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  1. Big collectors still have to draw a line somewhere. I want on know which platforms (console and computer) you/ve decided you will not collect. Systems you may have owned and sold off, or never wanted in the first place, or satisfied through emulation. I've not found a thread on this topic. Omitting the really rare, I am interested in unique systems you know others collect but would be hesitant to add to your collection. I've owned many of these systems and decided I no longer want to have them. Systems I won't collect (in no order): Jaguar Virtual Boy CD-i RCA Studio II Amiga Game Gear Game.com Lnyx Spectrum APF MP1000 TRS 80 PET Apple II Xbox One vtech educational systems I know, I know: never say never. But which platforms have you shunned and NEVER plan to collect?
  2. Is anyone still making and selling adapters like this? I’d buy.
  3. So, does this mean it is not possible to play Space Bandits on an unexpanded system with FinalGROM99?
  4. Just tested it. FinalGROM99 with only a Speech Syth attached. Screen just a blue screen and reset to FinalGROM menu. Do you have any extra memory or MBX or whatever attached? I have tried it in the root directory and folders. Never works. FInalGROM99 v1.3 <,1/2>
  5. I understand this game has OPTIONAL use of the MBX. So, it should in theory work on FinalGROM. I am still not finding proof it does. Can anyone verify playing it on FinalGROM?
  6. Bumping an old topic. This is one of the few systems I've never owned. I've even left it behind in thrift stores. Is there anything on the 3do that doesn't have a superior equivalent for my Saturn? So more precisely, if one also owns a Sega Saturn, what reasons would one have to get a 3do as well?
  7. Did anyone get this to work on FinalGROM? I read MBX is optional (I do not have one). But I also get the blank screen others have. Anyone have a working bin?
  8. Is it strange I am reading your response in your YouTube voice? hahaha Ok, thanks for the replies. I am even more confused. I could not get classics like Parsec, Hustle, TI Invaders to work with FinalGROM99. I assumed it was the 32k issue. Am I just using the wrong images? EDIT: Disregard the question. I figured it out. I was using the wrong files. G for grom makes sense. Duh.
  9. First, I have to say, your YouTube channel is amazing! Love to watch you. But I am also confused. I have FinalGROM99 without a 32k expansion. I have been able to get the following games running: Frogger, Popeye, Qbert, Tutankham, and others. Am I misunderstanding something? I want a list of games that will work without 32k expansion. Why are these games not included but seem to work for me? Are there others I can try without going through them all one by one to see what works?
  10. Just got confirmation and placed my order. Thanks!
  11. My pre-order was confirmed on 12/15. No communication for me yet. Checking me SPAM folder often.
  12. I got a thank you for my deposit Dec 15. Should I have gotten an email on my "place in line" or does that happen later? No rush. Just wondering. https://youtu.be/BGEAiUeiaKs?t=80
  13. Would anyone here upgrading like to sell their UAV modded 5200?
  14. You were absolutely correct! After digging through my spam folder, I found a reply to my first email. Their reply email had all kinds of images and links in it. I got a little worried there. I don’t think anyone else offers these services.
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