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  1. Hello, I found in an old toy store 20 copies of dig dug new never opened. If anyone is interested I sell every copy 90 euro more courier delivery: 20 € to Europe and 25 € to USA. Under a photo of 1 of the 20 games i bought Thank you Roberto
  2. Hello everyone, I keep selling my intellivision collection .All the games are new in a box. If something interests you please contact me. Roberto
  3. Perfect in the original box whit 18 manuals
  4. I'm selling many of my intellivision games all are new in a box excepted Congo bongo that is in very good shape If interested contact me Thank you Roberto
  5. I see with pleasure that my little boy arrived safely in Canada Ciao Chris
  6. Hallo, for those interested I still have many games that I have not sold here in AA. Congo Bongo, 3/4 (I have to check) sealed copies of Defender, another copy of fathom new but without cellophane, Sword and serpents and Safecraker and the number 5 of intellijoe 4 tris If someone is interested please contact me Roberto
  7. If possible, put me down for 1 copy thank you Roberto
  8. Bought some CIB Intellivision games from me. Quick payment and great communication. Thanks!
  9. A perfect buyer fast and punctual and a new friend here on AA Thanks Roberto
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