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  1. The proposal as it stands is that if we ask for pre-orders, that we will give an LTO Flash! ROM as a bonus to the person pre-ordering. Having an LTO Flash! is NOT a requirement to pre-order. If a person pre-orders and later gets an LTO Flash!, we will be happy to supply a free LTO Flash! ROM for the purchaser. ROM sales are not high enough to be an exclusive release method. Please keep in mind that the LTO Flash! ROM will only work with LTO Flash! and not work with emulators.
  2. In a perfect world, I would just be able to distribute the ROM unprotected. I have no plans to release unprotected ROMS at this time.
  3. Unfortunately, it is not true. If anyone would know if it was possible, it would be Joe. However, it probably would require a custom compile of Jzintv and have to be able to recognize the cartridge too.
  4. Please don't PM me with requests to be put on the list. Please don't express interest here if you've already done so on facebook.
  5. I'm working on the Elektronite website. Hopefully, we will have automated PayPal on there eventually. Right now, I'll be informing people here when the right time to pay is. I will also post the procedure here. I have people sending me private messages asking to be 'added to the list'. I'd rather people just say here so I don't miss anyone. If the games are distributed from Thailand, there will be one size fits all price based on one copy. If they come from the USA, we will have a price for the USA and a price for Canada and Europe. Anyhow, I will combine the facebook thread with this one to see where we are in a couple of days. Thanks for the support and understanding. I think Cmart has some experience with how much all of this costs to produce a release.
  6. Yes, anyone who pre-orders can get the free LTO ROM for their personal cartridge when they obtain one.
  7. I have the digital manual (The printed Elektronite manual will be different) for this game. The game is complete. We could begin to sell LTO Flash! ROMS for this game very soon. However, before we do that, I want to gauge the feelings of the Intellivision fan base on the following idea. Due to many reasons, mainly caused by the worldwide pandemic, we have not been able to box up and sell the 3 Kai Magazine games TNT Cowboy, Ninja Odyssey, and Anthropomorphic Force yet. The cost of printing has been prohibitive and frankly, our main focus has been on programming. In order for the developer to pay the rent and feed his children, most of our resources have been focused on keeping producing content rather than printing. I have an idea that will help us gain the needed capital to get the materials needed to 'properly' release the game. Pre-orders. Yes, I know that a certain individual somewhat wrecked the idea of pre-ordering a game in the Intellivision community. However, those pre-orders were for an incomplete or yet to be written game. This game is finished and ready to play. My proposal is that for people who pre-order the game, they will get a FREE LTO Flash! ROM encrypted for their personal LTO Flash! . Please be aware that I am not going to entertain any suggestions that the ROM be unprotected for use on emulators. Not going to happen. Sorry. We put far too much money into these games for them to end up on a ROM site. That being said, we would need about 100 pre-orders in order to have the box, manuals, overlays and stickers printed and to purchase cartridges for the games. My idea would be to collect the names of people willing to pre-order and then when we hit 100 copies, ask for payment and then get the materials printed and copies ready to ship ASAP. Please let me know your feelings below. Cost of the game would be $70 US plus shipping/PayPal fees which would vary depending on where the game is distributed. This has already been posted on facebook. Please do not express interest HERE if you've already expressed interest on the facebook Intellivision Invasion group. Here is a video of the game play for those who are not familiar with the game. Just because we are giving away a bonus LTO Flash! ROM does not mean that you are unable to pre-order and help make the release happen. The ROM is a 'bonus' not a requirement.
  8. When shipping to Canada re-opens I can sell copies.
  9. Elektronite games that include Intellivoice support are: Hover Bovver Steamroller A.F. Robot Army (in development) Star Mercenary (in development) Non-Elektronite release Rick Dynamite
  10. I experienced the demo too running at the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. I think it was around 2004.
  11. Kai Magazine and Elektronite are working on a kick ass space game.... 🙂 I have to write the manual for 'A Tale of Dragons and Swords' soon.... I wonder who is writing Spy Hunter as it is obviously not Dr. Ports.
  12. Copies will go on sale as soon as mail service in my country returns. Keep an eye out on www.elektronite.net for information on availability.
  13. I never said it was the customer's fault. You're putting words in my mouth. They tend to come off. They can be easily fixed with a swipe of a glue stick. If that's not good enough, you can print your own. File attached. Hover_Bovver_Sticker_PDF.pdf
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