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  1. I'm looking for HERO, Montezuma's Revenge and the Game Brain module for 2600. Vecmulti for Vectrex. Always looking for high quality or obscure db9 joysticks. 15 pin gameport PC joysticks are of interest if they are small stick styles, (not big grip flight sticks). On the higher end I'd like a "New" 3DS XL system, which is probably worth more than this joystick but could be combined somehow. I've got a non-New 3DS XL with the Circle Pad Pro XL, some other Atari joysticks, Vectrex stuff...
  2. Famously bad joystick for sale or trade. I'm not sure the value so I'm looking for offers. There are a few for sale on non-U.S. ebay in $60-$100 range, with high shipping costs. I'm not actually sure of the function of this joystick either and could use some direction on that. I can only test that it is partially functional on 2600.
  3. Hi imstarryeyed. This is a favorite subject of mine, although I am not tech savvy or handy or knowledgeable. I like the feel of small analog thumbsticks and slim joysticks. (Although I don't care for the modern nubby type, I prefer Vectrex or old PC or RC or industrial types.) Here is an adapter I use which converts 15 pin PC analog joysticks to db9 for Atari: https://www.ebay.com/itm/15Pin-DB15-Joystick-Converter-Adapter-for-Amiga-Atari-Commodore-Amstrad-9pin-DB9/272222183107?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I have purchased from him a couple times. In my recent purchase he agreed to make them with a shorter ribbon cable since I didn't need the length he usually makes. He seemed responsive and I wonder if he'd make other modifications or answer some of your questions if you buy from him. Considering your Robotron goal it is ironic that this is the controller I typically use with the adapter: It doesn't actually work as a dual stick though with this adapter. I have another fantastic controller that seems built around an analog thumbstick, converted to digital. It is called the Enjoystick by TG and it was originally made for VCS and other db9 consoles: This one is not electronically complicated but it has some peculiar switches in it. It looks like an engineered analog joystick assembly which has had the two potentiometers replaced with a potentiometer-shaped three position digital switch, (momentary SPDT?). Here is where we discuss this joystick: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/241587-2600-analog-sticks/?hl=%2Benjoystick&do=findComment&comment=3299864
  4. Do you mean the two you posted on this page: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/223203-do-you-use-a-homebrew-joystick-post-your-pics/page-3?hl=homebrew%20joystick These have always been my favorites in that thread. Really awesome joysticks that I am jealous of. Let me know if you ever want to trade them.
  5. The buttons are decent, they do feel nice on the finger. I guess they are particularly smooth actually. Nothing mind blowing in function, but I don't know that I've ever been super impressed with an arcade button. .. I was thinking these were leaf switches but I just pressed them to check and they definitely feel like microswitches. .. I prefer a Sanwa stick but I do like this one better than the standard American ones. .. I imagine that the stick and button components have standard replacements that would fit in this case but I'm not positive. masschamber, you do 2600 mods? Do you do any other type of mods? Maybe joysticks modded for different systems? .. NES Toploader AV mod?
  6. I have $100 in my mind but I'd rather not take your money. The item I traded to get this had sat in a similar ad here for about a year with little response before the guy in Spain signed up to AA just to make a deal for it.
  7. I have an interesting joystick from Spain: Telemach 200. I'm looking to trade for other rare joysticks. The joystick has arcade components, Industria Lorenzo stick. It has a 9 pin connector. I use it on 2600. There is a switch on the back for other systems, (Amiga?). There are 4 suction cups on the bottom. I'm most interested in homebrew joysticks. But also various rare or quality that I don't already have. I mainly play 2600. Also Vectrex. I can use db15 gameport analog joysticks on Atari with an adapter that I have, which I like and which is another trade option. Possibly arcade or industrial joystick components. Old Pong console modded to work as VCS Paddle controllers!!!! ... Atari Game Brain, H.E.R.O., Montezuma's Revenge... VecMulti for Vectrex..
  8. In and of itself the title is a deterrent for me. For me to accept it it would have to have some sort of idea or concept to justify such a silly title. I don't think that generic-ness is necessarily the problem. I think you could have an equally generic title that was preferable to me if it was less silly and more formal. .. Starship is a good name in my opinion and perfectly appropriate for what that game is, but pretty generic.
