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  1. Well apparently my $15 order didn't meet his minimum of $20, so I'm going to have to get it somewhere else. I'll check with the Brewing Academy, as I have several boards in for repair there at the moment.
  2. Ok, I'll bite What are his rules? You're implying that he's a bit hard to deal with?
  3. Thanks to both of you for the suggestions. I found a cable from Best Electronics and will order one there.
  4. I received my SIO2PC from AtariMax today (https://www.atarimax.com/sio2pc/documentation/jack/index.php?imgid=0). Now due to gender issues, it appears I need an SIO cable. Does anyone have a recommended source for such a cable?
  5. Well, I'm making some progress with ca65/ld65. So far I have this code: ; ***************************** ; CIO equates ; ***************************** ICHID = $0340 ICDNO = $0341 ICCOM = $0342 ICSTA = $0343 ICBAL = $0344 ICBAH = $0345 ICPTL = $0346 ICPTH = $0347 ICBLL = $0348 ICBLH = $0349 ICAXl = $034A ICAX2 = $034B CIOV = $E456 .segment "CODE" ; ***************************** ; Now we load in required data ; ***************************** LDX #0 ; Since it's IOCB0 LDA #9 ; For put record STA ICCOM,X ; Command byte LDA #<MSG ; Low byte of MSG STA ICBAL,X ; into ICBAL LDA #>MSG ; High byte of MSG STA ICBAH,X ; into ICBAH LDA #0 ; Length of MSG STA ICBLH,X ; high byte LDA #$FF ; Length of MSG STA ICBLL,X ; See discussion ; ***************************** ; Now put it to the screen ; ***************************** JSR CIOV B: JMP B RTS ; ***************************** ; The message itself ; ***************************** MSG: .asciiz "A SUCCESSFUL WRITE!" .byte $9B And created this 'atari.cfg' file: # Linker config file for targeting the Atari 2600. MEMORY { RAM: start = $80, size=$80, type = rw, define = yes; ROM: start = $E000, size=$2000, type = ro, file = %O, define = yes; TIA: start = $00, size=$40, type = rw, define = yes; RIOT: start = $280, size=$20, type = rw, define = yes; } SEGMENTS { RODATA: load=ROM, type=ro, align = $100; CODE: load=ROM, type=ro, define=yes; DATA: load=ROM, run=RAM, type=rw, define=yes; BSS: load=RAM, type=bss, define=yes; ZEROPAGE: load=RAM, type=zp; TIA: load=TIA, type=rw, define = yes, optional = yes; RIOT: load=RIOT, type=rw, define = yes, optional = yes; } I snarfed these online as I was trying to figure out the assembler/linker. I can assemble the above code but putting in the emulator and turning on the 130XE just shows a black screen. I presume my cartridge code must do something else, right? Initialize the screen somehow?
  6. Thanks. I also found this helpful: https://www.atariarchives.org/alp/chapter_9.php What is the best toolchain for doing cross-hosted (in this case, Mac) assembly for 6502 in general and the A8 in particular. I found the cc65 project on GitHub, which is a full-blown C compiler. It contains an assembler (ca65). Is that what is preferred?
  7. Awesome! Thanks for this. I'll study it.
  8. As I embark on this, are there known vectors that I can call into the system ROM onboard the Atari A8 to do things like: - Perform output on the console - Get input from the keyboard
  9. That crossed my mind. Sure enough, Frogger loads up fine on it now if I plug it in the "right" way. Thanks! Now onto writing some 6502 code to tickle the POKEY and do some serial I/O.
  10. Hello everyone. I ordered several of these boards (https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/YreZRvio) from OSHPark and they came in today. I populated the boards, but am not able to bring up a ROM properly. I'm using a ROM emulator which I know works, and it's plugged into the 28 pin socket of the board. I added a 74LS00 to one of the boards and on another board I jumped pins 10 and 11 based on the instructions here (http://www.grandideastudio.com/wp-content/uploads/pp_atari8bit_instructions.pdf) When I insert the cartridge into the back of the Atari 130XE and power it up, all I get is a black screen. Removing the cartridge and powering up the Atari 130XE shows the blue screen and READY prompt. The cartridge can take both 8K and 16K ROMs, and I found a few online, downloaded the into the ROM emulator, and no go. Is there a good "test" ROM image anyone can suggest to test out this cartridge so I can gain confidence that it works?
  11. My plan is to write 6502 code for a proprietary serial-based protocol that I'm experimenting with. I don't know enough about the A8 ROM to understand what services are available. If I want to read/write data over the SIO, are there ROM routines for facilitating that at certain baud rates, or do I need to talk to the POKEY directly? Also, I need some sort of serial cable from the SIO adapter to a DB9. I seem to remember there was something called SIO2PC that did that?
  12. Thanks for the feedback. I'm using a ROM emulator so the OSH Park solution is appropriate for what I'm doing, but the USB/SD card interfaces certainly look intriguing for future use.
  13. Hi Al, Yes. Just a single board for this project with a 28 pin ROM socket. What is the max ROM size that a 130XE compatible cart will take?
  14. Hi everyone, I'm not very familiar with the Atari A8 offerings so I'm hoping for some guidance. The project I'm working on requires a cartridge to plug into the back of my Atari 130XE. Is there a ROM cartridge that I can purchase with a 28 pin socket that will take a 16K or 32K ROM that I supply? Who would supply something like this?
  15. Thank you so much for this link. I was able to get the source and build it with ca65 and load the object into the ROM emulator successfully!
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