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  1. I think I registered to the Atari age waitlist twice. I think I did it a while back but I wasn't sure. So I did it again I think with the same email I used previously. When going through the list, I assume it'll go by the earliest time I was added to the list? Or does me and put on a list again push me back on the list?
  2. That was meant as a private message, I don't know how it ended up on here
  3. I would like to go for it, including getting the caps replaced. And I want the VGA mounted where the brightness dial goes. Also, you may as well order the Mcwill & have it sent to you, that seems like the easiest route to go. The best day for me to ship my Lynx is on Thursdays, as that is my day off although I don't think there's any mail service on this particular Thursday. I think I have a box that will fit the Lynx. Do you have any recommendations on how much I should insure the Lynx for when shipping it? I think Priority comes with $50 insurance but that doesn't seem like enough to me.
  4. I'm in the US, and it's the Lynx II. It sounds like he provides the Mcwill, I just need to send my Lynx in which makes me nervous. I don't want it getting lost in the mail.
  5. What is a reasonable price for the Mcwill upgrade with VGA out? There's someone on eBay offering it for $225 + $15 shipping. That seems a bit much. Any thoughts?
  6. How do I actually purchase it on AA? Is it already sold out or is it not up for actual pre-order yet? I'm on the page but I can't seem to do anything, it won't even let me add it to a wishlist.
  7. I must have missed it somehow, what is the difference between the cart and CD version? Is it just better music or is there any other benefits?
  8. How do I pre-order? I was thinking it would be at the beginning of this thread, but I didn't see a link or anything.
  9. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/saberridergame/saber-rider-and-the-star-sheriffs-the-video-game?ref=twitter_share This kickstarter is ending in 36 hours, support it if you can! It'll be for PC Engine, Dreamcast, 3DS, & Steam! I supported the PC Engine Bee Special 2 package. Aetherbyte is doing the PC Engine version, so I know it'll be great!
  10. Doh, I was just going to make this thread myself, glad you got ahead of me here Arky! While we're at it, there's also Revival Chase up for pre-order, it's a clone of Lock n' Chase & comes with a retro magazine....or the other way around! There are several places to order it, here is where I ordered mine, it's included with the issue 45 of Revival magazine in the US: http://www.gooddealg...Game Media.html You can also order it here(I think this is for UK customers) http://sales1632.myzen.co.uk/acatalog/Revival.html I think there's a place for the rest of Europe, & also one other place for US order's, but I'll have to check around some more.
  11. Ok, looks like all the bonus material should arrive this week at Nod's house, & he'll begin shipping them this week, assuming the post office doesn't screw up anything ofcoarse!
  12. Actually, all the preorder stuff is done. However.... "I have good news and bad news... the good news is that the second batch is now finished. The bad news is that the USPS website states that the first package is in... San Juan PR. Seems like it was returned to sender. I guess I'll pick it up Tuesday and just ship them all out at once."
  13. Vita? I thought for sure the project was moved to the Playdia!
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