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  1. Just got confirmation and placed my order. Thanks!
  2. My pre-order was confirmed on 12/15. No communication for me yet. Checking me SPAM folder often.
  3. I got a thank you for my deposit Dec 15. Should I have gotten an email on my "place in line" or does that happen later? No rush. Just wondering. https://youtu.be/BGEAiUeiaKs?t=80
  4. Would anyone here upgrading like to sell their UAV modded 5200?
  5. You were absolutely correct! After digging through my spam folder, I found a reply to my first email. Their reply email had all kinds of images and links in it. I got a little worried there. I don’t think anyone else offers these services.
  6. I have tried to reach them using several email addresses (in case I was caught by spam filters) for the last few months. No reply. The website is still there. Has anyone done business with them recently? And furthermore, could anyone recommend an alternative for purchasing 5200 controllers? Thanks.
  7. Great info! Do we have any citation or source? I couldn't find anything on the 5200 connection.
  8. There's an image in the Atari catalog (2nd revision) that begins the "Adventure Territory" section. I have always wondered from where this art came. Does anyone know? Is it associated with any particular game box art? via https://atariage.com/catalog_page.php?CatalogID=33&currentPage=23
  9. I (and maybe others here) would be willing to buy the current cart on just the chance one of my 7800 consoles is one of the lucky ones compatible with the cart.
  10. I was just being silly. ...trolling perhaps.
  11. Don't question it. It's gonna happen. Trebor called me a troll for even asking....
  12. Thanks so much for your patient and kind reply! I don't know if you are familiar with the game, but I don't want an AI. I just want random data instead of second player input. So, I proposed pointing the inquiry for second player input to some other (changing value) address. That's all that would be needed to make the game one player friendly. After the initial joystick input, the game is good to go. Does it sound feasible?
  13. Update: Ok, I checked the debugger and it seems to be SWCHB at like f3a3 where the second player joystick is read. Now what do I do? As a complete beginner, I had hoped for some input. I don't know how to change the value in the debugger.
  14. Thanks for the feedback, ZackAttack and Arenafoot. I'm a complete newbie. I was hoping a more experienced forum member could access the feasibility of such a project.
  15. I am a complete newbie taking on a project of passion: creating a one player hack of Super Challenge Football. Here's the plan: during the play calls, I would like to have the player 2 joystick input redirected. In theory the address for second player joystick data could be swapped with another address to return an unpredictable number (perhaps the clock?) It seems this could be a one number hack. Obviously, the second player avatar would still be motionless, but that could be a future challenge to take on. Would anyone with experience contribute to this project idea? Or at least second my proposal if you want this game to happen.
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