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  1. Arcade1UpOfficial - Giveaway Marvel Superheroes Cabinet - Facebook Page We are super stoked about our upcoming Marvel home arcade cabinet! So today, to celebrate the first day of Comic-Con, and the 80th anniversary of Marvel, we are going to give one away! To enter, please tag your own personal super hero in the comments below. We will randomly select one winner from all the comments and announce the winner this Sunday at noon. later -1
  2. emulation only gets you so far, and is only part of the story. the sensitivity and handling of the controller will make or break whether the game is worth playing and lives up to the original. later -1
  3. To reiterate : pocket player, NES version - yes you can find the cartride, so it isn't rare. as far as wikipedia goes, i never trust it - since most of their information is unverified and out of date, and incomplete, thats not a good reference for video games. all those compilations have 1 version of dig dug 2, and are a decade+ old. some plug and play units may have it also. however there are 2 versions of it, so it is rare, and doesn't show up on those compilations. its confusing. i know. i haven't played that game much until i got the countercade, and am now finding out about the variations, bugs (scoring stops at 1 million) etc, in it. later -1
  4. True. The NES version isn't that bad, but it differs greatly from the arcade version. The arcade version is incredibly rare, as it was just a conversion kit, and almost never shows up on compilations. It is on the myarcade namco multi unit though. later -1
  5. as previously mentioned, yes, thats normal: so board 16 is the first non-blink board, then 17, they blink for 1 second 18-20, they don't blink board 21-133(or 141) or 256 - you also slowdown a lot, and they don't blink. thanks for the mention to the previous posters. later -1
  6. the mini dig dug player is out now (will probably get it at some point): https://www.myarcadegaming.com/collections/featured-products/products/dig-dug-pocket-player Features fully playable 8-bit versions of the popular game DIG DUG™, along with its sequel, DIG DUG™II, and maze-filled game, THE TOWER OF DRUAGA™. My Arcade’s signature Pocket Player has a full-color display and is fine-tuned for hours of play through its emphasis on ergonomics and compact design. Features • 2.75" full color backlit display. • Ergonomic design for hours of comfortable play. • Compact size and included lanyard make for perfect on-the-go gaming. • Built-in front facing speaker, volume control and 3.5mm headphone jack. • Powered by either 4 AAA batteries or Micro-USB cable (not included). Games Included DIG DUG™ - Help DIG DUG™ navigate underground tunnels to eliminate the monsters. DIG DUG™II - DIG DUG™ is back to take on monsters that have overtaken an island. THE TOWER OF DRUAGA™ - Help Prince Gilgamesh navigate the mazes to save Maiden Ki from the evil demon Druaga. Includes Pocket Player™, lanyard and user guide. -------- NES Versions of course. Dig dug 2 is rather rare though. later -1
  7. another review of the atari handheld: later -1
  8. even the HSN network is in on it, but do they even know how to play: later -1
  9. Right, rolling thunder... i think i saw it on the multi namco one already. and yes the upcoming ones they haven't added to their year end list. But other than that. There's not really a hint of many more licenses that they have. later -1
  10. now that bubble bobble is out, that should be the last of all the titles announced. haven't seen any reviews on it yet. so not sure what they have planned after this. i like bubble bobble, but will wait on this to come down in price: https://www.amazon.com/My-Arcade-Bubble-Bobble-Player/dp/B07SXW9GJ4 later -1
  11. Heres a look at space invaders: later -1
  12. two reviews of new rally-x,: later -1
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