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  2. Not my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zd3GD2NO3dI I searched the forums and couldn't find anything. I must be getting senile in my old age - I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to pair the joysticks to the FB9 Gold via Bluetooth until I found the video. The Bluetooth pairing insert in the package was barely readable and confusing. (Off-topic) At least they included an HDMI cable in the box. Edit: Apologies to Bill Loguidice for the negative comment regarding AtGames. It was not meant to offend (admittedly it was not in good taste) but to comment on how the clarity of the instructions could have been improved. I have removed the offending remark.
  3. Thanks for continuing all your great work over the years! Cheers & Happy New Year!!!
  4. You should know me by now whether I'm going to answer that or not...
  5. Originally I had cancelled the contest, but you've been trying literally for years and finally found it. PM sent.
  6. With Halloween a week away, I decided to dust off the old Stella emulator (sorry, my 2600's are packed away in boxes right now) and make a YouTube video of some Haunted Adventure Trilogy game play, doing a little shameless self-promo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdGmGpoIKWQ There's a little reminiscing about the past in my rambles; if you have time, hope it entertains...
  7. Great that you found it with no extra help from me!
  8. I had nothing to do with this. But congrats on finding the Ultimate Easter Egg!!!
  9. I share your pain. I finally gave in and border hopped to Best Buy and Walmart in the States to pick up the Flashback and the portable. Had to pay taxes on the way back, too...
  10. Thanks hizzy! (I cannot believe how time flies...) It's better than reading the FB (portable) manual excerpt which is very brief and has errors about the description. Fixed in 2017 Flashbacks.
  11. Apparently this is legit (but set off my NoScript like fireworks): https://www.ataribox.com/ Can Bill or anyone else confirm this?
  12. Yes, see the compatibility list here, but Game 7 (Haunted Adventure 3) loads first, and pressing select brings it to Game 1, etc.
  13. Busy time of the year for me doing reports that are due soon, so I don't always have time to answer messages right away.
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