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  1. For anyone here into the 32-bit era of 2D platformers, a friend and I have been developing one in that style called Necrolepsy. I posted a preview of the music, the whole Stage 1 theme. If you like it then please share it where possible, because marketing is a pain!

    1. GoldLeader



      And with a name like Necrolepsy I was expecting Death Metal! (Joke) Good job! It's very well done!

    2. NoelleAmelie
  2. Anyone in the US interested in buying my copy of Kuon on PS2 for $180 + shipping (should be about $4)? Asking again before I might toss it on eBay since I just wanna sell the darn thing. It's complete and works fine.

    1. save2600


      Looks like about $1k less than someone else is asking for it on eBay, so $180 is a bargain! :-)

    2. NoelleAmelie


      What listing are you seeing at $1,000? I've seen some crazy people buy it for over $300 but never a listing at that much.


      I thought $180 seemed fair since the game averages around $250 .

    3. save2600
  3. Anyone know of any good places to list games aside from here, local sites, and eBay/Amazon? Trying to sell what I need to so I can buy the last few bits of music equipment I want but sales are slow. :

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    2. jd_1138


      Try the OfferUp ad on iOS and Android. In addition to CL, ebay, Amazon.

    3. onemoretime


      We have trade days down here. I ll usually set up a system, and sell all of my extras with a cheap console for the impulse retro buyers. Sometimes I don t even buy a booth, I just setup on my tailgate via an inverter and let folk play the games until someone buys. It always draws a crowd.

    4. NoelleAmelie


      @jd - I already use offerup, though I've never sold anything on it because everyone likes to do crazy lowballs.


      @onemoretime - never heard of something like that and I've never seen anything like it. Sounds interesting though!

  4. I thought about maybe buying an MT-32 since I wanted to play around with LA synthesis, and then I saw the prices are around $200 or more. They were just $100 a year or two ago, did YouTubers talking about them seriously raise the prices THAT much?

    1. Keatah
    2. DeathAdderSF


      You think THOSE have gone up in price, have a look at how the Roland LAPC-I prices have skyrocketed.

    3. NoelleAmelie


      I just looked at sold listings - someone seriously paid $1,000 for an LAPC?!

      What's weird about all this to me is that I don't think a lot of people even need a real MT-32. Lots of games, like ones from LucasArts, only use the original sound bank. I just finished Dark Forces on my SC-88 Pro in CM-64/MT-32 mode and it sounds exactly the same as a real MT-32.

  5. Bad luck with shipping lately... USPS lost a package, and now UPS has yet to deliver a package that's been out for delivery for 10 hours. This is the longest I've had to wait for a package from them :/

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    2. Jinroh


      Lame. Mine too has been troublesome. I got a package of gifts from Best Buy for the family and it was missing one of the items. I had to wait several days and 2 customer service calls. >_>

    3. jjh76


      That's nothing. One time I had a package that was "out for delivery" for over a month before usps dropped it off!


    4. ValkerieSilk
  6. Saw a JVC X'eye at a thrift store for $50 today... part of me feels like I missed out on a great deal, but the other part is telling me I'd never use it. Also, it costs 50 precious dollars that I could use to buy a game that I'd actually play, or a console I'd actually use.

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    2. GoldLeader


      I bought one and love it (even if I rarely use it)...And Yeah I paid way more than that for it!

    3. Jess Ragan

      Jess Ragan

      The X'Eye is a nifty system, and it's about as much Genesis as anyone would ever need (who needs a 32X, anyway?). But if you're not going to use it...

    4. RandomPerson


      JVC x'eye for $50 is a no brainer even if you hate the Genesis.

  7. Playing through Tomb Raider (1996) again for a review. Not having as much fun as I did the first time around, since I keep forgetting to save. Still a fun game though, just gonna remember to save!

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    2. GoldLeader


      My guess is PS1!

    3. Stephen


      Tomb Raider on JagCD - what am I missing?

    4. NoelleAmelie


      Playing the PC version with some patches to make it run with the PS1 music and in widescreen. Probably the definitive version of the game, aside from being capped at 30FPS.

  8. Debating as to whether or not I should buy a Component switcher. It'd be nice to just press a button and switch systems, but at the same time I'm basically paying $20 + power costs for convenience and slightly less (if not negligable?) wear and tear on my cables and TVs inputs.

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    2. BurritoBeans


      I recently bought one because the frontpanel composite/S-Video jacks on my TV decided to just not work and I hate swapping cables in the back - it's so much nicer for the $15 or whatever I paid

    3. GoldLeader


      I have 3 in different rooms...They're a must for multiple systems!

    4. Skippy B. Coyote

      Skippy B. Coyote

      I think I paid around $20 for mine a few years back and it was worth every penny. It makes swapping between systems a total breeze and has saved a lot of wear and tear on my back not having to lean over behind the TV to swap cables anymore.

  9. Well, I went through my collection yesterday and found a lot of stuff I don't need and don't really have the room for, so I added it to my sales thread. Didn't even know I had some of this to be honest http://atariage.com/forums/topic/247557-fs-n64-xbox-ps1-colecovision-2600-and-big-box-pc-games/

  10. Gonna ship a bunch of games off tomorrow to a user here, got paid two days ago. Feels nice to be able to sell some games I don't want and get more PC stuff!

    1. icemanxp300


      I'll take them!

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