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  1. No, only where there are too many pinned threads, sorry for posting, I'll shut up now.
  2. Could you make a new subforum with all pinned threads?
  3. I will buy the book if it becomes available.
  4. You could use the 110v wires for that:)
  5. What was he doing with 96 printers?
  6. If you can print a manual, surely you can print artwork to stick on the front of the box. I think the cutout weakens the box too much, the ones I have are quite frayed around the edges.
  7. You can now get a single chip containing 2 MB static ram, I would like to see a board using a 9900 running at one of 2 speeds selected by the clock on/off external instructions, 2 MB Ram, no cartridge port, no GPL roms, no GROMs and no storage of data in the extremely limited amount of video ram, socket for F18A, sound chip(s) PS/2 sockets for KBD and Mouse 2 DB9 sockets for joysticks, a circuit to provide 300 interrupts per second for operating system functions, 2 serial ports, 2 parallel ports and designed to fit in the PEB replacing the firehose, 32k ram and serial port cards. A new multitasking graphical operating system with mouse control would be written for the machine, taking advantage of the fast context switching possible on the 9900. I know "it will not be a 99/4a" but you already have several of them and choose to use emulators instead. Also 2 PATA Disk on modules for storage.
  8. The game character (mascot) could wear a cowboy hat and be called Tex.
  9. Return to eden on the Amstrad CPC has graphics.
  10. I know very little about cartridges but I thought their size was limited by only having 12 grom bases available? Obviously not.
  11. Perhaps the people writing new games for the Ti could invent a new, shared mascot for use in new games from many authors, the use of a unique mascot might help to disguise the similarity to existing games on other platforms.
  12. How about a version of the nanopeb that uses an SD card and fits in the speech synthesiser case with the card accessible by lifting the flap.
  13. Thanks Ksarul, I have never seen disk software for the TI so I thought maybe it was all on cartridges and cassettes
  14. How do I allow multiple choices? Its not about how many but how big. OK, poll now should allow multiple choices.
  15. you can decide how many drives you want. I was interested in the size, but I now wonder if any one would want different sizes in their PEB.
  16. A lot of people have 5.25" floppy drives, was there much original software sold on 5.25" disks? Some people have 3.5" floppy drives and some have CF7+ or nanopeb. Ignoring all relevant considerations, which would you rather have in an ideal Ti setup?
  17. Well, we could begin with it only having 256 bytes of CPU RAM, doubly interpreted basic with program storage in video memory, slow grom storage in cartridges, if you could afford grand or two you could add 32k of 8 bit ram and 1 sssd disk drive, also TI did not want anyone writing software for it so it had a limited software library, so everyone bought 8 bit machines instead of the TI 99/4a. Even now any one of the 8 bit machines has more users than the TI99/4a and they are more likely to be using the old hardware rather than emulators.
  18. It depends on whether you want to preserve the computer in its original condition or you want to see what the TMS 9900 is really capable of, in my opinion the machine suffered because it was pretty useless in its original condition.
  19. I was just saying you could eliminate the rom entirely, no need to have it on board, no need to program the rom and you can have any number of other OS's or languages which would not all fit in the rom, how about a CP/M like OS, nice and simple.
  20. If you are thinking of creating a PCB and getting the user to acquire all the other components then how about a replacement PCB for the 99/4A. The new PCB would have 64KB CPU ram and dual clock speed and the F18A, maybe a CF card as well. Many of the components can be removed from the old board. If you need to make some room you could leave out the BASIC groms.
  21. Since the Cortex is designed to be expandable to 1MB memory, you could use 2 x 512KB static ram chips, and have a "bootstrap loader" entering the OS/BASIC into ram at power up from CF card eliminating the need for a rom.
  22. Over here in Britain we have "fish and chip" shops where the products are sold in paper folded into a parcel which has always been called a "bag".
  23. That is an English phrase to indicate that something is Excellent and then some. The chips referred to are what you would call french fries.
  24. Albert and old cs1 spent how long? sorting and moving threads and now insanemultitasker comes up with an idea to make them do it all over again!
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