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  1. It finally came back online. Thanks
  2. Is this Hyperspin forum down?
  3. What emulator and ROMs did you use? i can’t get the Atari Lynx emulation working on my MAME cabinet
  4. I am trying to get the Mednafen emulator running for the Atari Lynx. But it keeps saying I am missing the ips file. What is that and where do I get them?
  5. rxd

    MAME 0.214 Released!

    How about fixing the sounds in Gorf and other games that you completely messed up rather than this useless crap?
  6. rxd


  7. rxd

    Emulation Overload

    I haven’t overcome emulation overload. I’m in the same boat as you. I sometimes think I spend more time updating and configuring emulators than playing games....
  8. I updated to the latest versions of Mess and Messui and I cant get either to load any of the games for Vectrex or Colecovision. It loads my Genesis games fine, of course since I dont use Mess for that. Did something change with Mess or have I lost my mind?
  9. Well to me playing a 5200 or a Colecovision or a Intellivision without using the original controllers is just not worth even doing. To each his own I guess...
  10. Then you weren't around at that time playing the actual systems...
  11. I got my 5200 right when it was released. It's my favorite system of all time. The controllers did break but otherwise they were fine. Honestly, ALL the controllers from that era sucked. That's part of the charm and nostalgia about that time. The 2600 had that stupid huge stick that didn't move at all with only 1 button, the Intellivision had they lousy disk and the Colecovision had that ridiculous doorknob.
  12. Is there any one place to download all the latest 5200 conversions and new releases?
  13. Ok, umm... This is considered to be improved sound?
  14. I am going to update to the newest version of Mame just for this. Gorf is my all time favorite game! Hope I can get this working...
  15. Damn it. I would have bought this at that price
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