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  1. Tried this paddle mod and it works like a charm! Any chance a similar mod could be done with the driving controller and if so, what would be needed?
  2. I think muppet means Marionette/Puppet. Kermit is more than just a hand puppet. He also has a stick on his hand for additional movement. Some of the muppets (like Ernie and Cookie Monster) were operated by two people at once. Kermit pre-dates Sesame Street. He was made from an old coat that belonged to jim Henson's mother. He made appearances on Ed Sullivan a few times. Check these out... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3liTqBxjgc
  3. Get this school year over with. 7th graders are all insane.

  4. Hello everyone. I'm on the hunt for a Treasure of Tarmin cart for the Aquarius. Doesn't need to be complete- just the cart. Doesn't need to be pretty- just working. Thanks!
  5. As a kid I saw the Obelisk in EG magazine and thought, "Man I'd love to have one!". Pretty sure they never saw the light of day. A few years ago a buddy of mine made the platform for me as a birthday gift. Well after much procrastination I wired it up yesterday. Very cool!
  6. Is it possible to change up the ectomobile in this game? I don't see the graphics for it anywhere...
  7. I was remembering this evening how (especially in winter time) my friends and I would get together to play/copy games. Always loved those Commodore connections like "I know a guy who has this game..." or "My cousin out of state has a C64..." Anyone out there looking for C64 games to trade? Send me a list! Let's have a copy party via mail!
  8. Wow! I've been following along here and what progress. Very cool. Thanks a bunch for your time. If it gets to cart, count me in!
  9. I have an Aquarius! The only (and I mean only) reason(s) I have kept it are Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Treasure of Tarmin (technically the first licensed D&D "computer" game- if you can call the Aquarius that ). It's actually a very good game! And for nostalgic reasons Tron Deadly Discs. Great artwork on the box, great memories from the day, but only a so-so game. Keep it!
  10. Raiders of the Lost Ark- I remember finding the solution to this game in Joystick magazine at my local library. A friend and I solved it one evening and were thrilled. Adventure- a group of us in 2nd or 3rd grade would meet up early before school and play this before heading out. Any of the Star Wars games just because it was the 80s and it was Star Wars!
  11. Hi- no one here can put a value on a cardboard box with some stamps on it. Especially when the stamps don't match up. There is no game for ColecoVision called "Galactic Invasion 2011". There is a game by that name for Bally/Astrocade. Chances are that the box is mislabeled. My guess would be the Bally game is what's inside. I'd say carefully open the box and take a peek. If you are looking to sell it for big bucks I doubt anyone will bite for the simple fact that you don't know what's inside! Once opened you'll know if you've got something good and it will all be new unopened old store stock. The packing box has/will have no value. There just seems to be lots of folks who come thru this site with dollar signs in their eyes so many of us here are skeptical.
  12. Airgames- The pictures on the back of the box are from a game called "Frankensteins Monster" http://atariage.com/screenshot_page.html?SoftwareLabelID=191 I changed the graphics of that game to look like the Hulk in 2003. http://atariage.com/hack_page.html?SystemID=2600&SoftwareHackID=133 The REAL Hulk game was programmed in 1983 http://atariage.com/catalog_page.html?CatalogID=15&currentPage=7 and never relaesed. Unless you open the box and play the game to verify it is this one http://atariage.com/catalog_page.html?CatalogID=15&currentPage=7 we must assume it is not real. Open it up and check or please stop. Thus ends my diplomatic teacher voice.
  13. Hate to break the news to you, but those screen shots on the back are from a hack I did many many years ago of Frankenstein's Monster. You can find the link here... http://atariage.com/hack_page.html?SystemID=2600&SoftwareHackID=133 Sorry. You've been had.
  14. Hello everyone. Just curious if Hack-o-Matic could be used to do graphic hacks on Intellivision games. Also- who out there would be able to put hacked roms to cart? I posted this elsewhere and got no reply so I thought I would give it a go here. Thanks!
  15. Couple quick questions- Can Hack-O-Matic be used to hack Intellivision games and once hacked is there anyone who will put them to cart?
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