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  1. Unfortunately, shipping in general worldwide is expensive AF. I just paid about $1 US per box for shipping alone from the USA to Thailand.
  2. Elektronite has re-printed the Hover Bovver cartridge stickers. We are making them available for free with your next purchase upon request. If you would like a replacement sticker included with your shipment of 'A Tale', please let me know.
  3. No problem. I was pretty sure 'That' was meant to be 'Thanks' 🙂 Someone actually cancelled their preorder of 'A Tale of Dragons and Swords' because they said that they were under the impression it was going to be $70 US not $90. The problem is, that they ARE $70, but PayPal charges almost $4 and the shipping is a bit over $16. I wish I could provide free shipping, but can't.
  4. Yeah, it is a shame that shipping and PayPal charges has increased the price of these games by 25 percent. Things never used to be that expensive to mail and paying for things never was so expensive.
  5. Actually, Christmas Carol was released on a JLP board.
  6. JLP cartridges have flash memory which is used by quite a few titles. Any Elektronite game that saves its score on the cart uses the flash memory so you have to use JLP cartridges for that feature.
  7. Not to be nit picky, but Elektronite has never sold Elektronite games directly for over $70 US retail. Resellers can set their own prices, however. Miner 2049er will eventually come out on the Amico (re-written for the Amico). Licenses can and sometimes do add to the cost to produce, however, Old School is not a licensed game. Boulder Dash was co-published by First Star Software and Classic Game Publishers, Inc. and is not homebrew.
  8. I am pleased to report that the 'A Tale of Dragons and Swords' boxes have been delivered to Elektronite World HQ in Thailand. We are awaiting the overlays and will be printing the manuals and stickers in Thailand soon. Building of the boxes begins tomorrow.
  9. A friend of mine is considering porting Z Machine to the Intellivision with ECS.
  10. Robot Army will have Intellivoice support too..... I think that the voice module is well worth keeping.
  11. We still have about 10 copies available for people who are late to the party. Only the preorders for 'complete in box' copies will ship this year. ROMs will be available for sale when the preorders begin shipping. I should have pictures of the cartridges with stickers on them next week and hopefully pictures of the boxes and overlays soon.
  12. There is no way to make LTO Flash! encrypted roms work on the emulator (and expect them to remain secure). We put a lot of money into the games and will not sell unencrypted roms for use on emulators. Maybe in the future when we stop selling physical copies.
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