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  1. UPGRADE PROPOSITION! Hey @Simius, did you think about re-using another not used bit to switch color registers to go "upper half"? So one could turn on the bit and immediately set upper colour 9-15 in graphics 10 mode. Nice 16-colour pictures/games would be made while old color-machinery stays compatible. So we can set the bit, set the colour and voilla! Next approach, incompatible witch VBLI procedure, is to set the bit permanently and then set the upper color registers. The problem appears that user leaves the bit on, things go weird, but quite usable in horizontal color changes. It would be nice to synchronise the changes with Candle's VBXE, so next VBXE core could have the behaviour implemented as well.
  2. @Matej, I have produced several cartridges, they are ready to program. The usual way I arrange data is the xex loader and xex file on the cartridge. If you want some more control, the cartridge maps to A000-BFFF and now I have eproms as big as 128 kB (max is 256kB). The cartridge is as if it were AtariMaxFlash 8Mb, but with 16 banks only, not 128. The cost is not so high in the batch 20 pcs, about 10 Euro each with enclosure SIDEII-like (well, the same) manufactured by maszczyk.pl (type: km20b, http://www.maszczyk.pl/pl/offer/view/86/335/obudowy-km-20b). And yes, they are too wide (about 2mm) for 1200XL, if it is the issue, I will ask maszczyk.pl for cnc them a little. And yes, I am in EU
  3. Is it any chance to free the Rmt sources? I miss them so much... Anybody knows?
  4. Haha, I knew it! What's the score? Thanks for the quick fix.
  5. I have written the one button game "SPEEDmaza" in Action!. However, there are some hscroll problems (vertical gaps) in low-graphics modes (40x24). Could you look into it? http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=64096
  6. It looks like there is a place for stronger concentric powerplug on the board. https://code.google.com/p/mist-board/wiki/PwrDcJack I think send this to lotharek, or for example me, or another person near you with soldering skills and "just do it". It is a 5-minutes work. Well, with drilling 10 minutes. Look around for some radio service and radio-shack for power connectors.
  7. A small bug in readme.txt - versions do not correspond Anyway, the mist is ideal to make the Atari Laptop
  8. @foft, is it a fork from official firmware or so? will the official firmware work or we have to reflash firmware everytime we want change platform? I have noticed there is a first step made in OSD (atari8-mode). Anyway, brilliant work (haven't I said this yet?)!!! And tell us please, is it hard to port to the mist in comparison to other boards? The Man Honored for Atari Community Memorial is beeing prepared (or some like that)
  9. hello foft, is there an a800 core for mist to download and test? It would be good to have a deeper look into sources (for read), so everybody interested in involvement in this great project (I mean Candle, for example who wants to help and he can surely) As xxl said he does, I keep fingers crossed for this project, too. There is quite a few fingers crossed already. I am ready to test some games/demos on mist platform.
  10. @JAC! - not ony you I think the closest approach is the Action Compiler by Jim Patchell. There is some work todo; he uses some weird (well, for me) parser generator; but he attaches all the sources. I personally think, that if original sources are in asm format (they surely do for 100%, (Please don't call mi Shirley )), they would stay as they are, because everybody armed with dis6502 can create them from binary (as I did, but it ended quickly; they are really tough and hard to read) and if she didn't, she won't. So THE BIG THING ends with label THIS BELONGS TO MUSEUM. I really want to be wrong, but anyway museum is not the bad place for this stuff. The problem with Action is that there are three banks which share address space, so the job has to be done separately for each part, which leads to special care about code flow from one bank to another. I think there's a central procedure in the permanent bank (b000-bfff) and three of them are switched by this one - this is simple approach. The only true way is to translate asm sources to pure ansi C (or Action itself , to keep the compatibility on high (100%) level. This is not difficult, I think (well, code tricks might do this difficult) Personally I start thinking "C" way on 6502 and I think the tricks that minimise call stack or even remove it completely. I think for ordinary not recursive stuff both stack could sit in the stack space sharing it by 25% call stack and 75% parameter stack. Then normal games could be written in "C". I have even got interested in Forth, because it has A Real Spirit Of 8-bit (small systems) Feeling. But I know. The Magic Of Action!
  11. The game "Do not let me hang up!" aka "Hanged Man" to play and to read about: http://www.husak.com.pl/en/2014/02/nomam-basic-ten-liners-2014-wisielec/ The words are really difficult... Well, I have realised, that my entry is first from Poland
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