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  1. They look like these two I picked up..... (yes CMart one is in the pile I was supposed to reply to you six months ago )
  2. I haveto check but I think I have an Inty 1 with just a bum power switch I could send
  3. How'd you go with this? Which Intellivision homebrews were you after?
  4. Only this one (now in Voltron's possession)
  5. Wow this thread's going viral (sort of...) And to quote HR from Prowrestling : "Well at least it's better that threads about Titus O'Neal's instagram with Pete Carroll." I have no idea who Titus or Pete is or the instagram in question but I'm sure it has something to do with Pi
  6. An ode to not checking which forum you're posting a thread to?
  7. But I thought that was only if you had 22 pieces shared between 7 people.
  8. Fair enough, but why did they pick such a boring number? 9 would have been better... and what's 23 got to do with 1984?
  9. 23????? You deliberately trying to derail this thread? My maths ain't that messed up, its either 22 or 288.
  10. PM sent I wish this was two weeks later after payday [sigh] ... Then I could get a second set
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