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  1. Bump, new game added: Cyber Troopers Virtual-On - $8 (Saturn, JP import, slightly sunfaded manual)
  2. Bump, new games added: Sakura Taisen Monogatari - $5 (PS2, complete, import) Summon Night Ex Thesis - $3 (PS2, complete, import) Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash - $20 shipped (PS4, US limited edition) Ace Combat 3 - $6 (PS1, complete) AMOK - (jewel case + inserts + game only) Septerra Core - (jewel case + inserts + game only) Sub Culture - (jewel case + inserts + game only) Quadforce (4 game OEM bundle) - (game in cardboard case only) Prey 2006 - $5
  3. Bump, big price drops since I wanna clear space soon as I can.
  4. Sold him a copy of a rare SEGA title. Quick an easy transaction, very friendly and cool guy - thanks so much!
  5. Bump, added new things, PowerMac sold. I added a few NES games, three of which are CIB - pricing is... kind of a pain for them, I hope the price for Zelda isn't ridiculously high. Looking through eBay gave me a headache, so if anyone better on this topic knows what my copy is worth, let me know and I'll price accordingly.
  6. Don't have the cash for the game (or the Jaguar to play it on) but I can vouch for it being good stuff from a good developer! I did music for the sequel to this, it's fun stuff ^^ Hopefully someone can pick it up soon and give it a nice home
  7. Thanks!! I'm hoping someone goes for it, I have it pretty much ready to ship with a big box and a ridiculous amount of heavy duty bubble wrap (and styrofoam). Just waiting on the right person for it ^^
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