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  1. Yup count me in please....missed it first time around
  2. No worries. Happy to wait as I can understand the admin must be a nightmare. I am just happy you are offering the games special edition or not.
  3. please put me down for a copy if there is any more made. Thnaks
  4. Come on postie...where are you. This is on my xmas holiday sneak off and play list while my relatives natter on about stuff
  5. TRON Deadly Discs 2 ? If that came true I would frankly be unable to contain myself.... :-)
  6. Ohh these are nice. Any chance or a re-release ?
  7. Dear Sir/Madam I would like to complain in the strongest possible way to aliens abducting my videogames. I feel something must be done to counter this video game menace. I feel only the strongest possible show of force will send them back to the moon (or nearest alien lair ) and allow us to enjoy our retro gaming in the peace that we so deserve. I hope you will publish these comments to make forum members fully aware of the dangers of aliens and waiting for packages.... Yours sincerely A.Gamer
  8. boy I cant wait for my package to turn up with my Sydney and space raids!!!!!! come on postie
  9. I wanted to bid but it wont let me as I am in the UK...any chance ?
  10. Any chance of a sequel which will feature 1 player action ? I've ordered this but not sure if I can get my 7 year old daughter to play this with me :-)
  11. Hi. Do you know if my copies have shipped yet ? Itching to play what looks like a awesome game!!!
  12. How about Parker Revenge of the Jedi boxes ?
  13. Mr Bee please put me down for one in the lottery ! Thank you and long live the hive !
  14. Cool, count me in for a super LE one.....new mini exapander...oh interesting...... new credit card required soon then!
  15. Hi All I can't resist any more and need a nice boxed working Atari 5200. If anyone has one to sell please let me know. Shipping to England but plenty of the folks on here and other forums have done lots of deals with me so a no fuss sale. Thanks Shaun
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