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  1. I know this was just a mock up box and no game was ever developed, but I wonder what this game would have looked like? I may put a screen mock up here in a day or so. Just curious if anyone else has ever thought about this.
  2. Ha! I just realized it took me 10 years to do this. Wow.
  3. Thanks! Actually, the first level isn't as tough as you think once you figure it out. You have to go down 89 meters total. Always grab the courage elixir and PKR bombs You can ignore shields and proton power ups. Keep your weapon on PKR bombs and watch out for the ghost that chews the cable. When he appears stop moving, press the fire button and push up. That will destroy him. That takes practice. Watch the indicator above your depth meter as it will show you what items (the little white squares/rectangles) you are passing on the ledges in the shaft. They are always in the same order. Once you get all three scoop pieces make a bee line for the bottom. When you hear constant beeping you are scooping. Level 2 is still hard as hell. Give my version of the manual a read. It helps understand what is going on.
  4. Indeed! Print on both sides and fold like a greeting card. GB 2 MANUAL.pdf
  5. And for good measure, here are the revised instructions. Open this in Publisher! GB 2 MANUAL.pub
  6. Kangaroo was at our old mall at the hot dog joint called Der Dog Haus. That one got lots of quarters from me!
  7. OK! I found Libby's torch and hand. She is now Statue of Liberty green! The ghosts look about as good as they can. I have changed the font a bit and unless someone can modify this to work on a two button control pad so you don't have to use the select switch to cycle thru weapons on the first level, this is as close to the PC versions as you will get on the 2600. Enjoy! Ghostbusters II revised.bin
  8. Yep. Pressing "F1" while in the shaft cycles thru your weapons. As you repel you should stay on the ghost bombs (in my version they look like a purple tylenol) and be ready to the chuck them up at the cable chewer when he appears. Always grab extras when they appear (the readout on the bottom left shows what you have encountered) and never pass up the yellow bottle of courage formula. Assemble all parts of the scoop (and there are three) then get to the absolute bottom of the shaft. You will hear slime scooping and you will then finish.
  9. Any chance my Ghostbusters II hack could get the 2 button treatment? It would make selecting weapons easier than using the switch. newghosts1.bin
  10. A few more changes: Re-did some of the ghosts on level 2 to look more like their computer cousins. Again, not much to work with. Now I need to sit down and play to see how they look. newghosts1.bin
  11. OK finally some time for a few more tweaks... Re-did the cable meter so it looks like a cable. Also changed all the ghosts again. Not much to work with there. It is looking a bit better although the game still is pretty meh. I guess the only other changes I would like to make are the ghosts in level 2 (and that's easy) and colors of the torch and Libby's hand. The flame is fine but I want the hand and torch to be authentic pale green colors and I would love to reshape the hand so it doesn't look like a hamburger bun. I can find the torch and given time the colors for it, but I'm not sure about that hand... New GB2.bin
  12. Awesome! Thanks!! This is my first color hack. I was shocked I actually found a few and changed them.
  13. Hiya Jack- I just started up on this again. I've shortened the outcroppings on the Van Horne a bit to make the Libby phase easier to get to. I managed to change a few ghosts and make Stantz's costume the color I want but am having a terrible time finding the color of the walls (want to get rid of green and change them to brick red) and whatever that little green line over Stantz's head is supposed to be I want to use as his hair. Been looking and can't find 'em. Can anyone help? gb2 new.bin
  14. Oh my! I was one of the first responders to the original post- didn't realize it was still going! OK, my two cents (but only the ones I have seen): Pengo was at a small roller rink up the street from my home called Columbia Skateland. The advertising poster for it was hanging right next to the machine. Kickman was there too.The place is still there, full of games, the owner hasn't opened it in years, and I know for a fact that all of the cabinets are still inside. Pac-Land was at an arcade in Akron's Rolling Acres Mall. I remember that by the time I saw it, the cartoon was already long cancelled and I thought it was strange to make a game based on it. Spider-Man was there too. Ms. Pac Man was at a Gold Circle store in Canton just off of route 62. I was amazed by the cabinet art! Yie-Ar Kung Fu was at a little snack place in our local mall (New Philadelphia) called "Der Dog House" played it quite a bit with a fountain Pepsi and a pile of deep fried cheddar bites sitting nearby. Xenophobe was at the travelling arcade at one of our many local annual festivals. Played it endlessly and obviously took my screen name from it. There was a line to play Hard Drivin' at the same place a few years later. Mat Mania, Elevator Action, and Rolling Thunder made an appearance there as well over the years. First Nintendo vs. I saw was Excitebike at the local Peoples Drug Store. Temple of Doom got lots of my money at Aladdin's Castle in the Belden Village Mall. I got the C64 conversion for Christmas in 8th grade. It sucked but I played it anyway. Karate Champ was there too. Return of the Jedi- I played that one in a supermarket on vacation trip out west. Can't remember the town anymore but I know I was terrible at the game. It was in a pizza shop back home called Pisanello's for a few years after that. I saw Baby Pac Man in a mall in Daytona Beach when I was on vacation there. I was baffled by the design and remember telling friends about it when I got home. They didn't believe me. Track and Field- I saw this one on vacation at the Grand Canyon. It was a cocktail version. I wrote a letter to a friend describing it in much detail. Mr. Do was in a local pizza place for years. Two Tigers was right next to it. As an adult I tried to buy the Mr. Do machine from the owner. He refused to sell it (even though it hadn't been plugged in for years) and then proceeded to tell me how he saw Jesus in a fresh coat of paint on his garage door. No joke. Hunch Back was at a local convenience store called the Quick Shop. Over the years (and several name changes) that place was home to Omega Race, Pac-Man, Road Runner and Qix. The Super Spy was in a Neo Geo cab at our "new mall" when I was in high school. Loved that game. Superman was great! I played that one at an arcade in Gatlinburg, TN. That was the first vacation I took without my older brother and I was old enough to hang there as long as I wished. I remember playing Superman and Chiller there! Sprint 2 was in a farm supply store my dad dragged me out to when he was looking for mower parts. It was the mid 80s by then and I remember thinking Sprint was the oldest thing I had ever seen- that record was previously held by a Stunt Cycle cabinet my brother and I found in an unused fitness room (full of Nautalis equipment- including one of those shaker things with the bellt you slipped around your waste) in Daytona one year. Gunsmoke was in our Big Lots (when it was still called Big and Small Lots) store when it first opened. Hated that game. Still do. I played Street Fighter II on a vacation to Myrtle Beach. It was the only game in the hotel and I was terrible at it. I was depressed and in pain because I had just gotten my braces on the day before we left. I remember not being wowed by that game and realizing that the classics I had grown up with were old hat. Fighting games like this one just weren't my scene. Eyes was in a laundromat somewhere in Massilon. I saw it as an adult. Phoenix was in a Montgomery Wards game room somewhere in the Canton/Akron area. Kinda fuzzy on that one. Jungle King was at a movie theater lobby in Mellet Mall in Canton. I snuck away from my parents to play it.
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