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  1. I have spoken with this seller personally over the phone and he is a very nice guy. Unfortunately, it just seems that he has not performed much research into things over the years before making purchases. Thus, after talking with him about some of his carts, I am firmly convinced that he bought carts over the years off of auction sites, not knowing at all whether they were genuine originals or not. Thus, if he tries to sell some carts without firmly stating if they are originals or not, it's because he himself does not know. As for this copy of Gauntlet, which is still up for sale at the moment, I must say that it is very strange that the label on the cart matches what appears on the front of an original box for this game rather than what appears on the front of an original cart for this game. This does strongly seem to indicate that it must be a reproduction, unless Answer Software happened to make 2 variants of the cart. Does anyone here happen to know who would have made a reproduction of this game using the image from the front of the original box? As far as I know, the reproductions made by Hozer did not have this type of label on the carts.
  2. I managed to make scans of my BMX Airmaster cart made by Atari.
  3. The rarest Atari 2600 carts that I own
  4. I purchased my cart-only copy of this game from stjamesretail on Ebay, a collector by the name of George located in Canada. I didn't know it was rare enough to warrant a registry, so I haven't made scans of it yet, but I can make and add scans later sometime.
  5. From the information provided by allhallowseve2000 on Ebay, the lab-loaner label cart that I now own is the one that formerly belonged to Jerry G., number five on the lab-loaner label list.
  6. I have no idea if the Air Raid cart that I recently acquired was from a person on this list. I bought mine on Ebay from a seller named kobobber, located in the Netherlands.
  7. I believe that I have acquired an original Eli's Ladder cart without an original end label, and I am pretty sure that it isn't one of the 10 mentioned on this list. I purchased mine from stjamesretail on Ebay, a collector located in Canada. I actually called and spoke with him on the phone, and he is a really nice guy. Says his name is George.
  8. I figured my question should be posted here rather than in the marketplace, since I solely want to inquire about the authenticity of this cart. What is up with this? http://www.ebay.com/itm/atari-2600-pepsi-Invaders-Coke-Wins-Rare-R10-Holy-grail-/191079966565?pt=Video_Games_Games&hash=item2c7d40e765 Is this simply a ROM flashed to a PCB and encased in an Atari prototype cartridge shell and, thus, a fake?
  9. It might not count as "ending," but I would say that if you can complete all 5 laps of all 4 tracks in Pole Position II, then you "beat" the game. I honestly don't know if I will ever complete all 5 laps of the 4th track, the SUZUKA track. Just last night, I think I failed at it over 50 times in the course of 3 hours.
  10. I know that if a person simply wants to buy an NTSC Sentinel cartridge, he or she can do so for $39.95 via Best Electronics' website: http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/7800.htm#Composite I got mine from there, and the label is of high quality.
  11. That actually looks like a private, purposely mislabeled auction, the like of which I've read about before. In other words, the seller agreed to sell "something" to the buyer for $50.00 (notice that the one and only bidder had zero feedback, as if the bidder had created the account solely for that transaction alone, or as rhcocker already noted, this buyer has had several similar secret purchases with this seller before). So in a private e-mail or by some other private means, the seller had already told the prospective buyer that he or she would list the item, which the bidder truly wanted, on Ebay as a loose Pole Position II cart with no other description for $50.00, knowing that nobody else would ever bid on that item for that price. The bidder then recognized the seller's purposely mislabeled auction and bid on the item and will now receive whatever was privately agreed upon for $50.00. Like I said, I've actually learned of these kinds of transactions happening from what I've read on other sites, but I honestly don't know how it all works or why it happens. For some reason, the seller wants the transaction to occur through Ebay, but if the seller then sends a different item to the bidder, one would think that the bidder would have the power to give the seller negative feedback and/or cause the seller other problems, unless the seller truly includes the loose Pole Position II cart, along with whatever else he or she promised the bidder through private conversations.
  12. I'm guessing that the seller of this game was looking at the prices on Price Charting dot COM and saw the prices at which new copies of Tank Command sell, and the seller confused that title with Commando, at least I hope that this is the case.
  13. 1. Awesome Golf 2. Chip's Challenge 3. Crystal Mines II 4. Toki 5. Xybots
  14. The thing with Hole 4 is, if I hit the ball into the fountain, the ball never comes out of the fountain with enough momentum to make it anywhere even close to the hole. But if I don't hit the ball into the fountain, I have no idea of how to get the ball over to the area where the hole is. Thus, Hole 4 seems to take a minimum of 2 putts to get the ball into the hole. Have you figured out a way to hit the ball into the water fountain in such a way that it leaves the fountain with enough momentum to get to the hole? If so, about where should one aim on the ramp and with what amount of power? Or is there a way to get the ball to the hole while avoiding the fountain altogether?
  15. I've got a Krazy Ace question: Does anybody here know for sure if it is possible to ace every single hole in Krazy Ace Miniature Golf? The hole that gives me the most doubts about this is hole number 4, the one where you hit the ball into the large water fountain. I'm curious to know if anybody has ever gotten a hole-in-one on this hole before.
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