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  1. Heeey!! Long time no see! I cashed-out my collection 5-6 years ago and don't hang out on the forums much anymore. I still play games, but its either on my Shield TV w/ Hyperspin or Xbox One. If you're on Live, send me a friend request (norkusa).
  2. Sold off my Xbox collection long ago but couldn't get rid of this, hoping I'd someday play it again. Don't think that will ever happen so guess its time to let go. This is the re-release of the Steel Battalion with the blue controller buttons. Purchased it new when it came out. Played it on-and-off for about 6 months afterwards and then packed it up and I haven't touched it since. Game is 100% complete and comes with everything that was originally packaged with it. Also comes with the official strategy guide + Line Of Contact. Box has some small dings in it but overall is in very good shape with no serious damage or wear. I remember when I packed this up, I need to watch a YT video tutorial on how to fit everything back in place, so I didn't want to take the controller out of the box for photos here. I have no problem taking it out for photos though if the buyer requests. $250 + shipping (from 49503) for it all.
  3. I just bought a Nvidia Shield TV and installed Hyperspin. Works great but I'm having problems finding & compiling all the videos/artwork/etc for all the systems. Would be a lot easier if I could find someone who already has a complete Hyperspin setup that I can ship a 3-4TB hard drive to & copy everything over on it. I saw a few eBay listings with services like that available but thought I'd check here first and see if any AA members could do something like that.
  4. Selling of all my old EGM magazines. September 1998 thru September 2004. There are some missing issues so it's not a complete set. Refer to the photo if there's any specific ones that you're looking for. Asking $50 + media mail shipping for everything. I want these all gone, so I'm only selling them as a lot (not selling individual issues).
  5. Sega Saturn Arcade Racer wheel controller. Comes with box (no manual or other inserts included). Box has some light wear which is visible in the pic but no major damage. $30 + ship
  6. Ugh, listing was removed by Ebay. Should I bother re-listing it with a better description (i.e. no mention of 'homebrew' anywhere), or will they most likely pull that one too?
  7. Auctioning off my Vectrex Gravitrex Plus cartridge. Complete with box & manual. Bidding starts at $0.99 + no reserve: http://www.ebay.com/itm/261412914329
  8. Up for sale here is the Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition fight stick. Comes 100% complete with box, manaual, and headset adapter. I purchased this new from Capcom and used it maybe 5-10 hours max, so it's still in excellent shape. Asking $100 + ship.
  9. Got rid of all my 2600 stuff a while ago but I just found this in the basement. California Games complete with box & manual. $13 shipped within the US. Anyone want it?
  10. Thanks for the tips guys. These definitely won't fit into a medium flat rate box (the 1994 issues are almost all 200+ pages thick) but a large should be doable.
  11. I want these all gone, so I'm selling them all as one lot and not selling any individual issues. I was a subscriber back in early 90's, so most of these were all delivered to me. Most of the early issues with the stapled binding have cover damage (rips or loose covers). The later issues where they used the glued binding are mostly all in good shape. Some supplement mags are included too, like the 1994 CES preview and Mortal Kombat II guides. Asking $125 + ship for everything. Insurance + tracking will be included. I imagine USPS media mail will be around $15-$20 max on these within the US, but you can PM me with your zip for exact quote. Magazines will be packed safe & snug inside of 2 magazine bookshelf boxes. Here's the rundown on everything (issues with no description next to them mean that they are in great shape): Sept 1989 (#3 with Fabio cover...pretty beat up. Cover torn & taped on) Jan 1990 (#6 cover worn but still attached) Feb 1990 (#7 'Top Score' issue...small chunk of cover missing where UPC is but good shape otherwise) March 1990 (#8 Genesis vs. TG16 cover...a little worn but still attached + good shape) April 1990 (#9 Castlevania 3 cover...loose + taped but in good overall shape) May 1990? (#10 Super C cover...cover attached with tape but good overall shape) June 1990 (#11 Golgo 13 cover....cover barely hanging on by staples but good shape) July 1990 (#12 Ninja Gaiden 2....really nice shape, very minimal wear) Sept 1990 (#14 Mega Man 3...cover barely hanging on staples but good shape) August 1991 (Super NES buyers guide. Cover + first several pages loose) Sep 1991 (Sega CD preview...great shape) Dec 1991 (Zelda Link To The Past....pretty beat up but cover intact. Back cover + last few pages missing) Sept 1992 (SNES Buyer's Guide...cover a little worn + small rip on spine but good otherwise) May 1992 (Super Double Dragon....cover ripped and barely hanging on spine. Ok otherwise) March 1993 Oct 1993 Nov 1993 Jan 1994 Feb 1994 March 1994 April 1994 May 1994 June 1994 July 1994 Aug 1994 Sep 1994 Oct 1994 Nov 1994 Dec 1994 July 1996 Dec 1996
  12. I've got a modchipped slim PS2 that needs repair (v12 I think). System turns on but discs don't spin when the lid is closed. Browser doesn't show any disc in system either. Don't know what's wrong but I remember leaving the system on overnight by accident right before I noticed the problem, so that could have something to do with it. Checked local console repair places but nobody seems to be repairing PS2's anymore. Would like to send this out to someone here who is experienced in PStwo fixin'. I think I remember seeing a few users who offered repair services here but don't remember their names.
  13. **SOLD** Selling my NDS Lite setup here. Comes with an Acekard 2 (Ver 2.1) w/ 8GB Micro SD card, and EZ Flash V 3 in 1 expansion pack (with rumble). The Acekard lets you load homebrew apps & emulators. Also lets you play NDS roms too. The 3 in 1 expansion pack lets you load & save GBA roms from the Acekard. It also has extra memory so you can play Earthbound 2 and other GBA games that require it. The DS Lite is in very good condition and has no dead pixels. Original boxes and docs included for everything. $100 $80 shipped for everything in the US. Will not break up this set, so please don't ask if I'll sell anything individually.
  14. I haven't touched this in a while, so I guess it's safe to sell. My modded USA Sega Saturn system. Plays retail & cd-r backups. No import switch installed but you can still play legit & backup imports by using the Memory Card Plus cartridge that's included. The system itself is very clean and looks almost new. Just some light scuffs & scratches on the top and sides. Not positive, but I'm pretty sure this is modded with the 'Racketboy' chip. $175 + ship $150 shipped (US only) for everything. Here's what you get: Saturn System 6-button control pad Official Sega backup cartridge Memory Card Plus cartridge Playstation 1 carrying case (perfect fit for the Saturn & accessories) Extra 2032 battery (the other is already in the Saturn) Power cable S-video cable RCA composite video cable
  15. Bought this last year with the intention of getting an iPad to use it with, but never got around to buying one. So it has just been sitting here ever since, assembled and unused. Comes with everything that originally came with it when I purchased it new, including the box and all the manuals. Battery for the bluetooth is even included too. $40 + ship. This will be disassembled and packed back into the original box for shipping. **SOLD**
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