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  1. Its not that hard to do scrolling mazes, and color palette changes. Maybe the music was the hardest part. later -1
  2. The Rampage movie actually made sense, concerning the plot, and putting all the videogame references in it. Mortal Kombat movies have had their ups and downs, but the animated ones are very good, as was the webisodes. The new movie might be ok. later -1
  3. review of giant atari joystick: later -1
  4. I'm not sure it needed any updates. I've never updated mine. Also, just keep looking on ebay, or amazon, how much cheaper do you want it to get. That's pretty cheap already for what it does. later -1
  5. When compared to prosumer, and arcade quality, the price is always the factor. If you spend more, you're getting a hopefully much better product. So Glen's will fit the more budget conscious consumer, with good quality hardware. later -1
  6. ninja turtle - tiny arcade review: later -1
  7. There are always several on Ebay, but I wouldn't pay more than $200 for them. Some are around that price range. later -1
  8. Both functions, art piece, and playable. later -1
  9. switcher for 4-8 way coming for tron joystick, but can be used for others: later -1
  10. they won't put that many games on the countercades. get the partycade instead, most have 8 games on them, better larger screen, more room for the controls, and a much better price for value. only problem is that some games have control issues, especially the trackball ones. later -1
  11. Just checking back to see how things are going. Any progress. later -1
  12. the giant atari 2600 is out, but $150 is too much, there's a pac-man one too.. Centipede Millipede Asteroids Asteroids Deluxe Lunar Lander Major Havoc Breakout Missile Command Tempest later -1
  13. capcom has different licensing rights for asia, europe, japan, and north america. happens with all their games. later -1
  14. excellent as always, i don't think i can get the timing right. but its amazing, even getting the fruit on the 2nd rock drop at the end of some of the levels. master playbacks.. later -1
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