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  1. Bump. Still selling stuff. I pulled my Mega Drive and Genesis games off of listing since I don't have a way to verify the legitimacy of some pricier games and I don't want to run the risk of selling a bootleg to someone without knowing.
  2. Bumpin' again, gonna be moving soon enough and I want to try and get the remainder of my games sold before then so I've lowered the prices a heck of a lot. I'm doing international shipping as well now, too. Thought it'd be difficult, costly, and annoying, but it wasn't actually that bad.
  3. New games added, prices lowered again. I'll happily accept offers since I really just want to get some of these sold... they've been sitting around for way too long :\
  4. For anyone here into the 32-bit era of 2D platformers, a friend and I have been developing one in that style called Necrolepsy. I posted a preview of the music, the whole Stage 1 theme. If you like it then please share it where possible, because marketing is a pain!

    1. GoldLeader



      And with a name like Necrolepsy I was expecting Death Metal! (Joke) Good job! It's very well done!

    2. Noah120
  5. After a work related hiatus I'm back! Still got a bunch of stuff for sale, feel free to DM me if you want to work out a deal on something
  6. Noah120


    Sold some Monster Xbox Component cables to him. Transaction was easy and smooth. Thanks!
  7. I don't need it... but I want it... ugh, the TAM is so cool looking. Good luck selling it dude. I know someone will love it!
  8. Noah120


    Can't believe I forgot to post a topic for this guy. Sold him two games back in February for $50 + shipping. Good communicator and all around nice to deal with!
  9. I've sold him games on two different occasions and it was smooth sailing both times. Thank you very much!
  10. Sold him a controller converter for PS1 a few months back, all went smooth and easy.
  11. Sold him a copy of Tatsujin (JP version of Truxton) and all went well. Fast payment and very kind. Thank you sir!
  12. Bump - changed some prices, added fresh new pictures. A new game or two added as well
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