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  1. I don't know what emulator you use to get malware. I've been using them since the 90's and have never had an issue. Streaming isn't any more convenient. You can find emulator on any pc, tablet and mobile device. later -1
  2. Yes, you should be worried. They don't make too many, and street fighter is very popular. I've been looking for a centipede one, and they are $300 and up now. oh well. later -1
  3. Looks like Asteroids is for real. Just got a shipping notice: Great news —your package is on its way! You can always visit ----for more info. Tracking info may not be available until the next business day. Items from one order may arrive on different days. If an item is not listed below, it hasn't shipped yet, but we'll send another email when it does. Is this a gift? Product may arrive in manufacturer packaging and may display brand name and contents.📷📷📷Order Number: 6825627285📷📷📷Order Date: 10/21/20📷📷**Item(s)**📷📷📷📷📷📷E234105Arcade1Up 8 Game PartyCade Portable Home Arcade Machine /Asteroids849📷Quantity: 1 $199.96 Carrier: UPS later -1
  4. Not defending nintendo, but they've been a toy company since 1965, and into videogames since 1975, so it's not like they're newcomers. later -1
  5. If i ever find one at a reasonable cost, (not $500 or $1000), i will buy one out and try it. I doubt I could last the 4-5 hours it takes to max it out, like the real game. I have done that several times this week on the arcade 1up, and several of the xbox 360 versions. If i could last longer than 5 minutes on it, i would be amazed. later -1
  6. I think you proved my my point. I should have said, I don't have miniature hands. If I was a child i guess it would be fine. But i doubt i could barely put a finger on the trackball. For tempest, they included a larger spinner, because the normal one was too tiny. later -1
  7. Maybe people will get the damaged Asteroids, and use that as practice to restore it back to normal for fun. These machines are not for playing with. They are for collectors that only want them for looks, and put them on a shelf. The miniature size and controls makes it impossible to play properly. That said, someone did manage to get the killscreen on pac-man. I'm sure their hands were damaged from all the cramping that would occur. later -1
  8. I'm sorry, but the overhaul version looks terrible, with the blue moulding, and the cigarette burns. Like i would want a crappy looking version for that much money. No thanks. I'll stick with the arcade 1ups and their terrible controls (which can be replaced), looking forward to the asteroids partycade. later -1
  9. Just ordered the Asteroids one, with warlords and avalanche, also ordered glenns spinner V2: Your method of payment for this order is PayPal.📷📷📷Order Date: 10/21/20📷📷**Item(s)**📷📷📷📷📷📷$199.96Estimated Delivery Date:📷10/31/20📷Quantity: 1📷📷📷📷📷📷📷Subtotal: $199.96📷📷Shipping & Handling: $0.00📷📷Tax: $16.50📷📷📷📷📷Order Total: $216.46📷 Is it really going to be out at the end of this month. later -1
  10. 2 New US 8-1 partycades in US: $200 free shipping from QVC https://www.qvc.com/Arcade1Up-8-Game-PartyCade-Portable-Home-Arcade-Machine.product.E234105.html?sc=SRCH Relive your glory days of afternoons at the arcade with this Partycade arcade machine! Designed to be mounted on a wall, hanging over a door, or sitting on a table, this sweet setup features eight classic games and comes complete with original artwork and coinless operation (every kid's dream!), adding the ultimate cool factor to your finished basement, man cave, home office, or dining room (we won't judge). From Arcade1Up. Includes Partycade Arcade1Up machine, mounting hardware, and power cord Eight games included Pacman: Pacman; Super Pacman; Pac n Pal; Galaxian; Galaga; Dig Dug; Xevious; and Mappy Asteroids: Asteroids; Asteroids Deluxe; Tempest; Super Breakout; Lunar Lander; Gravitar; Warlords; and Avalanche 3-in-1 design: wall mount, hangs on a door, tabletop 17" color LCD screen Real feel arcade joystick and button configuration On-screen game selection menu Coinless operation Adjustable volume Original artwork Clear deck protector Measures approximately 28.75"H x 7.5"D x 18.5"W; weighs 27.5 lbs UL listed; 90-day Limited Manufacturer's Warranty Imported later -1
