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  1. Sold him a copy of a rare SEGA title. Quick an easy transaction, very friendly and cool guy - thanks so much!
  2. Bump, added new things, PowerMac sold. I added a few NES games, three of which are CIB - pricing is... kind of a pain for them, I hope the price for Zelda isn't ridiculously high. Looking through eBay gave me a headache, so if anyone better on this topic knows what my copy is worth, let me know and I'll price accordingly.
  3. Don't have the cash for the game (or the Jaguar to play it on) but I can vouch for it being good stuff from a good developer! I did music for the sequel to this, it's fun stuff ^^ Hopefully someone can pick it up soon and give it a nice home
  4. Thanks!! I'm hoping someone goes for it, I have it pretty much ready to ship with a big box and a ridiculous amount of heavy duty bubble wrap (and styrofoam). Just waiting on the right person for it ^^
  5. Please excuse me, tiny brain not working 😕 I'll have the post edited with it in a second. EDIT: done, thanks for reminding me! I think I'm a bit exhausted and not thinking straight after a good few days of moving stuff and doing things.
  6. Hi all! I went and made a new topic for myself here since my old one was under an old name, and hadn't been bumped in a year (oops). Family's moving and I have a bunch of stuff sitting in boxes to sell - I've tried to price well below eBay here, and I'm open to bundle offers. I'd like to get it gone as soon as possible. PayPal payment preferred for safety on both of our ends. I'm located in the US (Washington, specifically) and prefer to ship in the states, but international is OK too - just bear in mind there will often be major delays and higher costs. Some games are pending sale because people are interested in buying them - I've had people skirt out of purchases (no shame in doing so unless you're that one guy who kept promising payment then dropped out after 10 days), so I'm leaving them here just in case. If you're interested, please DM me and you'll be next in line to get it if the previous buyer drops out. DM for pics, and/or with a zip code for shipping estimates! Some games have flat rates since I have a rough idea of what they'll cost on their own. Misc: Pathway to Glory - $7 (N-Gage, opened but has original plastic wrap) Pocket Kingdom - $15 (N-Gage) Diamond GC1000 Capture Card - $10 (card only, uses USB type-B cable for data and power - works on Windows 10, no macOS) Nintendo: C.O.R.E - $65 shipped (DS, complete) MechAssault Phantom War - $12 shipped (DS, complete) Glory of Heracles - $7 shipped (DS, complete) SEGA: Sub-Terrania - $8 shipped (Genesis) Elemental Master - $70 shipped (Mega Drive, JP import) Granada - $20 shipped (Mega Drive, JP import - wear on cartridge, sunfade on side of box) Sony: Lethal Skies - free with purchase (PS2, disc + case only) Armored Core 2 - $4 (PS2) Armored Core 3 - $7 (PS2, front artwork and disc has store stickers) Dragonball Evolution - $1 (PSP) Ape Escape - $15 shipped (PS1, replacement jewel case, missing back insert) Tomb Raider I - $5 (PS1, greatest hits) Tomb Raider III - $5 (PS1, sunfaded front artwork, cracks to jewel case) Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzen - $5 (PS3, import, the Best re-release) XBlaze Code Embryo - $5 (cart only) Dragon Age Origins Ultimate - $5 (PS3, complete) Dragon Age II - $3 (PS3, complete) Valkyria Chronicles - $3 (PS3, complete) PC big box: Battlezone Gold Pack - $15 X-Car Experimental Racing - $5 Heavy Gear II - $5 or $22 PC Small box/DVD: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 - $1 (small box, CIB) Tribes Vengeance - $1 (small box has wear on back) Quake 4 DVD - $1 (sleeve is worn) Medal of Honor 10th Anniversary - $1 (case is worn) MechWarrior 4 Clan Mech Pak - $1 (new in case) Command & Conquer The First Decade - $1 Command & Conquer 3 - $1 (UK version) Elder Scrolls Oblivion Game of the Year - $1 Tomb Raider Anniversary - $1 Wing Commander Prophecy - $1 (jewel case game in replacement DVD case) or $10 for all PC jewel case: $1 each Demons Gate - (jewel case + inserts + game only) Freedom Fighters - (jewel case + inserts + game only) Rainbow Six Rogue Spear + Expansion - (jewel case + inserts + game only) Earthsiege 2 - (jewel case + inserts + game only) Cyberstorm - (jewel case + inserts + game only) Army Men - (jewel case + inserts + game only) Havoc - (slipcase + inserts + game only) Supreme Commander - (jewel case version) Ghost Recon + Expansion - (cardboard version) Star Wars Battle for Naboo - (jewel case release) Star Wars Jedi Knight Dark Forces II - (jewel case release) Quake II - (jewel case + inserts + game only) Red Faction - (2 CDs + jewel case + back insert only) Thexder 95 - (jewel case + inserts + game only) C&C 95 - (game in bootleg generals case only) Star Trek TNG The Final Unity - (jewel case + inserts + game only) Urban Assault - (replacement jewel case/back cover + original manual + game) Outlaws - (jewel case + inserts + game only) Scorcher - (jewel case + inserts + game only) Heretic II - (jewel case + inserts + game only) Privateer 2 - (jewel case + inserts + game only) Fury3 - (jewel case + inserts + game only) MechWarrior 4 Vengeance - (jewel case budget release) or $15 for all or $40 for ALL PC games not pending Microsoft: Enclave - $1 (Xbox) Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare 2 - $1 (360) Xbox Live Arcade Unplugged - $1 (360) Hunter the Reckoning - $1 (Xbox, game only with jewel case and reprinted art) Armored Core 4 - $3 (360, disc with replacement case and artwork) Akai Katana - $22 shipped (360, complete) Crimson Skies - $1 (Xbox, sunfaded spine) Halo - $4 (Xbox, CIB, not GOTY or Platinum Hits) MechAssault - $2 (Xbox, CIB) MechAssault 2 - $2 (Xbox, CIB, warped cover)
  7. Bump. Still selling stuff. I pulled my Mega Drive and Genesis games off of listing since I don't have a way to verify the legitimacy of some pricier games and I don't want to run the risk of selling a bootleg to someone without knowing.
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