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  1. Interesting and strange. Obviously, I know very little about actual programming- I just hack here and there. However, from Tempest's description at Atariprotos, it sound like the gameplay may be similar to Swordquest games. Any similarities in the coding there? Just a thought.
  2. Shocked and saddened by this news. Nukey has been here as long as I can remember and the stuff he could do with Atari games was mind blowing. Always looked forward to his posts. So sorry to hear this.
  3. Just revisited this after seeing the Extended Version of Dune this weekend. How difficult would it be to "complete" this game? I know some folks here commented on changing placeholders and whatnot but could this be done? I'd be willing to contribute some time to help out...
  4. So, I'm tinkering with Superman. I'm going to put Lex Luthor in his classic 70's green/purple outfit, but I have a question: Instead of his helicopter pack, I want a simpler jet pack. Since his shirt shares the same area/lines as his pack, is it possible to color the pack grey? Or will it have to be the same color as his shirt?
  5. Howdy. I have an old XP machine that is currently running all my emulator stuff. I'd really like to play around with some Atari Jaguar games but I'm not sure what my best option is. Suggestions? And please don't say "get a different OS"😁
  6. Our "Big Mall" (which is now nearly dead) opened in 1988 when I was finishing 8th grade. They had a Sega Time Out arcade there. Having grown up in the 80s and loving Aladdin's Castle I remember this one being fun but having the air of change about it. I played some fun games there but could tell stuff was changing and I remember thinking it just wasn't the same as playing Pac Man, Donkey Kong, and the other classics. They had/I played (over the years): STUN Runner The Simpsons X-Men Vindicators Star Wars Trilogy arcade Galaxy Force (The big sit down one- that was cool!) Lethal Inforcers Dark Adventure 1943 Time Traveler Hologram Golden Axe Dragon Spirit Countless fighting games I never got into Xybots Gauntlet II T2 Judgement Day Alien3 The Gun NBA Jam Arch Rivals Robocop The Main Event Smash TV Aliens Aliens vs Predator APB Sunset Riders
  7. Think of this situation in a different way. Asking for this rom (which you did do in the topic line) would be equivalent to sitting outside of GameStop and asking a complete stranger who just bought a game if you could borrow it and copy it before he took it home. Kinda rude. I learned here many years ago that this very thing (asking for a rom to be released) is considered rude in this community. It took me awhile to understand that but I get it now. Inquiring if the rom will be released is a bit more polite if done in the right way (not blasted with "please please please" or grovelling emojis). Sometimes you just have to wait and that wait pays off. We finally got to see some great stuff around here like the Pink Panther, Charlie Brown, and Lord of the Rings. Other times there is just frustration. I would love to play the Gremlins arcade game but it's not being released. So be it. Maybe some day. Now... Not to throw gas on the fire, but could you please read what you write? An elipsis is usually three dots not two. "You're" means you are. Capital letters start sentences and proper nouns (like names and such). "most dumbest"? And... I wish people would get this. "literally" (not "litteraly") is very overused. You should only use it when something figurative actually happens. For example: "I literally bent over backwards to get this rom." would mean you actually had to perform said task to get the rom you wanted. Try using "actually" or "truthfully" instead. Sorry to say but people do judge based on how you write. Your words here define your level of maturity and intelligence whether you like it or not. Just some advice from a long time member and veteran teacher.
  8. It would be nice to see some of those titles. I'm especially interested in Tower of Mystery and Treasure of Tarmin. And wasn't Rocky & Bullwinkle a BSR title? That one's out there isn't it?
  9. Zoyous- I have all 4 volumes of Arcade Ambiance and HIGHLY recommend them to anyone jonesing for that "back in the day" feel. Crazy Climber! What a great game. It was at my local skating rink for a few years and then popped up at a department store my family often visited called Harts. I was shocked to learn in college that it had been ported to the 2600.
  10. I have been: Doing lots of housework- laundry, dishes, washing walls and getting ready to paint a few rooms (got the paint about a week before all the hubub started). Trying not to bug Mrs. Kwack as she works from home. Taking care of Ma & Pa Kwack. Entertaining the Kwack kitties (3 of 'em! Frankie, Stella and Lucy). Watching WWII movies (A Bridge Too Far, Midway (1976), and Bridge on the River Kwai so far). Making a few custom action figures (Clu from Tron is the current project). Adding new games to/organizing on my Intellivision Ultimate Flashback. Love this thing! So many emulators and games! Playing (or at least trying to play) games I never had time to.
  11. I made a ton of overlays for my Ultimate ColecoVision/Intellivision Flashback. I did the reverse print on transparency sheets as well. Then I placed them on the sticky side of a white shipping label and cut them out. They have held up pretty well!
  12. I know this was just a mock up box and no game was ever developed, but I wonder what this game would have looked like? I may put a screen mock up here in a day or so. Just curious if anyone else has ever thought about this.
  13. Ha! I just realized it took me 10 years to do this. Wow.
  14. Thanks! Actually, the first level isn't as tough as you think once you figure it out. You have to go down 89 meters total. Always grab the courage elixir and PKR bombs You can ignore shields and proton power ups. Keep your weapon on PKR bombs and watch out for the ghost that chews the cable. When he appears stop moving, press the fire button and push up. That will destroy him. That takes practice. Watch the indicator above your depth meter as it will show you what items (the little white squares/rectangles) you are passing on the ledges in the shaft. They are always in the same order. Once you get all three scoop pieces make a bee line for the bottom. When you hear constant beeping you are scooping. Level 2 is still hard as hell. Give my version of the manual a read. It helps understand what is going on.
  15. Indeed! Print on both sides and fold like a greeting card. GB 2 MANUAL.pdf
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