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  1. I wrote an in depth review here: The sound is very substandard, and the controller A button broke after 1 week of play: overall value ------------- C- It is the arcade versions, and there are games that everyone knows and likes, however, the graphical and audio quality are very substandard. The controls do an ok job, but are not very good for people that want to get better. the only advantage is this is easy to play on modern day 720p HDTV with HDMI. later -1 T
  2. guess NBA JAM isn't as exclusive, here's the bestbuy link, (with a possible look at the light up control deck): https://www.bestbuy.com/site/cokem-international-nba-jam-arcade/6403685.p?skuId=6403685 later -1
  3. Update on these: "Final JAKKS GameKey JAKKS Pacific Namco 2-in-1 Pac-Man + Bosconian Gamekey ( https://youtu.be/Bd1NQHR3LYY ) This was the only known, but undumped JAKKS GameKey. I’ve had a lot of people ask me to add the ‘other’ Star Wars one (Catamaran Strike/Coruscant Fire Patrol) but that’s not going to happen as it was never released outside of artwork sent to the press, so obtaining it is simply impossible. This Namco key is less common than the other 2, but ultimately pointless to own because the other version of the same key has Rally-X added, which is actually an exclusive as JAKKS never used that version of Rally-X again. Still, it's good to be able to document what should be the full set of them." Full news about Plug and Plays here: later -1
  4. gamestop exclusive preorders are up: https://www.gamestop.com/video-games/arcade/products/nba-jam-wi-fi-enabled-arcade-cabinet-with-riser-and-stool/11100302.html https://www.gamestop.com/video-games/arcade/products/pac-man-40th-anniversary-arcade-cabinet-with-riser-and-stool/11100301.html https://www.gamestop.com/video-games/arcade/products/frogger-arcade-cabinet-with-riser-and-stool-only-at-gamestop/11100300.html later -1
  5. mortal kombat is coming to mame 0.219, A port of the game to SunPlus hardware, code appears to be based on / ported from the arcade version, not any of the existing home ports. This was released in 'with blood' and 'no blood' versions, which is controlled by a solder pad on the game PCB. A 2 Player feature required connecting 2 pads together (not emulated) later -1
  6. tiger handheld electronics making a comeback by hasbro: this one has a mention at the beginning later -1
  7. I love my rubiks touch, got it for $40 after the clearance. Still in mint condition and works perfectly. I'm not a speed cuber, so the limitations aren't an issue, and it looks really cool lit up. never had a problem using it or solving it either. a nice fun toy for cube fans, which i definitely am. will be getting the twist also, it's already been reduced to $15. later -1
  8. not a videogame, but a rubiks cube simulation, rubiks tilt: later -1
  9. Unfortunately, the HDMI video out is streaming also, which doesn't sound like it work very well. later -1
  10. Thats a good question, I would prefer a one player setup also. Maybe they modified their Legends Cabinet control panel to this form factor. I have a (Crappy) X-arcade stick which has a huge area below the buttons to rest your wrists on, so I get it. Well, until they release the specs, we'll have to wait and see if its deep enough. The width looks okay. later -1
  11. You're kidding, right. That thing looks huge. How much space do you need between buttons. more talk about it: later -1
  12. A very pandora's box game system, with 150 games, and a 4 way stick, and room for a trackball or others. later -1
  13. i never liked asteroids, or deluxe. too boring, and too hard. space duel was the perfect upgrade, and i loved the colors, and the shapes. it was a horribly tough game also. i don't think people could ever get past 250k, on defaults. the levels got to a certain point, and just stayed hard. just for fun, i played with savestates, and got to a million to see what would happen. of course much later, blasteroids came out, and i loved that game so much after spending tons of money on it, i actually bought the arcade machine, and still have it even today... later -1
  14. Akira, and Dural on Virtua Fighter 2. You could cheese your way through the game to beat them. But actually beating them normally, was one of the hardest bosses I've ever played in a fighting game up to that point. later -1
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