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  1. Here's a review of the Street fighter 2 cocktail table : http://nicole.express/2019/review-arcade1up-street-fighter-table.html later -1
  2. Replicade Street Fighter 2 review: later -1
  3. Machine is out, and reviews should be showing up on youtube. One is here: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/275757-budget-atari-and-capcom-arcade-cabinets-to-see-release-this-fall/?do=findComment&comment=4369474 later -1
  4. Arcade 1up Star Wars review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=datXs-GCwAI later -1
  5. I have had my Arcade 1up pac-man for a year now, and before I got the control panel protector,i know i put in 2 weeks of heavy duty (10+ hours a day), and it still looked brand new. I have a friend with a Street Fighter 2 machine, that he used heavily for a few weeks before getting his protector. His still looked brand new also. Depends on the person and how they play. I rest my wrists on the panels too. later -1
  6. and the namco mini compilation one uses MAME and arcade roms, and is the best out of all of them for those games, even though there are some genesis versions on there. later -1
  7. Honestly, the fact that's its playable is just an extra. I gave up on anything this small as being accurate or playable for periods of time, they are just for showing off in collections. The myarcade portables and mini units are actually worthwhile for the cost. later -1
  8. a glimpse of the new black cocktail tables, and also a tiny bit of star wars gameplay at New York Comic Con 2019 later -1
  9. You just keep pressing one of the buttons to add credits. later -1
  10. Unboxing and playing TMNT (yes, she didn't remove all the protective covers, its in the comments): later -1
  11. I might buy it, but would probably never play it. The controls on the side are too painful to think about using. later -1
  12. Building one is much cheaper. But then you go down the illegal licensing route. UNLESS of course, you use a console, with licenesed versions or a pc with the same. I looked into the costs, and it was cheaper to build your own, but a lot more hassle. still thinking about it. later -1
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