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  1. I use the Atlona CDM-660 for PAL to NTSC conversion. Here is a video of me testing it out:




    I tried adding a demodulator to this setup, and it did not work for me, but it was a North American demodulator. I suspect a PAL demodulator between the console and the Altona would work, but I have not tried it. I opted to use a console that was modded for composite out, instead.

    ok now im relly confused, how are you running a 2600 thew a signal converter without a demodulator? does your console have the AV mod done to it, or am I missing something???

  2. hey guys, im having alittle trouble tracking down a pal to ntsc converter. all the ones I find on flebay use component, composite, or hdmi cables and I need one that uses coax. theres plenty of adapters on there to match the ends of the pal style plug to a us one so that's no issue, just need a converter that uses coax. any help finding one would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  3. well id like to find out if all the rumors are true, and if they are it would be interesting to see whats left of what they dumped. but from what ive heard even if something is there Atari destroyed it before or during the burial. would it disappoint me if they found nothing? slightly, but I wouldn't be suprized. kinda like roswell. it may have happened, it may not have happened. but a lot of us beleave it did.

  4. I would stay away from third party cards, personaly Ive had nothing but trouble out of them. a little tactic I used in the early 2000's was to transfer my saves from the ps1 memory cards to ps2 memory cards via my ps2. unfortunately to use them you had to transfer the saves back on to a ps1 card, kinda like backing them up. I just kept the games I normaly played on the ps1 card and transferred other saves to and from it as needed. also If you have a ps3 you can use the memory card reader (if you can find one, try ebay) to place your saves on your ps3s hard drive and use it in the same manner. also I think all models of the ps3 can play ps1 games via emulation so you could elleminate the use of cards altogether. well almost altogether cause as we all know sometimes emulation doesent function perfectly and there are a few ps1 titles the ps3 dosent like, take driver 2 for example.

  5. the only thing tiger made that i liked was the r-zone super screen. i one of my cousins had one back in the day. its kinda cool how it uses both the game cartrage and a backdrop, it was also fun to mix the backdrops with different games, like say the battlearena cart with the Daytona backdrop. kidda made it look like a couseum :)

  6. hi guys. im interested in getting a Hanimex mpt-02 (love the fact it actually has controllers) but im pretty shure it wont work on an ntsc tv. the tv is an lcd hd Samsung I got in 09' I can get more info about it if needed. what im really asking here is, what will I have to do to make it work? also what kind of video connection would a console like this have? i would like to think its a variant of coax but i doubt its that simple. also it calls for a 9v dc power supply, as im shure the plugs are different i need to find a us (110~) equivilant, i know with a real studio II an Atari 2600 power supply can be substituted, would the same apply here? thanks for your help.


    if you want some reference pic of the console in question there are plenty available here.



  7. Hey thanks guys you've been a big help , I guess I don't have that mutch to worry about after all. in retrospect however I wont be storing it in the fridge. I have heard about the problems concerning the carts and static electricity, the way I see it, don't touch the pins. and ill be shure not to slide them across the shag lol.




    visited your website, and I must say im impressed, lots of info there. and good luck with that homebrew, one of the few systems I haven't seen one attempted on.

  8. nice to see im getting some replies!




    never heard of that problem before, is it a common for them to come out of alignment?




    how long have you had your microvisions and where do you store them? also any tips on how to properly care for them? I will be visiting your site soon sounds interesting.

  9. Hello all, im looking into buying a microvision and I think I have found the one I want, I just have a few questions regarding screen rot. first off, I know extreme temps are hard on these early lcds and that has me worried about having it shipped. as a trucker myself I know a dry van can become quite warm when sitting at the yard, so do you guys think it will get hot enough to damage the screen in transit? also, I know screen rot cant be avoided and will eventually take its toll, but there has to be some way to atleast prolong the life of the screen. I know high temps are bad for the screen so keep it cool, but what about low temps? like say storing it in the fridge when not in use? I just want the screen to last as long as possible, as I have found no replacements. any help and advice will be appreciated, thanks in advance.

  10. Im hacking space invaders to make it a zombie game, but it dosent make much since for zombies to shoot. the short of it is how can i make the enemys not shoot? also im looking for the sprite for the bullets of both the player and the enemy, i want to change the players a bit if its possible. and if theres anyway to make the ufo at the top of the screen only move 1 direction that would be great to.


    Btw try out what ive got so far and tell me what you think.


    Zombie Invasion.BIN

  11. not sure if this is the right place to put this but it seems like the most appropriate.


    I have a atari 2600 dark vader and im having problems with the sound, i have it connected to a switch box that switches between my tv antenna and the atari. one day i forgot to switch to my tv antenna before watching tv about 20 minits later i figured out it was still on the atari (witch explaned the crappy reception) i switced it over to the antenna and continued to watch tv. later however when i tryed to use my atar it would play fine but it wouldent make a sound. so im trying to figure out what could have happened to my sound aka: what did i break? Could i have burned something out by useing it as an antenna? Its just not as fun to play without the sound. any help would be appriciated.

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