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  1. Please add me to the list. It looks great. Thanks
  2. Hey SainT - check your PM. SlimsMcgee from Twitter. Thanks
  3. arrowhead

    RetroN 77

    Ok, so, there are a lot of pages to sort through and I doubt I will ever get to it. So I have a couple of simple questions: If I buy a new retron77, can I now put more than 18 ROMs on the SD card? If no, my interest is still over unless a Harmony cart is compatible later. If yes: Is it through a homebrew hack, or an official firmware upgrade by hyperkin? Is there a YouTube turorial? Thats about all I'm curious about. Thanks guys
  4. arrowhead

    RetroN 77

    There are a lot of pages to read....tldnr.....will retron 77 read my harmony cart? Thanks
  5. I would like to be added to the interest list. Thanks
  6. I realize that. I dont necessarily want a repro style cardboard box, just something like I can print and insert into a "universal game case". Like what we have for the everdrives, or other titles commonly found at the coverartproject. Just something semi sturdy to protect the cart. I dont leave my consoles out usually, I take them out when I want to play them.
  7. Whats up guys? I just got my harmony cart, but there is no box for it. I was curious to know if anyone here has made box art that is compatable with the universal game cases? I checked the cover art project and there was nothing there, and I dont really know of any other repositories. Anyone? Thanks
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