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  1. Hi, I sent payment and messaged you nut haven’t heard back since tuesday. Are you there?
  2. Stupid question... is the Pac-Man game available as a download to use on emulators, either free or paid?
  3. Just in case though, and for other setups: besides of course any software that *explicitly* needs the 32 kB expansion, with the flashgROM I should be able to run *any* cartridge image right?
  4. Of course, on the other hand, with the nanopeb I don’t really need the flashrom I guess…
  5. Come to think of it, as I mentioned above, I still have a nanopeb v1. This is supposed to have 32KB RAM, so should be good right? (Besides all the other functionality it has...)
  6. So in a nutshell, get the frikkin expansion
  7. Awesome, thanks for the explanation! I guess its time to order one of the newer finalgrom carts then... Then again, I think I also have *somewhere* a nanopeb and cf7+....
  8. That is an english expression that means together (not one paired, just paired). Thanks formthe info, that ismwhat Imfigured, and the folder I used, although as I discovered, I cannot play any of the 32KB ines
  9. Ah ok, so now it makes sense... so the (majority of?) carts under the 32KB folder are games that in cartridge form were GROM, that the TI runs fine, but the flashrom does not, and the files are conversions from disk versions and will work but only with extra RAM. Is that about right? What was so special about GROM that didn’t have this requriement?
  10. Right, I understand that. But games that I have the cart of run fine on my computer without this extra 32KB of RAM.
  11. Ok, I will take a look. I cannot understand why a game that runs on an unexpanded machine will not run through the flashrom, unless all carts came with extra ram?
  12. Hi all, new to the TI, and have one paired with a Flashrom99. I am trying to understand what the correct images are to use with it, and stumbled across the thread here for the image repository. Downloaded it and looking at the folder for "96_SD-REPOSITORY.FR99", which I assume "FR" is for flashrom (the other directory GR is it for a newer cart?) The thing is, I see it says the "32K" ones indicate your computer needs to have some expansion to work? Not really sure what that means/how to do it, and why these games do not work when for example I have the same physidical/original cart and it does work? What am I missing? Is the number of games you can use very limited without extra hardware on top of the computer and flashrom99?
  13. Well, another knowledgeable fellow has also given me a few tips to try, coming down to tweak something on the circuit or simply adjusting tint on the tv. Honestly since the picture is clear and adjusting tint fixes the displacement, I think I will just use it like this which looks great to me (yes I know RGB is better,maybe in the future Ill switch to that).
  14. Hey guys, since I already had the console open, I installed a video mod in my CV, and the picture looks nice and defined, however, the colors are not completely right.., it is too purple (very noticeable on the game select screen). Anyone have any clue how to correct it..? (The mod kit is the one from retrofixes) (Not sure if I should open a new/separate thread for this..)
  15. Serves me right for not looking. Just assumed it went in like its pair. It’s even drawn on the PCB for crying out loud...
  16. Yeah, that or having looked at how the old one was, or looking at an image on google, or just not being stupid.. Anywho, took the chip out and reversed it, and it works again (and the issue is fixed). Thanks.
  17. F***, Seriously?? I actually made sure to orient it the same as the other one!
  18. Hey all, wondering if any repair experts can help me out with this one... I have a colecovision that had controller port symptoms, where for example in DK, fire button would activate on game start, and then not respond, although rest of directions/etc worked. Read that it was a faulty SN74LS541N, associated to the faulty port and attempted to change it. Well, I must have done something wrong, because now I get no startup screen at all, just black... I also noticed that the newly changed chip gets hot... not really sure why, or what this one has to do with video, unless I messed something else up. Appreciate any help. Thanks.
  19. Was there a rom pack somewhere here for the genesis and Atari portables?
  20. Yes, that’s me and added what i seem to have found about faulty RAM
  21. Hi all, Trying to do a bare metal bootstrap of my IIe with no luck Doing the audio transfer, and while I do get the transfer to finish with no apparent errors, whenever I hit 2000G (and by the way not sure why the program prompts tell you 2000 to load and then 2003 to run it?) I get the prodos text but a register dump line at the top.... I did get a normal run once, but then when I did the adt client transfer after doing 800G I again get a register line dump and it doesnt start Any help would be much appreciated.
  22. Thanks guys, I had seen those and probably will get one, as I already had an RGB cable but it’s the one with the D connector for the 1084 monitor. Do you know if anybody sells any ready-made chroma/luma video cables to use with this monitor and the 128/64? (I know one could make it as well, but wondering about ready-made)
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