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  1. No, only where there are too many pinned threads, sorry for posting, I'll shut up now.
  2. Could you make a new subforum with all pinned threads?
  3. I will buy the book if it becomes available.
  4. You could use the 110v wires for that:)
  5. What was he doing with 96 printers?
  6. If you can print a manual, surely you can print artwork to stick on the front of the box. I think the cutout weakens the box too much, the ones I have are quite frayed around the edges.
  7. You can now get a single chip containing 2 MB static ram, I would like to see a board using a 9900 running at one of 2 speeds selected by the clock on/off external instructions, 2 MB Ram, no cartridge port, no GPL roms, no GROMs and no storage of data in the extremely limited amount of video ram, socket for F18A, sound chip(s) PS/2 sockets for KBD and Mouse 2 DB9 sockets for joysticks, a circuit to provide 300 interrupts per second for operating system functions, 2 serial ports, 2 parallel ports and designed to fit in the PEB replacing the firehose, 32k ram and serial port cards. A new multitasking graphical operating system with mouse control would be written for the machine, taking advantage of the fast context switching possible on the 9900. I know "it will not be a 99/4a" but you already have several of them and choose to use emulators instead. Also 2 PATA Disk on modules for storage.
  8. The game character (mascot) could wear a cowboy hat and be called Tex.
  9. Return to eden on the Amstrad CPC has graphics.
  10. I know very little about cartridges but I thought their size was limited by only having 12 grom bases available? Obviously not.
  11. Perhaps the people writing new games for the Ti could invent a new, shared mascot for use in new games from many authors, the use of a unique mascot might help to disguise the similarity to existing games on other platforms.
  12. How about a version of the nanopeb that uses an SD card and fits in the speech synthesiser case with the card accessible by lifting the flap.
  13. Thanks Ksarul, I have never seen disk software for the TI so I thought maybe it was all on cartridges and cassettes
  14. How do I allow multiple choices? Its not about how many but how big. OK, poll now should allow multiple choices.
  15. you can decide how many drives you want. I was interested in the size, but I now wonder if any one would want different sizes in their PEB.
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