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  1. By the way. Would you guys like me to make a behind the scenes of this episode?

  2. sounds good i'll give it a look. Thanks
  3. Hello, recently got a Vectrex I bought working great, now I have one thing left on my lift of Vectrex items, A Multi-Cart for games. I know there are multiple carts out there that have all the official games on them (Some even have prototypes and homebrews) But it seems the only ones I've been able to turn up aren't sold anymore. Does anyone know of a good Multi-Cart that's currently being sold? Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Nick
  4. Ah, Well I'll look into getting it repaired or replaced. It's too rare a thing for me to have the guts to open it. Even without the full range of movement though. Mine Storm is still incredibly fun!
  5. Ya I looked into that. I was just hoping there could be another option. But if the clip for the left is broken why does it still register as right on the system?
  6. Hi, I recently got a good deal on an original GEC model Vectrex system. It's in amazing condition, and works great. But there is one issue. When I play the built in Game Mine Storm (I do not have any other games yet) moving the stick LEFT will make me spin RIGHT endlessly until I move the stick RIGHT to stop it, rather then turn me LEFT. Moving the stick right works perfect, and the buttons are fine, but what can I do about the controller? Is the problem even with my controler or the system? What is wrong? What can I do? Oh a and it would probably help to add that I hear a little rattel inside the controller when I pick it up. PLEASE HELP ME OUT!
  7. Going to Mexico in a few weeks. I want to make a few vlog/review type videos while I'm there but I have no idea... http://t.co/XeGGdGhEmx

  8. Man, This looks fatastic! Any idea when the cartridge release is going to be done?
  9. alright guys it looks like i'll have to get a new capture card before i can...wait....is that a fire wire port on... http://t.co/7wTwFD2f

  10. hmmm well surley there must be a way to copy the files to a floppy disc and have it play....i've heard the st can read ibm coded floppy's with no trouble
  11. oh i see well what would i need and how would i use it (step by step directions if you could please i'm a liitle slow with stuff like this)
  12. actually i've heard all you need to do is format a floppy disc to 720k and copy the game files to it and it'll work i just need to know were to get the game files
  13. Hello i recently aquierd an atari 1040stf but it didn't come with any games and i can't seem to find any be it in a local shop or downloaded from the internet i can't find anything. Is there anyone out there who knows were i can download Atari st games
  14. I favorited a @YouTube video http://t.co/1Ujz4vbe "ALICE: Madness Returns" Movie Trailer [HD]

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