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  1. Ok -- I have come across a little issue.. I started re-soldering the IC's.. but accidentally severed some of the tin strips :S How does one fix that? I tried a pencil but it didn't work.. Now I am getting no signal at all (but still power light) ... Also -- I found some severed connections on the far left of the board.. they definitely done on purpose. Are they supposed to be severed?
  2. Yes, I have done a fair amount of soldering in the past, but that video did have some good tips, and I did not know what flux was thanks.
  3. Yeh, I was just trying it in case the built in AV was broken.. I will try popping the chips and such... EDIT: There could be a possibility of having to re-solder some things... correct?
  4. @19echo yes, that is how I was connecting in the first place... I am trying the composite hack.
  5. I am going to try this out.. do you think it will work? http://www.hardwareb...Composite_Video && http://atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz/~pavel/atari/600xlmon.html @19echo I tried going through the switch box, but it did not give any signal at all. @fibrewire That is how I was connecting @sloopy if all else fails, I will try IC swapping.. although I don't know any one with an A8XL...
  6. RF, but i am not going through the switch box. Nope, still a black screen... but something interesting is that if I have the cart in, and jiggle it back and forth, there will be random colors flashing all over the screen..
  7. Does anyone know what the problem might be for the 800XL?
  8. Hello all, I just bought an Atari 800XL from an old electronic store with the pacman game.. When I got everything set up, there was nothing but a black screen... The Power light turns on, and there SEEMS to be a signal.. but nothing but black Some things that people said might be the problem are... - Bad PSU (even though there is the power light) - oxidated game slot - oxidated IC's (remove and put back in every IC) - Need to run through VCR (...????) Thanks for any help
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