  9. Montezuma's Revenge, Subterranea, Dragonfire, Moonsweeper, Juno First .. Harmony Cart
  10. How can you compete with vector graphics and a lightpen? I would vote more specifically Art Master, which has better animation features than the dedicated animation cart Animaction, in my opinion. .. I would like the option of direct inputting and editing of coordinates, but the lightpen is definitely a prerequisite for fluid drawing on Vectrex.
  11. Some games have been hacked to simply play better. E.T. And Laserblast come to mind. I have a few other candidates, games that need some variables changed. Maybe others do too? Starship - change player one to conventional left controller port. It is programmed to right controller port, which is very annoying. Yars' Revenge - I would love a game mode that starts on a more advanced stage, when the Qotile changes direction during attack. .. I play game 6, "ultimate Yars", and I'd like to be able to start a game near where it is when I typically have 140,000 points. Night Driver - Eliminate or black out the houses and trees in the screen margins. They are terrible sprites and unnecessary. The game has an interesting minimalist visual aesthetic which I think would play much more dynamically without these filler graphics. Mountain King - Change the controls so that the fire button is jump. Having to accurately press up and left/right simultaneously is ridiculous. Flashlight could be changed to down and fire, or just down. Certainly shining the flashlight is less time and position sensitive than jumping and jumping ought to be more intuitive. (Paddle games) - Choose a convention for which paddle is player one and which is player two and alter the non-conforming paddle games. Those are the ones at the top of my list. I'm not a programmer and when I say "simple" hack I only mean that the game remains fundamentally the same. I don't mean to imply that the task is simple. I don't know if it is or is not or what's possible.
  12. I gave the gameport/db9 converter another try with a newly acquired (dual) stick. It works really nicely and feels great for most games. It's a really neat way to play 2600. Only one of the sticks and one of the buttons translate but it is probably the most workable combination among them for me.
  13. I've kept one plugged into the left controller port constantly, not cause I need a longer cord but just to avoid wear on the console and also have a bit more accessible port for swapping controllers. .. Eventually I'll have it lead instead to an old db9 switch box with four ports, and never unplug it again. Mine was the Genesis one I got with my AtariVox+ (for Vectrex) when it was sold by thegoldenaxe. I've never had a problem with it.
  14. I have various items to sell. I can update with pictures later if there is interest. Some of this is negotiable and some not so much: Rare TI99 MBX Joystick $65 Rare Vectrex arcade stick by Recycledgamer, modded NOS SNES Asci fighter stick with box $100 Vectrex Spike's Circus, painted PCB version by Madtronix $40 Vectrex Sean Kelly multicart, recent version $50 Various loose GCE Vectrex carts, few overlays Sega Dreamcast console with cables, controller, memory card and games $80 Two semi-functional 2600 consoles for repair (both have loose power connections)(one Vader console and one Telegames) $25 each Several broken or damaged DMG Game Boys, will sort and price if interested Nintendo DS Lite, black with charger $20 3D Ocarina of Time, first edition, complete $20 Zaxxon tabletop game by Coleco $85 I will update with pictures and probably more items.
  15. I'm not a competitive player and don't expect to ever win a contest among above average competitors, but the games I am most focused on score on are Yars' Revenge and Dragonfire, to say I am good at them. Those two and HERO maybe, except that HERO kind of has a finite level of achievement that most players will eventually get to I think. Night Driver game 1 I can often get a perfect run - zero crashes and foot on gas start to finish uninterrupted, never releasing button - but I'm not sure that's really difficult to do.
