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  1. I tried to find the link on Youtube but could not would you please post the link. Thanks
  2. Great work guys, Didn't realize that so many were involved until I had read the whole Topic but I don't see where you mentioned you were going to use the dual color switch. It would be cool to use but you have already finished the project and I don't see a space or use for the switch. would have been cool for an on/off switch or something like that though. Just a thought. I may jump in an get one before they are all gone. Thanks again for the effort.
  3. Does anyone know who makes a video and sound board for the 400 that will hook up like the 800, 800xl 130xl and others so that I can get a decent picture on my Comodore monitor?
  4. Mine arrived today!!!! Thanks,,, What is the max on the SD card and does it matter what brand I use or is there one everyone is using or likes? Thanks
  5. Sent payment today for one standard case with shipment sent to my business at Perko Inc. Thanks, Dave Bradley CobraIP
  6. There is a guy on E-bay who has that part along with other 800 parts for sale and he may be able to be convinced to part with it on the side. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-SET-OF-7-ATARI-800-COMPUTER-BOARDS-CARTRIDGE-DOOR-COVER-/322182886281?hash=item4b0398b389:g:7CoAAOSwEjFXfCy0 At least it is worth a try....
  7. If you have an ATR8000 then you have not problem. I had 4 8 inch floppy drives in a box 1/2 height stacked hooked to the 8000 and it ran fine. This was all hooked to a 130XE out to an MIO 1Meg and to the ATR. Also had 2 hard drives in a case being run at the same time. This accounted for 6 drives and that left me with 2 and the MIO counted as one and now all I had left was the 1050. It was a nice setup to run an Oasis BBS. I ran it for 2 years and then shut it down.
  8. I would also think that the earlier model since it was called model "23" with "16K" Ram was produced early and later the G model with the GTIA and 48K was produced. I got the later model.
  9. I haven't seen Candle back in on this topic in a while. I wonder what progress if any he has made on this and if it is still a go. All of our wishing could be nothing but HOT AIR. I for one want it to happen but I'm not going to push him to it. Lets see if he will respond or if we need to PM him.
  10. Still don't see why no one is interested in this update!!!! I've got a room full of 400's and really need to get a few updated. Come on people lets generate some interest and get Candle interested too so we can get this re-started......
  11. I saw that this has been mentioned before and I have said that I would be interested in Two(2) of these for the 400 as I prefer the 400 over the 800 as it is smaller and with the upgrade would make a very valuable asset to my collection. I would of course want the video upgrade with it also included if possible and any other goodies Candle could add to the 400 to make it the best computer ever. I have several that have already been modified with the 48k and upgraded keyboard which makes them quite handy as they can run most of the programs and games that are currently available for the 800. So lets generate some interest and see if Candle can find the time to finish this project that he started some time ago.
  12. That is not what you want..... You want "Electronic Switch and Contact Cleaner" This cleans and leaves no residue after drying. should fix any stiky key and is available in most stores.
  13. I remember my setup back then as I had Two Happy 1050's with Controllers and 4 8" drives in a built in box hooked to my Atr8000 Made for a nice setup to run my BBS as I also had 2 hard drives one 30meg and one 20meg running the Oasis BBS. This all booted from a 130xe hooked to a 1meg MIO. I still have most of the stuff except for the 2 happy drives. Would like to setup the BBS again when I can find the time but that is just it finding the time in this fast world of ours. I enjoy reading these blogs and hope to add some in the future.
  14. The switch Module you are referring to is called "The 1050 Controller" and was originally sold by Happy computers but later sold by others. It is not available now. You may find some 1050 for sale on E-bay with the controller installed but the price is quite high. some even with pics of the board.
  15. Just wanted to let you know that with the addition of a Corvus Systems Constellation you can run 64 computers on one hard drive system at the same time. This can also be accomplished by having 8 multiplexers hooked up to one Corvus Systems as each multiplexer will manage 8 computers. This has been used in several schools.
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