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  1. why does the forums not allow you to delete your own threads? that would be nice to do, considering the times people f**k up making their own threads

    1. BioForceApe


      and yet people can delete their status. bravo

  2. Then let's do an IP.Board mod! Anyways, get better Curt, you are my favorite hero!
  3. That's really easy, but it could have been figured out a long time ago somewhat but not dealt with. Lets say that Pac is facing left with his Rally-X smoke superpower. We press fire button "1", and this will happen: (zoom to clearly see what's going on in the image) Ah, the joys of relative math you need to learn to make great games...
  4. Being that emulators are now the next best thing, I crippled my 2005 Intellivision NOAC Plug&Play with the power switch glitch. Most of the games crash or produce weird side effects now, hooray!

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    2. BioForceApe
    3. BioForceApe


      And it crippled itself. The ROM or something is overheating from long usage, I swear...

    4. jaybird3rd


      Are you sure the batteries aren't running low?

  5. I suppose 320 Mode will be fine for this since the arcade version has simple sprite palettes, not so edgy for the limitations...
  6. Happy 21st birthday, "Sonic".

  7. http://atariage.com/cart_page.html?SoftwareLabelID=126 The cart should say The Activision Decathlon and the "2600 and VCS are trademarks of ATARI Inc." message. You've got a near-perfect bootleg right there, mister.
  8. A lot of school time has passed through me in this month, so it took me really long to adapt ramcharmap to 16px after figuring out that there is no such thing as a playfield in the 7800. Other than that, little Ninja hasn't yet received weapons, but he can walk on a 12-lined playfield now. Oh, I forgot that his sprites are totally glitched because I took out several unused images. I would fix it but Rev's walk cycle is yet confusing. There is also a bug that can get the main sprite to catch in between the lines of a recognized char thus allowing you to walk in the middle of the tiles. A decent/mediocre fix for now is to make peekchar only read the topmost line of the character that it's peeking instead of the whole 16. When Rev himself implements a way to scroll smooth and vertically, I will give him weapons, maybe put in some enemies too. If I implement enemies they will walk in random for three demos until I actually implement AI. Some advice: The TAB key ruins everything, no matter what. If indentation is important in your language, don't use TAB or it will be furiously hard to trace the error. Palette is kinda offset compared to 1st screenshot but i'm not focusing on that right now. Attachments below.
  9. The addition of playsfx might help stop the hit sound from cutting off.
  10. A sprite for ship 1. It kinda looks dumbed down but it's the 2600, bro.
  11. Turns out that the blank line of tiles was an intended black bar. Btw, it was so easy to spot the line of code I needed to change for so long! I seemed to overlook it. :l I can't perfect the guy by changing heroy into decimals such as heroy/16.7 but 17 is close. The game now reads 16 zoneheight tiles really fine! Sorry if I overreacted, I haven't done BASIC language in a long time, and things are just starting to come back.
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