  16. Ha ha awesome. I guess I'm not the only fan of bad games. I actually enjoy Sorcerer as well as Firefly. Ghost Manor was listed by someone earlier and I'd include it as well. These plus Gyruss and Star Ship probably actually are among my 20 most played, all fairly classified as "bad", but good for more than just a laugh in my opinion. I play Coconuts occasionally also. (Let's say four of these really are on my top 20). The rest of my list, not so controversial: Yars' Revenge Night Driver Cosmic Ark Subterranea HERO Dragonfire Moonsweeper Kaboom Adventure Star Wars Death Star Battle Space Invaders Frankenstein's Monster Demon Attack Montezuma's Revenge Encounter at L5 Secret Quest
  17. I have a joystick to sell. I just updated the original post: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/255546-mbx-joystick-power-supply-and-headset-for-ti-99/?p=3565324
  18. Already mentioned games that are also on my list: HERO Yars' Revenge Kaboom Juno First Games that I don't think were mentioned yet: Cosmic Ark Dragon Fire Night Driver Spell n Speak Montezuma's Revenge And games so bad they are good, (the fun ones): Ghost Manor Starship Another bad game I enjoy, but not because of its faults, is GYRUSS. Love to crank the volume and listen to the music for a few minutes.
  19. I mostly use the paddles to play Night Driver, so the 2P paddle never gets used and is just in the way. A single plain old stock paddle, untethered to a second paddle would constitute a nice "alternate paddle controller" for me. Can I just cut the 2P paddle off and hide the spare wire ends, without messing up P1?
  20. It looks like that one hasn't sold and has been relisted several times, now down to a measly $3,000 asking price. Here is a "for parts or repair, as-is" Adventure Vision that actually SOLD a couple days ago, for a price almost as outrageous as the still for sale BIN one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Entex-Adventure-Vision-Video-Game-System-w-Defender-As-Is-PARTS-REPAIR-free-shp-/282288325409?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&nma=true&si=0xABzyrQmacCfVwdXFvK7hvBQLM%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc
  21. There were simultaneously 3 Adventure Visions on ebay a few days ago, more than I have ever seen. I noticed this because I searched for them after a new member on the other forums I go to showed up with questions about tinkering with the Adventure Vision collecting dust on his shelf. .. So that's four new-to-me Adventure Visions in less than seven days! The guy from the other forums could probably use this multicart since he has no games to test his unit with. .. But he also seemed fit to devise his own individual game carts and I think he is in the process of doing that. That seems more reasonable than trying to acquire one. If you were willing to build it with a full rectangular flat array of LED's, rather than the mechanical mirror display, and to use a modern micro processor, more modern removeable media, it would be a more reliable machine and Adventure Vision functionality could just be a small part of it. Besides less flicker and potentially new and faster game programs, I am imagining a system for using overlays to matte the bulbs, like on the VFD games. .. There are Adventure Vision emulators so I assume the system is sufficiently documented. .. Perhaps there are purists who insist that there must be a spinning mirror. It's very intriguing but I've heard that it is kind of hard to look at, and of course prone to breaking. Just a plain non-mechanical LED display based console would be really neat in my opinion.
  22. I'm guessing he just wants to play around and see his own creations on a 2600. I want to do this too. I can't know what a reasonable goal is until I know what is generally possible. If it was doable for me at all then i would be doing it over and over again and flashing to my Harmony cart. If DerickAutista is asking for .bin or .a26 end result I assume he is also using a flash cart. Why limit to 4K? Isn't 32K the limit? .. Andrew Davie, when i looked at your greeting card thread it looked like you were setting up for a relatively large image, like a very low resolution photo. .. I wouldn't expect to be able to animate bitmaps of that size on 2600. But something more like game sprites is what i was thinking. .. Some joystick input functionality would be cool too. There was a really neat Vectrex template along these lines called I think VecDraw, made by Vectorzoa years ago. You edit the two sprite sections of code and compile a new ROM, (all necessary files and utilities included in .zip download). Two joystick buttons make each sprite visible or not visible. The other buttons scale the sprites up or down. The sprites can be moved around the screen with the stick. On VCS the scaling wouldn't make as much sense. But the sprite could be animated. Maybe button starts and stops animation. Or maybe button advances frame by frame of the animation.
  23. Awesome idea. I had something similar in mind when i recently really got into this game: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/35026-cave-1k-new-homebrew-minigame/ I haven't been playing the last week or so and I don't remember which version it was that I was playing. But i found it shockingly fun and gratifying one button action. Great mechanics, great graphics and sound.
  24. I think the level intermissions in Turmoil are some of the best, with appropriately insane sound.
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