  11. looks cool: https://www.atari.com/atari-mini-pong-jr-brings-the-classic-pong-arcade-experience-to-homes-for-holiday-2020/ Iconic Brand Atari® Joins Forces with Leading Entertainment Device Manufacturer UNIS and Long Term Partner in this Market, Arcade1Up, to Launch New PONG®-Inspired Small-Form-Factor Retro-Arcade Device in Asia, North America, and Additional Markets NEW YORK, NY (October 20, 2020) – Atari® — one of the world’s most iconic consumer brands and entertainment producers — in collaboration with amusement and entertainment device manufacturer UNIS Technology Ltd.today announced the Atari Mini PONG Jr., a new home arcade device based on the classic PONG® arcade game. The stylish small-form-factor digital Atari Mini PONG Jr. gaming device will arrive in time for the holidays in North America and Asia. The Atari Mini PONG Jr. from UNIS allows players to experience PONG in a whole new dimension, bringing a high-tech yet retro ‘80s arcade experience to the home living room. The Atari Mini PONG Jr. measures just 30-centimeters in length and is outfitted with an LCD screen, fitting perfectly on any table surface. The device features single-player play against an AI, 2-player local multiplayer, retro arcade sound effects, and physical dials for players to control their respective PONG paddles. The device is powered by a USB cable and adapter; users can optionally install three lithium rechargeable batteries for portable play. The Atari Mini PONG Jr. launches exclusively online this holiday season. UNIS Technology Ltd. will distribute the Atari Mini PONG Jr. in China and Asian markets, while Arcade1Up (Tastemakers, LLC.) will handle North American distribution. Atari will soon announce details on pricing and pre-orders, as well as additional gaming devices. “We are delighted to collaborate with the creative minds at UNIS to create a new arcade-inspired PONG gaming machine for fans,” said Fred Chesnais, CEO of Atari. “Available soon online, the Atari Mini PONG Jr. is the perfect gift for Atari fans and collectors interested in experiencing the simple-yet-challenging gameplay of PONG in a tangible, more immersive way.” “We are extremely excited to be working with Atari on developing the Atari Mini PONG Jr.,” said Steven Tan, General Manager of UNIS Technology (Canada) Ltd. “We previously launched several PONG tables for the amusement coin-op industry in partnership with Calinfer, and those products have done exceptionally well. PONG is truly an incredible license. I am looking forward to seeing the Atari Mini PONG Jr. hit the consumer market!” Key Features of the Atari Mini PONG Jr.: Lightweight and compact in size Perfect for home, office, and on-the-go Play with AI or friends Ten AI difficulty levels Intuitive interface, simple to use controls 7.9 Inch LCD Panel Lithium Rechargeable battery (3) for portable use USB powered later -1
  12. interesting, billy mitchell at it again... i tried antstream for streaming, and it was terrible, so NO i won't challenge him... http://www.classicarcadegaming.com/forums/index.php/topic,7460.msg79855/topicseen.html#msg79855 Pac-Man Tournament: Legends, Billy Mitchell and Jon Stoodley Challenge the World - October 23-30, 2020 Instagram: See Video: Billy Mitchell Official Challenge - Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGiyB4Hn1fG/ Tournament held by Antstream (Ant Stream) Arcade - Join the Online Live Streamed Tournament: Quote https://www.antstream.com/tournaments Antstream Arcade Quote October 17, 2020 Video: Instagram Antstream Arcade Pac-Man Challenge Interview: Play Antstream Arcade interview with Jon Stoodley, Perfect Pac-Man Insagram Live: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGacCWGnKBK/ October 17, 2020 Video: Instagram Antstream Arcade Pac-Man Challenge Interview: Play Antstream Arcade interview with Billy Mitchell, Perfect Pac-Man Insagram Live: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGX3qw_HiyS/ Facebook: Antstream Arcade https://www.facebook.com/AntstreamArcade later -1
  13. That actually doesn't bother me, because there's always someone on amazon or ebay, that sells the whole collection, and it will be a lot easier to just get single ones, or all of them that way. later -1
  14. nice plexiglass sprites: later -1
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