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  1. ta da http://www.vectrexmulti.com/order2.html
  2. found this when digging through my storage... looking to trade for Vectrex/CV stuff or possibly sell
  3. was digging through my non Vectrex stuff and found this... wanted to see if trading for Colecovison or Vectrex stuff was within the Realm of Possibility first before selling thanks!
  4. decent price. the joystick spring is an easy fix for $0.99 USD ($1.35 CAD : ) here https://console5.com/store/vectrex-joystick-centering-springs-brand-new-replacements.html
  5. i'm more of a vectrex person and not on here much, so please let me know if there's an issue posting this (here) but... i'm going to be selling off some of my extra Atari stuff and put one on ebay as a trial here (https://www.ebay.ca/itm/232740322846) thanks shawn
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