'd feel right at home in there, especially with that Amiga A1200. I love how you have two TV cabinets for the different generations of consoles, and those carpet tiles look great!
  6. Such a nice looking game and an incredible feat for a single person, congratulations on your work! I would love to order a copy and play it but I don't have an Atari Falcon. I was wondering if you would consider an Amiga port? I think it would be possible to make a game like this run even on a standard CD32, if not then any AGA Amiga with 2MB or more extra RAM should be suitable. There are even similar games which run on the 1MB CDTV, and personally if I were to make a game like this (which I've wanted to do for years after being inspired by Myst and The Labyrinth of Time)I'd make two versions of the game for CD32 and CDTV on the same disc, the code would be practically the same but the graphics for the CDTV version would be reduced to 320x480 in 4,096 colours. Can you tell us what language you coded it in? I'm only curious because I like to consider how it would be ported to different platforms, it's something I'd like to do myself very much. I have a Playstation and Dreamcast as well so I'd be interested in purchasing the game for those platforms too.
  7. I have only ever programmed on the Amiga so far, but I'd love to program for the Lynx some day too. I love these machines, they were both ahead of their time and there is still plenty they can do today.
  8. A copy of Kung Food I had only had for a few days after buying it brand new in the box stopped working. It would load the title screen and go no further. I also recently picked up a second-hand copy of Blue Lightning and it only works sometimes, I have to insert it a few times before it'll work. I always clean second-hand cartridges when I get them with a pencil erasor, and often in the past it has fixed non-working cartridges. It didn't fix this Blue Lightning one, so I might see if removing part of the bottom of the sticker helps.
  9. My copy arrived today, I'm so happy! It's the best game, feels a bit like Treasure's Gameboy Advance games, I love the presentation! I only wish that Option 2 could fire the boot blasters like Option 1 does because I like to use the bottom fire buttons on my Lynx II in regular right-handed mode.
  10. I spent $25 on a bottle of this stuff to try and get the scratches out of my Lynx II screen, but unfortunately it just made the scratch show up a lot more when the screen was turned on, like it sparkles and refracts the pixel light behind it or something. It did help remove the mild fogging that was around the plastic though, but it just made the scratches worse which is disappointing.
  11. Perhaps the animated film would be more memorable than the original comic strip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGAt0GQ703U The game is one of my favourites on the NES but I have never finished it either.
  12. Atari Lynx Amiga CD32 3DO The CD32 didn't even get an American release because of the trouble Commodore was in at the time. All those NTSC models stayed in warehouses in Asia.
  13. I thought it was going to be a playable game projected onto the wall or something... this thing I could build myself for under $50.
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