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  1. There have been two runs done of LTO Flash! so far. Since there are currently OVER 600 copies of LTO Flash! sold, I think that it is safe to say that you can expect approximately 300 additional copies to be released this year. I cannot speak for Left Turn Only, but I suspect that Joe would welcome re-sellers and isn't interested in trickling copies out perpetually. If you want a copy, you will most definitely get one. There will certainly be enough to go around this year. However, I don't think that you can wait around until 2021 and expect there to be copies easily available at MSRP. So, no need to fear 'missing out' but at the same time, it doesn't allow you to procrastinate. Perhaps someone will release an LTO Flash! compatible or alternative 'multi-cart' if demand exceeds 900 + copies. We will see.
  2. Fixing bugs was not what was implied. Regardless, the new version would have the sound bits properly set. GDG told me that any further copies would work with Intellivision I.
  3. I think that this is a bit disingenuous to imply that there is something underhanded going on with my suggestion that 50 would be sufficient, after you had just said that "it doesn't seem that it would have been a best seller to begin with". I agreed and suggested 50 might be sufficient. I was hoping for some genuine feedback and not some implication that making 50 copies of a marginal game at best, is somehow unscrupulous. I asked a simple question. 'How many copies should be made?' I wish you would drop this bullshit. It really irks me and only confirms my opinion of you, when you take any opportunity to twist what I say into some accusation of improper conduct. I try to be civil to you, but really, I've had enough of you and this has been said many times by other people.....how about you just stop responding to my posts?
  4. Thanks for clarifying. I know that Michael wants to definitely fix the sound issue before more copies are sold. The three year period is almost up. People who over paid for the original 30 knew that more copies would be available in 2017. Go back to the Blix thread and re-read the card that was displayed. There is a photo posted. Blix rights revert to GDG when @Games license expires. That happens some time this year. I don't know exactly when.
  5. Of course, but hacking the original to add stuff is a violation of copyright.
  6. I think you should re-read it. I said that GDG would not be publishing NEW titles (from what I've been personally told)......more copies of the same game is not a new title.
  7. And, to be clear, GDG will be selling more copies.....so 'making an updated Blix' is piracy........ or did you get so used to 'super pro' ing everything?
  8. Maybe I don't understand English very well. But, to me 'make' means 'create'........no voices required.
  9. Just because Good Deal Games said that they would not publish new titles, does not mean that they won't make more copies of Blix. The rights to Blix were tied up for 3 years by @Games. I believe that will be up soon. They revert back to Good Deal Games. It doesn't mean that you should be encouraging people to pirate the title.
  10. Yes, and it was supposed to have had a working and paid for Intellivision core. Wouldn't it be cool to get one and add 'Intellivision 3' specs and make a board that fit in say, a flashback case? Cut a cart port and an HDMI port and you are ready to rock and roll!
  11. I'd like to know who prints his overlays so he can sell 100 for $15. That's so far under my cost it is crazy.
  12. Wow! I've always heard of Americans 'taking things back' to the store. I thought that was an 'American thing' . However, in Hamilton, the custom was really 'unless it is defective and you need a replacement, you own it!'......I'm really shocked to hear that you got a return after a month. I once bought a 'Synth' for the C64 at the local Commodore Computer Store.....and, from the description on the box, it seemed really cool....it was fairly expensive, so I was expecting a real keyboard that plugged into the joystick ports and used the program. I was shocked when I opened the box to find out that it was some plastic piece of crap that overlayed onto the C64 keyboard and looked like the kind of plastic airplanes made in Hong Kong in the early 70s. I took it back, literally a couple of hours later, and insisted I get my money back. I guess I really should have known because it was too light to have been a real mini keyboard. They pointed this out and they refused to refund my money and take it back until I made a big deal about how much money I had dropped there and threatening a boycott and to tell everyone how they sold me this piece of crap for a ton of money.
  13. I would like to improve the sound and make music optional....maybe some new levels..... It wasn't very polished when we improved it. We improved the graphics, added a title screen, credits and high score save. Anyhow, shipping beats perfections any day.
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