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  1. Customers in Asia and Oceania may contact Elektronite to purchase LTO Flash! at [email protected] Please contact Left Turn Only or Good Deal Games if you are in the USA, Steve Jones if in Canada, and Pascal Bernard if in Europe.
  2. I really appreciated the gesture, but still think it was overly generous. Thank-you for the very nice surprise.
  3. No, let's not. Bringing the LTO Flash! to the attention of eBay is not a good idea for people who wish to sell their units on eBay in the future. There are issues with these devices being sold on eBay or being paid for with PayPal. Let it slide under the radar for the interest of the community.
  4. It was shown at Gamescom 2019 in Germany and released at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo in 2019. Copies can be obtained at the Blue Sky Ranger store here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/303846402694
  5. The original Keyboard Component, not the ECS. Although, apparently, the printer worked with the ECS, and the Aquarius as well.
  6. I think that the general use of 40 column printers 'back in the day' was to print out basic listings of programs. Some people prefer to debug programs on paper rather than on a terminal. I believe (pretty sure) that the Aquarius printer was the same printer that was used with the Keyboard component, just rebadged. Perhaps there were cosmetic differences. I don't know for sure.
  7. INTVPC was written in Borland Pascal and it is a Dos based program. After the preview, came a couple of 3 game 'packs' that also advertised the coming Intellivision Lives! CD. If I remember correctly, the emulator worked on my 386 DX 40. I was playing baseball with hand controllers on my 486 when people were saying that an Intellivision emulator didn't exist. Lots of fun dumping all of my cartridges and borrowing every one that I could get my hands on with the cartridge dumper that Scott Nudds (Boulder Dash) created.
  8. I voted for Wizard of Wor. You should have voted for whatever game you liked best.
  9. From my memory, I recall that the Intellivision was based on the GI Mini (Gimini) video game system but there was no way to modify the graphics. The Intellivision is basically the GI Mini with a custom controller and a way to program custom characters.
  10. Australians and people in S.E. Asia will soon be able to purchase copies of LTO Flash! from me...
  11. No, the ROM can be either encrypted for ONE LTO Flash! cartridge, or ALL LTO Flash! cartridges. Since one could sell the cartridge and it comes with the games, we sell one rom per cartridge.
  12. Please email your request for a 'complete in box' copy of 'A Tale of Dragons and Swords' to; [email protected] We will put you on a list to be notified when we produce more copies. If we do a preorder of 'Cat Attack!!!' and 'Star Mercenary', we will be giving a few months for people to reserve/pay. If we don't do a preorder, we will make the release widely known on various platforms.
  13. Only ROMS of 'A Tale of Dragons and Swords' are being sold at this time. Elektronite does not yet have the ROMS for the new 3rd run of LTO Flash! units. If you just got an LTO Flash!, that is almost certainly from the third run. We will not be getting ROMS for those for another month or so. The ROM for 'A Tale of Dragons and Swords' is currently on sale at $15 US (final cost) down from $20 US plus PayPal fees. If interested in a ROM, please email; [email protected] with your DRUID (Unique ID) which is a 32 character HEX number found in the GUI or on an information screen in the cartridge itself. It is NOT the serial number on the box ie: LTO-04-xxx We only need the first 5 characters of the unique ID, but it MUST be correct.
  14. Yes, that is the case currently. Some games require the JLP/LTO Flash! features, such as flash memory or extra memory or in some rare cases, added math functions. They can function in JZINTV but not in other emulators. We are considering releasing a couple of our roms for free, and we have the option of encrypting them to work on ALL LTO Flash! units. So, the point is, that you can tie a rom to ALL LTO Flash! cartridges, or individual LTO Flash! cartridges. Individually locked ROMS must be produced at Left Turn Only. To be clear, ROMS for ALL LTO Flash! cartridges must be produced at Left Turn Only as well, but there's only one ROM versus 900 or so.
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